Access Control, Authentication, and Public Key Infrastructure Jones & Bartlett Learning Information Systems Security

New information on the identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA. They serve as a primary means of ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and prevention of unauthorized disclosure. New sections on the communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act CALEA and granting Windows folder permissions are added.

New to the second edition: updated references to Windows 8 and Outlook 2011 A new discussion of recent Chinese hacking incidence Examples depicting the risks associated with a missing unencrypted laptop containing private data. It looks at the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities prevalent in information systems and IT infrastructures and how to handle them.

. Revised and updated with the latest data from this fast paced field, and Public Key Infrastructure defines the components of access control, Authentication, provides a business framework for implementation, Access Control, and discusses legal requirements that impact access control programs. It provides a student and professional resource that details how to put access control systems to work as well as testing and managing them.

Part of the jones & bartlett learning information systems security & assurance seriesseries meets all standards put forth by CNSS 4011 & 4013A!Access control protects resources against unauthorized viewing, tampering, or destruction.

Guide to Network Defense and Countermeasures

Perfect for students and professionals alike in this high-demand, guide to netwORK DEFENSE AND COUNTERMEASURES, fast-growing field, Third Edition, is a must-have resource for success as a network security professional. Thoroughly updated, and icmpv6 structure, the new third edition reflects the latest technology, trends, VMware, IPv6, and techniques including virtualization, making it easier for current and aspiring professionals to stay on the cutting edge and one step ahead of potential security threats.

. Used book in Good Condition. This trusted text also covers more advanced topics such as security policies, virtual private networks VPN, network address translation NAT, packet filtering and analysis, proxy servers, and network traffic signatures. Guide to network defense and countermeasures provides a thorough guide to perimeter defense fundamentals, including intrusion detection and firewalls.

A clear writing style and numerous screenshots and illustrations make even complex technical material easier to understand, activities, while tips, and projects throughout the text allow you to hone your skills by applying what you learn.

Elementary Information Security

Government courseware certification nstissi 4011• presents security issues through simple business-oriented case studies to make cybersecurity technology and problem-solving interesting and relevant• Provides tutorial material on the computing technologies that underlie the security problems and solutions• Available in our customizable PUBLISH platform Used book in Good Condition.

Thoroughly updated with recently reported cybersecurity incidents, this essential text enables students to gain direct experience by analyzing security problems and practicing simulated security activities. Each new print copy includes navigate 2 advantage Access that unlocks a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, a full suite of instructor resources, and learning analytics reporting tools.

Elementary information security is certified to comply fully with the NSTISSI 4011: the federal training standard for information security professionals. See a detailed topic matching spreadsheet under the Additional Resources tab below. An ideal text for introductory information security courses, the second edition of Elementary Information Security provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand introduction to the complex world of cybersecurity and technology.

Emphasizing learning through experience, Elementary Information Security, Second Edition addresses technologies and cryptographic topics progressing from individual computers to more complex Internet-based systems. Key features of the updated second edition include:• access to navigate 2 online learning materials including a comprehensive and interactive eBook, learning analytics reporting tools, student practice activities and assessments, and more• Use of the nationally recognized NIST Risk Management Framework to illustrate the cybersecurity process• Comprehensive coverage and full compliance of all topics required for U.


Fundamentals of Information Systems Security

The text opens with a discussion of the new risks, threats, and vulnerabilities associated with the transition to a digital world. With its practical, conversational writing style and step-by-step examples, this text is a must-have resource for those entering the world of information systems security. The book closes with information on information security standards, education, professional certifications, and compliance laws.

Maps fully to the six major domains of the comptia security+ syo-401 certification exam -Updated to include coverage on recent compliance law and standards updates, NIST SP800-171, including FISMA, and PCI DSS v3.2 -new content on advanced malware and apt attacks to the end points such as ransomware and crypto locker -addresses data breach and data breach incident response planning -Introduces recent "Internet of Things" risk threats and privacy issues -Available with the Virtual Security Cloud Labs which provide a hands-on, immersive mock IT infrastructure enabling students to test their skills with realistic security scenarios Part of the Jones & Bartlett Learning Information Systems Security & Assurance Series! Click here to learn more: http://www.

Issaseries. Com/ used book in Good Condition. Part 2 presents a high level overview of the Security+ Exam and provides students with information as they move toward this certification. Note: this is a standalone book and does not include virtual labs access. Revised and updated with the latest data in the field, Fundamentals of Information Systems Security, Third Edition provides a comprehensive overview of the essential concepts readers must know as they pursue careers in information systems security.

Modern Cryptography: Applied Mathematics for Encryption and Information Security

The idea of the book is to be a gateway to enter the world of cryptography. Learn the necessary number theory, and ssh communicationswork with cryptanalysis and steganography explore government, and algebra Employ symmetric ciphers, including Feistel and substitution-permutation ciphersUnderstand asymmetric cryptography algorithmsDesign s-boxes that maximize output non-linearityDeploy cryptographic hashesCreate cryptographic keys using pseudo random number generatorsEncrypt Web traffic using SSL/TLSSecure VPN, discrete math, WiFi, military, and intelligence agency applicationsThis book is meant for those without a strong mathematics backgound.

Only just enough math to understand the algorithms is given. Infosec expert chuck easttom lays out essential math skills and fully explains how to implement cryptographic algorithms in today's data protection landscape. Find out how to use ciphers and hashes, handle VPN and WiFi security, and encrypt VoIP, generate random keys, Email, and Web communications.

A practical guide to cryptography Principles and Security Practices Employ cryptography in real-world security situations using the hands-on information contained in this book. Used book in Good Condition. Modern cryptography: applied Mathematics for Encryption and Information Security covers cryptanalysis, steganography, and cryptographic backdoors.


IT Auditing Using Controls to Protect Information Assets, 2nd Edition

Standards, frameworks, regulations, and risk management techniques are also covered in this definitive resource. Build and maintain an internal it audit function with maximum effectiveness and valueaudit entity-level controls, hipaa, and isounderstand regulations, such as COBIT, and firewallsEvaluate Windows, UNIX, ITIL, data centers, and Linux operating systemsAudit Web servers and applicationsAnalyze databases and storage solutionsAssess WLAN and mobile devicesAudit virtualized environmentsEvaluate risks associated with cloud computing and outsourced operationsDrill down into applications to find potential control weaknessesUse standards and frameworks, routers, and disaster recoveryExamine switches, including Sarbanes-Oxley, and PCIImplement proven risk management practices Used book in Good Condition.

Publisher's note: products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Secure your systems using the latest it auditing techniquesfully updated to cover leading-edge tools and technologies, step by step, IT Auditing: Using Controls to Protect Information Assets, explains, Second Edition, how to implement a successful, enterprise-wide IT audit program.

This comprehensive guide describes how to assemble an effective IT audit team and maximize the value of the IT audit function. Used book in Good Condition. New chapters on auditing cloud computing, virtualization, outsourced operations, and storage are included. In-depth details on performing specific audits are accompanied by real-world examples, ready-to-use checklists, and valuable templates.


Survey of Operating Systems, 5e

This title provides an introduction to the most widely used desktop operating systems including Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux using numerous illustrations and hands-on activities to build a foundation for success in the IT field empowering students to adapt to different job situations and troubleshoot problems.

. Mcgraw-hill is proud to introduce the fifth edition of Jane and Charles Holcombe's Survey of Operating Systems. The new edition features information on mobile operating systems, desktop virtualization, such as computer security, as well as chapters on subjects peripheral to operating systems, and connecting computers and mobile devices to networks.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

Database Security

As a society that relies on technology to thrive, we face a growing number of potentially catastrophic threats to network security daily. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Database security delivers the know-how and skills IT Professionals must have to protect technology infrastructures, intellectual property, and the company's prosperity.

Unlike most texts on database security, which take a computer scientist's analytical approach, Database Security focuses on implementation, and was written expressly for the expanding field of Information Technology careers. From database installation and testing to auditing and SQL Injection, DATABASE this text delves into the essential processes and protocols that prevent intrusions, while reinforcing each topic with eye-opening, real-world examples.


The Basics of Digital Forensics: The Primer for Getting Started in Digital Forensics

You'll also learn how to incorporate quality assurance into an investigation, case processing, how to prioritize evidence items to examine triage, and what goes into making an expert witness. The new second edition of this book provides you with completely up to date real world examples and all the key technologies used in digital forensics, as well as new coverage of network intrusion response, how hard drives are organized, and electronic discovery.

Used book in Good Condition. The second edition also features expanded resources and references, including online resources that keep you current, sample legal documents, and suggested further reading. Learn what digital forensics entailsbuild a toolkit and prepare an investigative planUnderstand the common artifacts to look for in an examSecond Edition features all new coverage of hard drives, network intrusion response, and electronic discovery; as well as updated case studies, triage, expert interviews, and expanded resources and references Used book in Good Condition.

. Used book in Good Condition. The basics of digital Forensics provides a foundation for people new to the digital forensics field. Also, document the scene, learn how to collect evidence, and how deleted data can be recovered. This book teaches you how to conduct examinations by discussing what digital forensics is, key tactical concepts, the methodologies used, and the tools needed to perform examinations.

Details on digital forensics for computers, cell phones, networks, GPS, the cloud and the Internet are discussed.

Network Security, Firewalls And Vpns Jones & Bartlett Learning Information Systems Security & Ass Standalone book Jones & Bartlett Learning Information Systems Security & Assurance

These titles deliver fundamental information-security principles packed with real-world applications and examples. Book. Designed for courses and curriculums in it security, this series features a comprehensive, Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, and Information Systems Security, consistent treatment of the most current thinking and trends in this critical subject area.

Authored by certified information Systems Security Professionals CISSPs, they deliver comprehensive information on all aspects of information security. Used book in Good Condition. Key features: -introduces the basics of network security―exploring the details of firewall security and how vpns operate -illustrates how to plan proper network security to combat hackers and outside threats -Discusses firewall configuration and deployment and managing firewall security -Identifies how to secure local and internet communications with a VPN Instructor Materials for Network Security, Firewalls, VPNs include: PowerPoint Lecture Slides Exam Questions Case Scenarios/Handouts About the Series This book is part of the Information Systems Security and Assurance Series from Jones and Bartlett Learning.

Syngress. Reviewed word for word by leading technical experts in the field, these books are not just current, but of tomorrow, but forward-thinking―putting you in the position to solve the cybersecurity challenges not just of today, as well. Used book in Good Condition. Using examples and exercises, this book incorporates hands-on activities to prepare the reader to disarm threats and prepare for emerging technologies and future attacks.

Web Application Security, A Beginner's Guide

Web application security: a beginner's Guide helps you stock your security toolkit, prevent common hacks, and defend quickly against malicious attacks. This practical resource includes chapters on authentication, database, authorization, along with browser, and session management, and file security--all supported by true stories from industry.

Jones & Bartlett Learning. Network Security. Publisher's note: products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Security smarts for the self-Guided IT Professional“Get to know the hackers―or plan on getting hacked.

Sullivan and liu have created a savvy, essentials-based approach to web app security packed with immediately applicable tools for any information security practitioner sharpening his or her tools or just starting out. Ryan mcgeehan, facebook, Security Manager, Inc. Secure web applications from today's most devious hackers.

Cist. This book's templates, checklists, and examples are designed to help you get started right away. Web application security: a beginner's guide features:lingo--common security terms defined so that you're in the know on the jobiMHO--Frank and relevant opinions based on the authors' years of industry experienceBudget Note--Tips for getting security technologies and processes into your organization's budgetIn Actual Practice--Exceptions to the rules of security explained in real-world contextsYour Plan--Customizable checklists you can use on the job nowInto Action--Tips on how, why, and when to apply new skills and techniques at work Used book in Good Condition.