Athena’s Ashes Star Thief Chronicles Series Book 2

But with the athena on the run, she’s working solo and facing her most ruthless enemy, the traitor Pallas, who’ll go to any lengths to destroy the MYTH organization. It’s renna’s biggest job yet – convincing MYTH leadership that she’s put away her lock picks and is ready to save the galaxy, despite the dangerous implant in her brain.

. Including framing renna for a devastating assault on MYTH HQ that leaves their defenses crippled and hundreds dead. Now that myth believes she’s a dangerous double-agent, Renna escapes their firing squad before they put more holes in her than a pair of fishnet stockings. But the ticking time-bomb in her head is the one thing Pallas needs to complete his master plan and he’s not about to let her get away.

Even worse, he’s discovered the only thing that will bring Renna to her knees – threatening Captain Nick Finn. Out of time and options, renna’s got one shot to take down the traitor before he annihilates everything she loves, even though winning this battle may cost her everything.

Fortune's Risk: A Star Thief Chronicles Novella

But the queen of crime has a few tricks up her sleeve, and as they’re about to find out, she’s not going to show her hand until it may be too late to fold. Note: this novella is approximately 75 pages and takes place after the events of The Star Thief. Kitty cordoza, a notorious mob boss and his sister’s killer, has gone all-in on a high-stakes poker game.

Only finn can help him plant the evidence that the Station’s security needs to put her away for life. Instead, he’s stranded on a stolen MYTH ship with Viktis, a notorious pirate and an unlikely ally. Being on the run from myth and trying to keep a low profile is nothing new for Viktis, so he’s happy to set course for bustling Forever Station—the perfect place to restock supplies and squeeze in a little entertainment on the side.

At the peak of his military career, he should be leading missions to capture the galaxy’s most wanted criminals. But for viktis, this visit is less about fun and games and more about revenge. Captain nick finn has spent the last seven years trying to escape his drug-running past and become the perfect MYTH soldier.


The Star Thief Star Thief Chronicles Series Book 1

Stealing another galactic secret will get her arrested, but playing by the rules might just get her killed. At twenty-three, Renna Carrizal is the most notorious thief in the galaxy. There's just one problem - all she wants is to get out of the business. But after renna rescues an injured boy on her final job, she finds herself on the run from the mob instead of enjoying retirement.

The target? The human star fleet. Now renna must pull off the biggest job of her career - saving the galaxy. As renna works to discover the truth about Finn's past and keep the tantalizing man at arm's length, she unearths a plot to create an unstoppable army. She unwittingly becomes ensnared by myth, who offer her a choice - either help them on their latest mission, the empire's top-secret galactic protection agency, or spend the rest of her life on a prison ship.

Forced to work under the watchful eye of handsome but arrogant Captain Finn, Renna learns the former mercenary-turned-space marine has a few dirty secrets himself. And maybe even herself.

Ronin Rebel Stars Book 3

But in the process, they've lost the Hive itself. With their manufacturing base in Finn's hands, it's only a matter of time before they're outnumbered and destroyed. If they fail to stop the fighting, no matter who wins the battle for the Solar System, they'll lose the war for survival. The hive has survived their first fleet action against FinnTech.

. As rada searches for a path to victory, she stumbles on a horrifying secret: the aliens who've kept humanity confined to the Solar System are about to make their move. To stand against the coming threat, the Hive will have to bring FinnTech to the peace table.

Traitor Rebel Stars Book 2

No one knows their next move. In desperation, Rada and Webber fly to the Locker. A pirate station in uranus orbit, its fleet may be the only thing capable of resisting the FinnTech forces. Finntech has allied with the aliens who once pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. And they won't stop until the Solar System is theirs.

But as rada fights to bring the Locker to her side, she discovers a new conspiracy. Finntech's move has been decades in the making.

Dark Beneath the Moon Nearspace Book 2

But when an alien artifact, the remnant of a long-ago war, shows up on the other side of a newly-discovered wormhole, the crew also find themselves pressed into the service of the Nearspace Protectorate. She has her own secrets to guard, and an alliance with the notorious PrimeCorp—one she’ll keep only as long as it suits her own hunt for vengeance.

When a mysterious attack leaves them stranded in an uncharted new system, her crew, Luta, and Jahelia must try to put their differences aside and decide who to trust, while they uncover a shocking truth about the Chron war and what their old enemies are so afraid of… . The tane ikai‘s task: covertly deliver an alien historian to the site to decipher its meaning—and possible threat.

Jahelia sord is a woman with a grudge against the world, and against Luta Paixon and her family in particular. Luta paixon has plenty of trouble on the Tane Ikai, with relationships in flux and the sticky problem of two captains on one ship.

Refurbished AI Reborn Trilogy Book 1

Thrown into the latest cesspools of war and conflict across the world, the Bolt Eaters make short work of any opponents. He matters. And then he dies. He wakes up a couple of centuries later inside an advanced infantry robot whose AI core harbors his consciousness. He has a job. Dead before thirty. Reborn as an AI at two hundred.

Eric lives a normal life. A girlfriend. He owns an apartment. In industry parlance, he is what's known as a Mind Refurb. Eric is soon thrust into an experimental army unit known as the Bolt Eaters, composed of fellow Mind Refurbs. That's right, woman, played against a technologically superior, but the lives of every man, utterly alien foe; a game whose stakes include not just their lives, the feces has smashed right through the fan, and now he must face the ultimate test with the machines he has come to know as brothers: a deadly game of cat and mouse, and child on the planet.

It's time to matter once more. It's almost a cakewalk for the high-tech robots. His latest deployment is just about to end, and eric is looking forward to spending the next few months exploring the different virtual reality worlds available to AIs like himself, stranding his unit in the middle of nowhere, when aliens decide to invade, cut off from all support.


Blood Ties Agents of the Crown Book 2

Recently appointed crown agents Jev and Zenia must prove that they're worthy of their new jobs and young King Targyon’s trust. Might he become a target before targyon? When Jev and Zenia signed on for this job, they didn’t realize how deadly it might become. And as it so happens, Jev shares some of that blood too.

. Their mission?to research the strange “disease of the blood” that killed Targyon’s three cousins and left him unexpectedly ruling an entire kingdom at barely twenty years of age. There are just a few problems. Meanwhile, since targyon has the same blood flowing through his veins that his cousins had, he’s at risk of becoming the next victim.

If someone was responsible for creating that disease, that person could still be in the city, forcing Zenia and Jev to deal with someone very smart and very dangerous.

Lords of Space Starship Blackbeard Book 2

Joined by his valiant crew and the daughter of a former rival captain, Drake risks his life and his freedom to stop the war and save what's left of his world. Book #2 in the starship blackbeard Series, by Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Michael Wallace. What they find sends Drake on a dangerous mission deep into Hroom territory.

Pursued relentlessly by the royal Navy, he takes his loyal crew to attack Admiral Malthorne's estate and seize the evidence that will prove his innocence. But their search uncovers something else the ruthless admiral has secreted away - the key to stopping a brutal and decades-old war with the Hroom, an ancient alien race.

Captain james Drake is desperate to clear his name.

Battle Harem

He has no idea why he's here, or what the hell he's supposed to do. Worst of all, he's no longer human: his consciousness has been installed into the AI core of a state-of-the-art war machine, a mech with enough firepower to raze a small city. One would think the military wouldn't want to misplace something like that.

It seemed like a good idea at the time: get paid to license a copy of your mind for use in one of the numerous machines that run society. It doesn't help that in VR they all look like super hot women. Sometimes it's tough being a machine. When jason and his new companions discover what they're truly capable of, however, everything changes.

And not necessarily for the better. Warning: this book contains bloodthirsty alien mutants, violence, swearing, angry robots, and a harem full of beautiful machine women. What could go wrong?Turns out, a lot. Jason wakes up in the middle of the radioactive wasteland that was created fifty years ago when aliens destroyed half the Earth.

Trapped in the uninhabitable zone with three machine women. And very deadly. Jason was a little short on creds so he decided to get his mind scanned. Whoops.

Judgment of the Bold Privateer Tales Book 15

A retreating alien enemy. If he can’t balance leading his people and battling the gathering swarm, then humanity and the Confederation will be the ones exterminated. Judgment of the bold is the third novel in a standalone trilogy in the 15-book Privateer Tales epic, a series of adrenaline-fueled space operas.

After discovering an indefensible weapon, Liam thought he had the Kroerak invaders on the ropes. If you like intergalactic showdowns, alien invasions, and audacious crews, then you’ll love Jamie McFarlane’s rip-roaring sci-fi saga. Buy judgment of the bold to set a course for a high-octane space opera today!

When the battle-scarred survivors call on Liam to lead their broken civilization out of the rubble, he can’t bear to turn them away. A terrifying threat could postpone his victory lap… forever. But as he and his crew root out the last alien strongholds, he comes face to face with the staggering damage the invaders wreaked on the crew’s now-inhospitable homeworlds.

Civilization's new beginning. But liam knows better than anyone, the kroerak forces will be back—and next time, if he doesn’t squash the source of the infestation, there will nothing to stop them. Liam’s victory lap could be cancelled altogether after he uncovers a skin-crawling new menace of catastrophic proportions.