Alex Drakos: His Dangerous Affair The Alex Drakos Romantic Suspense Series Book 4

But life intervenes when a ghost from his past spooks him in a way that rocks his world, and he must race against time to make sure his prior bad act doesn’t rock the world of the love of his life and end the only shot at happiness he has ever had. In the latest powerful installment of the alex drakos interracial romantic suspense thriller, Alex and Kari must ward off cops and crooks to fight to hold their world together, and their love for each other, when the rising tides of vengeance and hate turn violently against them.

Gorgeous billionaire industrialist Alex Drakos has just proposed to Kari Grant, his beautiful African-American lady love. He purchased for her a brand-new Rolls, gave her a diamond ring to rival the best ever given, and is making plans for their wedding of the century.

Boone & Charly: Second Chance Love

Once in town, she discovers that the school was forced to diversify their staff by hiring her as their first African-American faculty member, and nobody on the board of directors favors her selection. All he wants to do is keep his town clean and keep his love life uncomplicated. After a disastrous marriage that cost her everything, including what was once a very promising career, she is shocked to learn that a small private school in Kentucky is interested in hiring her as their new dean of students.

Bad boy and tortured police chief Robert “Boone” Ryan isn’t thinking about love. And when charly’s past threatens to take her out, she turns to Boone, too, the only man she feels she can trust. And together two unlikely, broken people realize that the very thing neither one of them was looking for just might be the very thing that they need.

Boone and charly: second chance Love is their first book in the Rags to Romance Interracial Romantic Suspense Thriller series. Already in his forties, he’s still partying like a frat boy and sleeping around with the kind of women he knows would never fall in love with a rascal like him. And then Charly comes to town.

Charlene “charly” Johnson isn’t looking for love either. She also discovers, on her very first day, that there’s a dead body on campus. And then she meets Boone Ryan.

Alex Drakos 5: A Reunion, A Wedding, A Scandal The Alex Drakos Romantic Suspense Series

And he has agreed to a bittersweet reunion with his daughter after her release from prison, a daughter who had betrayed his trust one time too many. Billionaire venture capitalist Alex Drakos is in a great place in his life. He feels life is finally his good fortune. But when people from his past are hellbent on settling scores and destroying his relationship with Kari, and when three governments declare him the ringleader of a conspiracy he didn’t know existed, he and Kari must fight friend and foe to reclaim his good name, and their own good life.

In the fifth installment of the alex Drakos Interracial Romantic Suspense series, Alex and Kari finally join as one, despite the challenges around them. He is days away from marrying his beloved African-American girlfriend, Kari Grant. He is weeks away from the grand opening of his brand-new hotel and casino.


Alex Drakos: For My Lover

He was finally married to the love of his life, struggling African-American cleaning service owner Kari Grant, and had filed papers to adopt her fifteen-year-old son. As they sought to deny him a dream appointment, and as they worked overtime to tear his relationship with Kari apart, he and Kari held strong, and became determined to beat back their dangerous naysayers with love and devotion and their own brand of payback.

Until they came for Kari. Then it was Alex’s turn. Alex drakos: for my lover is the explosive sixth edition to the Alex Drakos Interracial Romance series. Billionaire industrialist Alex Drakos thought it would be an easier road ahead. His hotel and casino were outpacing every measure, and the town of Apple Valley was finally coming to grips with the reality that unlikely Kari was his wife.

But with success came enemies, and Alex already had his share.

Alex Drakos 3: What They Did For Love The Alex Drakos Romantic Suspense Series

With his new hotel and casino soon to open, and the woman of his dreams within his grasp, his international corporation booming, life for him is finally looking up. But when his african-american girlfriend, and when dangerous and mysterious circumstances lead them all the way to Greece for answers, becomes the target of his vengeful ex, cleaning service owner Kari Grant, Alex and Kari must stand together against cops and crooks and other enemies all around them who peddles in violence and hatred in the face of their love.

What they did for love is the third book in the Alex Drakos interracial romantic suspense series. Gorgeous billionaire Alex Drakos is ready to begin a new chapter in his life.

Reno and Sal Gabrini: Fire with Fire

A rival they didn’t know they had and scores to settle they thought were settled rattles casino mogul Reno Gabrini and his cousin, feared mob boss Sal Gabrini, as they join forces to right wrongs. But when the ladies in the family are targeted, and then the children, Reno and Sal fight like hell to stop the carnage and to reinstate the Gabrini clan as the head of the food chain.

With a major assist from sal’s brother, the notorious mob boss Mick Sinatra, and their uncle, “Dapper Tom” Tommy Gabrini, they take back what is rightfully theirs and finish an unsavory war they did not start. In the latest romantic suspense thriller from bestselling author Mallory Monroe, honor, Reno and Sal prove just how far they are willing to go for family, and love.


Trevor Reese: His Protective Love

But her father, former cia chief hammer reese, doesn’t think he’s doing enough to make his little girl happy, Big Daddy Charles Sinatra, and his brother, isn’t doing enough to keep dangerous assignments out of Trevor’s path. He also has a grown son that’s only just come into his life, a son once recruited by Hammer, too, and Trevor’s hands are full.

But when forces from without seek to destroy Trevor’s new family, he pulls his family closer, under his protection, and when Trevor himself gets tangled in their vicious web, as he tears his enemies apart. In the third electrifying installment of the Trevor Reese Interracial Romantic Suspense Thriller series, new beginnings give way to old troubles that threatens to cost Trevor everything he holds dear.

Rugged government agent Trevor Reese finds himself adjusting to life with Carly Sinatra, his brand new bride.

Teddy Sinatra 2: Her Protector

His voluptuous african-american girlfriend, former bar manager Nikki Tarver, has just reconciled with him, but things take a turn for the worse when she agrees to help her criminal father who Teddy feels doesn’t deserve her help. Life, as the heir-apparent to the Sinatra crime family, for Teddy, is yet another rollercoaster ride.

But when nikki’s life is threatened at the same time that he has to fend off a major mob war, Teddy drops everything to protect the woman he loves, and together they fight forces from within and without to reclaim their joy and cement their love. In the second installment of the teddy sinatra interracial romantic suspense thriller, Teddy and Nikki put it all on the line together, their happiness, despite the backstabbing and hatred that seeks to end their love, their lives.

Teddy sinatra loses a fortune on a deal that goes horribly wrong and his old man, famed crime boss Mick Sinatra, comes down on him like a ton of bricks. His sister, gloria sinatra, finds herself with a dangerous man who harmed her in Teddy’s name, and his father blames him.

Big Daddy Sinatra: Bringing Down the Hammer

Gorgeous business mogul charles sinatra has his hands full juggling a daughter who keeps getting herself into perilous relationships; a wife who gets herself into a perilous business arrangement with a former lover; and a town already angry with Charles for his own constant land grabs and power plays.

But when amelia sinatra, and when her boyfriend, won’t cooperate, goes missing, his sister and the former leader of a drug cartel, the former head of the CIA Hammer Reese, Big Daddy knows he has to take charge. With the help of his kid brother, vicious mobster Mick Sinatra, and with his wife Jenay by his side, they join forces unlike they ever had before and will stop at nothing to bring Amelia home.

Even if it means bringing down the entire federal government, and government man Hammer Reese, in the process. In the explosive new addition to the big daddy sinatra interracial romantic suspense thriller, love hard, Charles and Mick Sinatra must ward off cops and crooks and they fight hard, and nearly die hard to protect all they hold dear.


Trevor Reese 2: Undercover Love

Cia operative and sexy business mogul Trevor Reese has fallen hard for Carly Sinatra, his African-American girlfriend. And when his son needs his help, he and Carly leave their comfortable life in Boston and travel all the way to Africa to answer that call. In the second installment of the trevor reese interracial Romantic Suspense series, Trevor and Carly realize that Trevor’s very first meeting with his son, a son in dire circumstances, could also become his last.

To protect her from his enemies, he has worked tirelessly to keep their love for each other and their engagement to each other under wraps. But when complications occur during a field assignment that almost cost Trevor his life, her adopted father, mob boss Mick Sinatra, and her uncle, businessman Big Daddy Charles Sinatra, make it clear that they are not happy with the way he handled the crisis.

He has to do better by Carly, they warn him. But just when he’s ready to take it all the way and finally schedule their wedding date, disturbing information about his past catches up with him and he has to fight to not only maintain Carly’s love, but to gain the love of a son that does not know him.


Tommy Gabrini: A Family Man

But when that same nemesis goes after his wife and kids, Tommy goes after him. With the help of his brother sal, his cousin reno, and his Uncle Mick Sinatra and seemingly the whole of his family, Tommy will not rest until those responsible for terrorizing those he loves are eliminated from the face of this earth, one by one.

Tommy gabrini: a family man, is the latest edition in the Tommy Gabrini Interracial Romantic Suspense Thriller series. Gorgeous business mogul tommy Gabrini is living the good life with his wife and kids when an old foe appears and shackles his business ventures.