A Dangerous Seduction Bow Street Brides Book 1

Because there is still a murderer on the loose, and he's just found his next victim. He always vowed he would make scarlett pay for her treacherous betrayal, and what better way to seek revenge than to see her imprisoned for murder? A DANGEROUS SEDUCTION. Her accuser? none other than the dark, ruthless Sir Owen Steel, Captain of the Bow Street Runners.

. A well done, sexy, emotional historical romance" smexy books that will delight fans of Christi Caldwell, Lisa Kleypas, and Courtney Milan!A MURDER. When lady scarlett sherwood's husband is killed in a riding accident that turns out to be no accident at all, she becomes the number one suspect in a murder investigation that takes the ton by storm.

Soon they find themselves swept up in an affair that could have dangerous consequences for them both. Now he is one of the most powerful men in England, but he never forgot the woman who left him humiliated and heartbroken. And the only man Scarlett has ever loved. Owen was just the poor son of a baker when Scarlett spurned him for a highborn lord.


A Dangerous Proposal Bow Street Brides Book 2

Somehow she must find the courage to trust him with her heart…or risk losing her life. A dangerous seduction' is a well-spun tale of second chance romance with clever twists on a mystery that will keep readers enthralled until the last page. Ind'tale magazine a disgraced lady…felicity Atwood’s life was a debutante’s dream.

A dangerous proposal…determined to possess the dark-haired beauty, Felix sets out to prove himself worthy of her love only to quickly discover Felicity’s heart is the one thing he cannot steal. Praise for a dangerous seduction bow street brides #1: "Jillian Eaton has created a world readers will be eager to return to.

She had a wealthy husband, two beautiful children, and an elegant townhouse in Grosvenor Square. But try as she might she cannot forget the kiss he stole from her…or the way she feels when she’s wrapped in his arms. Having been hurt by men twice before, she doesn’t trust the charming rake any further than she can throw him.

A charming thief…felix spencer has never met a piece of jewelry he couldn’t steal or a pretty woman he couldn’t charm…until Felicity. A cunning thief turned bow street Runner, he’s exactly the sort of man she has been taught to avoid at all costs. But when she finds herself witness to a horrible crime, Felix is the only one she can turn to.

. Bow street brides a dangerous seductiona dangerous proposala dangerous affairA Dangerous PassionNote: While you'll get the best experience reading the Bow Street Brides series in order, each novel is a complete stand-alone with its own happily-ever-after.

A Dangerous Affair Bow Street Brides Book 3

Even if those means include pretending to be a highborn lady to avoid capture by The Wolf, one of Bow Street’s most cunning runners…and the only man to ever set her blood on fire. Giles, she’s learned to survive by whatever means necessary. Forced to choose between duty and desire, will grant listen to his head…or risk everything to follow his heart? BOW STREET BRIDES: A Dangerous SeductionA Dangerous ProposalA Dangerous AffairA Dangerous PassionPublisher's Note: While you'll get the most out of the Bow Street Brides' series by reading the novels in order, each book is a complete standalone.

A dangerous affair…juliet and grant’s daring game of cat and mouse will take them from the glittering ballrooms of Grosvenor Square to the dangerous alleys of the East End as they try to outwit one another…and fight their growing passion. When his captain orders him to find and arrest the lad who has been stealing jewelry from the ton’s elite he thinks it’s just another job.

Raised in the cutthroat streets of St. A thief with nothing to lose. Juliet is beautiful, intelligent…and one of the best thieves in all of London. Until the lad turns out to be a five foot, four inch red-haired hellion with a penchant for knives…and the softest lips he’s ever kissed. But when an enemy from juliet’s past threatens her future, she has no other option except to trust the runner she has sworn to hate.

A Dangerous Passion Bow Street Brides Book 4

Determined to leave her alone for her own good, he nearly succeeds…until she comes knocking at his door late at night, her eyes glassy with terror and her dress covered in blood. A dangerous passion…after nearly becoming the latest victim of The Slasher, the crazed madman who has been terrorizing London, Lilly can think of no one else to turn to except for Bran.

A thief in shining armor…a charming rogue with a heart of gold, Bran is immediately taken with Lilly. But they'll also discover a love stronger than they ever dared hope for…if The Slasher doesn't kill them first. A damsel in distress…lilly has been waiting a long time for her knight in shining armor to arrive.

Already betrayed by one man, she's hesitant to trust another. Bow street brides: a dangerous SeductionA Dangerous ProposalA Dangerous AffairA Dangerous Passion. Yet from the first moment she and Bran meet she senses he is different. As they try to outwit a murderer at his own dangerous game, Lilly and Bran's faith in one another will be pushed to its limits.

He may be a scoundrel with the devil's own smile, but when she's wrapped in his arms she's never felt safer. Please note: a dangerous Passion is a long novella of approximately 40k words. He's tempted to keep her as his mistress, but he knows the shy, velvet-eyed beauty deserves better than a thief. He may have broken her heart, but he's the only man she trusts with her life.

A Dangerous Temptation Bow Street Brides Book 5

A runner seeking revenge…tobias isn’t looking for love. A lady looking for love… as the only daughter of a duke, Lady Amelia Tattershall has everything she could ever want. Regrettably, her large dowry has made it all but impossible to find a man that desires her and not her fortune. Nothing else matters.

Amelia is a distraction he can ill-afford, yet try as he might he can’t seem to stay away from the tempting beauty and soon they find themselves entangled in an affair that could have deadly consequences for them both. Not fame. Not money. Yet her heart yearns for the one thing her father’s money cannot buy: true love.

Until she meets tobias kent, a ruthless Bow Street Runner who sets her blood on fire with a passionate kiss that leaves them both yearning for more. And certainly not an impertinent vixen with the bluest eyes he’s ever seen. After his wife was brutally slain by The Slasher, the only thing he wants is revenge.

Will he avenge the wife he lost…or save the woman he loves? A dangerous temptation… when the very monster Tobias is hunting goes after Amelia, he’s faced with an impossible decision.

Courting the Countess of Cambridge Secret Wallflower Society Book 2

Description and cover reveal coming soon! The second book in the Secret Wallflower Society series.

The Summer Duchess A Duchess for All Seasons Book 3

Whispers that he killed his first wife. After seven years of loathing, can two opposites finally find love? or is this one relationship that’s doomed to repeat itself? Find out in The Summer Duchess, the third novella in Jillian Eaton’s bestselling A Duchess for All Seasons series! The Summer Duchess is a novella of approximately 22k words.

A passionate love affair seven years in the making. A duke with a dark past…There are whispers about the Duke of Warwick. Whispers that he is a cruel, unforgiving man. For his part, Sebastian doesn’t care what people say. As long as they leave him the hell alone. Georgiana has never forgiven Sebastian. Until a chance encounter with an old flame reminds him just how hot his passion can burn.

Whispers that he is incapable of love. One thing she doesn’t plan on doing? Crossing paths with Sebastian Northcliff, the arrogant cad who stole her first kiss and broke her heart. A widow with a broken heart…the granddaughter of a duke and darling of the ton, Lady Georgiana’s life was one glittering soiree after another.


The Autumn Duchess A Duchess for All Seasons Book 4

An unexpected proposal. To hannah’s disbelief, the Duke of Wycliffe actually agrees to her ridiculous proposal - under one condition. The standalone conclusion to the best-selling A Duchess for All Seasons Quartet! The Autumn Duchess is a novella of approximately 25k words. As the fourth daughter of a baron, Miss Hannah Fairchild has no dreams of grandeur when it comes to marriage.

Severely injured from a fall as a young child, the Duke of Wycliffe has spent much of his adult life in bitter seclusion. Forget a duke or an earl. The shy, spinsterly wallflower would be happy with a doctor or even better the bookseller’s son. Unfortunately, if she wants to save her family from financial ruin - and her father from debtor’s prison - a duke is precisely what she needs.

Until a stammering, gray-eyed bookmouse arrives on his doorstep and proposes marriage. Their marriage, such as it is, will be in name only. But there are no guarantees when two lonely, vulnerable hearts are involved. And soon hannah and Evan find themselves doing the one thing they promised they wouldn’t.

A desperate wallflower.

The Spring Duke A Duke for All Seasons Book 2

A widower with a young daughter to raise, he needs a governess more than he needs a wife. Until a secret letter hidden away by her great-grandmother leads her across the Atlantic and onto the doorstep of the ill-tempered albeit very handsome Duke of Blackburn. A cold-hearted duke. Ambrose gave up on love a long time ago.

. And he certainly doesn’t need an impertinent American heiress. A hot-headed american heiress…After three broken engagements, Miss Athena Dogwood is ready to give up on finding love. Especially one who speaks like a sailor, looks like an angel, and stirs desires inside of him best left alone. A smoldering passion ready to ignite.

. But athena knows beneath ambrose’s icy exterior is a man who wants to love again, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to prove it. Even if that means risking everything, including her own heart…Get ready for an enthralling battle of wits in this British versus American romance! The Spring Duke is the second novella in the best-selling A Duke for All Seasons quartet.


The Autumn Duke A Duke for All Seasons Book 4

But kitty has never backed down from a challenge before, and she’s not about to start now. Lady katherine “kitty” dower loves fun, fashion, and flirting with the dozens of suitors fighting over her hand. In the fourth and final novella in a duke for all Seasons, one fiery kiss will prove to be a duke’s undoing…but can he overcome his demons to give Kitty the love she deserves?

And what she wants is the strikingly handsome Duke of Wakefield. What more could a lady ask for? Unfortunately for Kitty, the duke has absolutely no interest in getting married. He checks every single box on her list for the perfect husband and his breath doesn’t smell. As the beautiful daughter of a marquess she’s accustomed to always getting what she wants.

Suffering from a tragic past that has left him scarred both emotionally and physically, Byron has closed his heart off to everything and everyone.

The Winter Duke A Duke for All Seasons Book 1

Until one passionate kiss with cadence leaves them both yearning for more… curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy The Winter Duke, the first novella in a brand new series readers are calling “FUNNY, STEAMY, and HEAD-OVER-HEELS ROMANTIC!” . Can two wounded hearts find the courage to love again? find out in this must-read winter romance from best-selling author Jillian Eaton! As snow falls outside the manor…After being rebuffed by her betrothed, Cadence flees to her brother-in-law’s remote estate in the English countryside to escape the humiliation of getting left at the altar.

Having been spurned once, he has no intention of putting his heart on the line a second time. Fortunately for her, duke of colebrook, justin dearborn, the Duke of Colebrook has other ideas…Things are heating up inside of it…Renowned throughout London for his long string of lovers, isn’t looking for a wife.

She intends to spend the winter locked away in her room with chocolate.