Big Rig 2: More Comic Tales from a Long Haul Trucker

He even takes the reader on a revealing step-by-step haul. This time mctavish ploughs through comical comparisons of his truck "Old Fang" versus modern road bashers, various developments in rig technology, and the chaos that ensues as snow falls on Vancouver. No quibbles returns. New. Guaranteed packaging.

Hop in the jump seat once again with Don McTavish as he hi-miles through his second engaging collection of stories, wisdom, and warnings about the trucking life. Mint Condition. Dispatch same day for order received before 12 noon.

Big Rig: Comic Tales from a Long Haul Trucker

Come along for a ride with big rig truckers. In big rig: comic tales from a long haul trucker, veteran trucker Don McTavish will take you on some eye-popping, highly comical road trips. Used book in Good Condition.

Over and Over the Road, A Truck Driver's Stories

Through it all, his wits, Sheperd manages to keep his humor, and his sanity. W. Used book in Good Condition. The road is a long and winding place in V. With seventy-eight different tales of terrible weather, fascinating people, terrifying near-accidents, and philosophical observations, readers will gain a glimpse of the unpredictable— and oddly beautiful— life out on the open road.

Sheperd’s fascinating debut collection, Over and Over the Road: A Truck Driver’s Stories. This short-story compilation, based on sheperd’s real-life experiences while on the road as a cross-country truck driver, downs, features the ups, and everything in between as he forges a life for himself in the confines of a high-rise tractor trailer.

Life is never dull when you’re driving hundreds of miles a day for three months at a time.

Spirit of the Road: The Life of an American Trucker...and his cat

Spirit of the road: The Life of an American Trucker. And his cat embarks on a one-year journey across the United States in an eighteen-wheeler. Spirit of the road: the life of an american trucker is a book that touches into a cornerstone of a lifestyle that few people know about, namely, but that hides a passionate group that bears further study, truck drivers.

It runs the gambit from a wide-eyed rookie in Commercial Driving school to the eventual embracing of a new lifestyle at a dusty little truck stop in Crab Orchard, Tennessee. The trucker is usually far from home and uncertain what lies around the next bend. This book always keeps the reader in mind, and strives to both inform and entertain.

Having made the transition to trucking after spending 20 years in television broadcasting, the author sets a comical tone from the very first chapter in a “fish-out-of-water” story. The trucking lifestyle has been depicted in various television series and movies and, as with any job that holds a degree of adventure and danger, it sparks the interest of the general public.

. The comical and, sometimes, poignant adventures of “Kitty” are interwoven throughout the book and promises to hold appeal for pet lovers. Curiosity about the unknown is an attractive feature to the general reader. The life of the american trucker still holds a bit of the rugged explorer’s lifestyle.

Another unique feature is the inclusion of a traveling cat in the story.

Five Million Miles of Truck Driving Stories

Used book in Good Condition. Trucks are the life of this nation, and I am proud of my involvement. Actually, i have driven commercial vehicles throughout the United States and Canada for over five million miles. I covered a quarter of a million miles training others how to drive trucks as well.

In The Driver's Seat: Interstate Trucking -- a Journey

Used book in Good Condition. Drove into sunsets and, often, through the night. People asked me, "what's interstate trucking like? What's it really like out there on the road?" My short answer was always the same. Then he met someone he didn't know he'd been looking for: Himself. Learned firsthand that truckers compensated by the mile are shortchanged with each paycheck, his cargo, that every day out there brought threats to his truck, that the federal Hours of Service of Drivers are as unrealistic as they are dangerous, and his life.

Away from home for weeks at a time, he crisscrossed America in 18-wheelers. One month after his 45th birthday, Marc Mayfield became a long-haul truck driver, something he'd always wanted to do. Along the way, he all but destroyed his marriage. But he loved the solitude of a truck cab and traveled more than one million accident-free miles.

You have to like being alone. In the driver's seat -- memoir, travelogue, portrait of an industry -- is the long answer.

Mother Trucker: An Urban Couple Downshifts to Life on the Road

David hamel, a mechanical engineer, past director of Product Development for the American Girl doll company, and Shelley Hamel, decide to ditch their urban life and go to truck-driving school. For david, driving school was a piece of cake. Driving a semi with a 52’ trailer coast to coast gives you a view of America like no other, and this book brings you right into the sleeper cab with the Hamels to share stories, tips, and firsthand experience.

. For all those people who long to quit their office jobs, team driving offers an escape not unlike full-time RVing, except you get paid to do it. This how-to guide examines life on the open road, the upside as well as the danger, with many day-to-day details of ways to maximize the freedom of exploration in this non-traditional life.

A true story of how a middle-aged married couple abandon lucrative white-collar professional careers to become long-haul truck drivers for Schneider National in Green Bay, WI. Used book in Good Condition. Nearly flunking out of truck driving school, david, and with her talented mechanical engineer husband, Shelley successfully faces her twin demons of double-clutching and ten nasty gears, launches a 3-year experiment in alternative living before retirement.

For shelley, it was murder.

The Long Haul: A Trucker's Tales of Life on the Road

Used book in Good Condition. These experiences inspire finn’s memorable reflections on work, class, and the bonds we form with the things we own and the places we live. Brimming with personality and filled with great characters, The Long Haul is a resonant portrait of the enduring appeal of manual labor in the dark underbelly of the American Dream.

A long-haul mover’s rollicking account of life out on the Big Slab. More than thirty years ago, Finn Murphy dropped out of college to become a long-haul trucker. Going far beyond the myth of the american road trip, across the Florida Everglades, he whisks readers down the I-95 Powerlane, in and out of the truck stops of the Midwest, and through the steep grades of the Rocky Mountains.

. The long haul is also a behind-the-scenes look at the moving industry, revealing what really happens when we call in “the movers. Through it all, funny, murphy tells poignant, and often haunting stories of the people he encounters on the job: a feisty hoarder in New Hampshire; a Virginia homeowner raging when Murphy’s truck accidentally runs down a stand of trees; an ex-banker in Colorado who treats Finn and his crew with undisguised contempt; a widow who needs Murphy to bring her archeologist husband’s remains and relics to a Navajo burial ceremony in New Mexico.

As he crisscrosses the country, and charm the America he has seen change over the decades, candor, Murphy recounts with wit, from the hollowing-out of small towns to changing tastes in culture and home furnishings. Some 40 million americans move each year, and very few have any idea what they’re getting into or the kind of person to whom they are relinquishing their worldly goods.