Big Buck Secrets

Steve bartylla has never relied on outfitter to put him on trophy bucks. This book is grounded in that experience to help you take your deer hunting to the next level with comprehensive instruction on:Scouting new hunting areasUnderstanding mature buck behaviorHunting during the rutUtilizing decoysAggressive and creative techniques to deal with hunting pressureAnd much more! All aimed to put you on the biggest bucks of your life!Hard work and in-depth knowledge of whitetails, understanding how they utilize terrain and seeking pockets where mature bucks exist, are the tools Bartylla relies on most--and shares with you in Big Buck Secrets.

Instead, he relies on his own scouting and hunting skills. Big buck secrets draws from Bartylla's years of successful do-it-yourself hunting for trophy whitetails on both public and private land.

White-tailed Deer Management and Habitat Improvement

His hands-on knowledge will provide detailed instruction on how to boost your hunting success by improving the land, the quality of mature deer and your overall hunting plan. Improve your deer hunting land now for bigger bucks! White-tailed deer hunters who own or lease land are always trying to increase their odds of tagging a trophy buck.

You'll learn how to:add and enhance food sourcesCreate coverInfluence deer movementHelp doe populationsManage for older, larger bucksHunt more often and decrease disturbances Krause Pubns Inc. But until now, there has been little comprehensive information on how to set up a property to improve the local deer herd and your overall hunting success.

Plus, the majority of this work can be done on small properties with little more than an investment of time and sweat equity. Steve bartylla has more than 20 years of experience setting up and managing hunting properties, as well as consulting for other landowners who want to manage their lands for healthy, mature bucks.

The expert advice inside white-tailed Deer Management and Habitat Improvement will benefit properties of all sizes--from 10 to 1, 000 acres or more.

Bowhunting Tactics That Deliver Trophies: A Guide to Finding and Taking Monster Whitetail Bucks

With useful information on how to dress properly, and hunt those areas to maximum effectiveness from the ground or from a tree stand, find areas that trophy whitetails inhabit, tune and shoot your bow efficiently, Bowhunting Tactics That Deliver Trophies is required reading for anyone who wants to get a deer this season.

Krause Pubns Inc. Whether you’re a novice bowhunter or a seasoned veteran, this book will make you a better, more complete hunter. Used book in Good Condition.

Precision Bowhunting: A Year-Round Approach to Taking Mature Whitetails

Especially useful for hunting high-pressure areas and it explains how to best take advantage of the rut. Lays out a hunting program for the entire year, including preparation and training during the off-season. Krause Pubns Inc. Another must-have title from the authors of the bestselling Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails 0-8117-2819-6.

Used book in Good Condition.

North American Whitetail Advanced Stand-Hunting Strategies Book

On the ground or above it, stand-hunting is by far the most popular way to hunt whitetails, yet few hunters have truly mastered the process of scouting for great stand locations and then hunting them effectively for trophy bucks. Now, in advanced stand-hunting strategies from North American Whitetail, stand-hunting expert Steve Bartylla reveals the secrets to his proven approach for stand-hunting success.

Used book in Good Condition. Bow and gun hunters alike will benefit from Steve's insights based on years in the deer woods. If you're serious about taking your hunting success to the next level, and beyond, this is the book you need. Used book in Good Condition. Krause Pubns Inc.

Mapping Trophy Bucks

And once you know where the deer will be headed you can establish the perfect ambush site. Maps are often the forgotten link in scouting prime deer habitat. Used book in Good Condition. Maps won't eliminate the need to get in the woods, but they will tell the best places to start your search for the buck of your dreams.

Herndon also shows hunters how to use the latest Internet and computer technology to personalize any map. Krause Pubns Inc. Using topographic maps to find DeerTopographic maps and aerial photos can lead you right to the biggest bucks you've ever seen. Through years of dedicated hunting and careful study of maps and photos, Herndon has perfected the use of maps to find the routes deer travel.

Yet because they show you all the hills, gullies, rivers and ridges, you can learn the lay of the land without walking mile after unproductive mile. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. You just have to know how to use them. Brad herndon takes the mystery out of finding deer with maps. Mark your stand locations, the locations of deer sign, even note the best possible wind direction to make your hunt a success.

If you hunt deer, let Mapping Trophy Bucks lead you right to where the big boys hide.

All Weather Whitetails: Forecasting Your Next Hunt of a Lifetime

Dylan lenz, black stamp Media/The Breaking Point TV. His insight and advice on utilizing the weather to harvest mature bucks will change the way you hunt. Used book in Good Condition. Krause Pubns Inc. It's an eye opening realization that is incredibly underestimated. He'll be the first to tell you that analyzing the weather and hunt according has everything to do with finding success in the deer woods.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Forecasting your next hunt of a lifetime! with a proven track record and wall of shoulder mounts that leave no shred of doubt, Jeff has learned through trial and error, the ins and outs of mature buck hunting.

Bowhunting Tactics That Deliver Trophies: A Guide to Finding and Taking Monster Whitetail Bucks

Used book in Good Condition. In bowhunting tactics that deliver trophies, inside tips on what really happens when hunting with wind in your face, you will find excellent advice on determining what food sources are hot during different times of the year, and how to get the most from each and every tree stand.

Krause Pubns Inc. Bartylla also shares savvy advice on hunting from ground blinds, how to maximize your time when hunting public land, and the most effective trailing tools to find your buck. Bartylla consistently proves that hard work, an in-depth understanding of whitetail deer and how they use terrain—combined with an ability to read aerial photographs and interpret contour maps to find pockets where mature bucks exist—are the necessary tools for a bowhunter's success.

. Steve bartylla gets down to the nuts and bolts of what it takes to bowhunt public land whitetails today. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Whether you are just beginning to hunt with a bow or you are a seasoned bowhunter, you will find a tremendous amount of information that you can use each and every deer season.


Growing & Hunting Quality Bucks: A Hands-On Approach to Better Land and Deer Management

For more information, visit www. Bowhuntingpreservation. Org. Krause Pubns Inc. In this hands-on guide, deer managers learn what to plant and when to plant it, how to use surveillance cameras smartly and effectively, where to strategically place stands on your land, which can be used throughout North America, how to put your plan into action on a month-by-month basis, the critical importance of how to plan and build productive waterholes, and much more.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. More than 175 photos included in this book show bucks throughout the year and illustrate land administration practices. Used book in Good Condition. Proceeds from every sale of this book will be used to build archery ranges, provide archery and bowhunting education programs, and support urban bowhunting participation across the United States.

After reading growing & hunting Quality Bucks, you’ll have all the tools you need to cultivate world-class whitetails. This is a bowhunting preservation Alliance BPA book, a non-profit foundation created by the Archery Trade Association. The author shares his own experiences as a renowned whitetail authority and the owner and operator of Bluff Country Outfitters, with month-by-month plans for careful land management.

Growing & hunting quality bucks provides a detailed plan that will help deer managers produce mature bucks and keep them on their land.

Bowhunting Public Land Whitetails

Used book in Good Condition. Krause Pubns Inc. Bowhunting public land whitetails is unlike anything else on the market, and is certain to make you a better deer hunter. Tony J. Bowhunting public Land Whitetails is the go-to resource for real-world hunting information. Used book in Good Condition. Throughout this comprehensive book you'll read about Peterson's detailed scouting strategies, his top gear choices, and how he plans - and executes -hunts on public land throughout the country each fall.

Used book in Good Condition. Peterson has carved a name for himself in the bowhunting industry by focusing his efforts on common-ground whitetails and his success is nearly unparalleled.

Mature Buck Success By Design

Experience consistent mature Buck Hunting Results! The kill is simply the end result of a job done right. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. And be not one bit surprised when you realize the "secrets" are no secret at all. Jeff Sturgis understands this. Use his plan. Used book in Good Condition.

It's all about preparation, commitment and effort. He is sharing those "secrets" that lead to consistency and plenty of tags filled on mature Whitetails. There is a method to the madness and Jeff is as mad as they get. Follow his advice. Tony hansen, Editor, Realtree. Com krause Pubns Inc. Because he is one of us.