Covert Fae A Spy Among the Fallen Book 1

A fae like me shouldn't have to hide her power. And i’m going undercover in the angels' court. But in the world of the Great Nightmare, magic makes me a target. Now it’s my turn to unleash my powers--and ravage theirs. Problem is, i have to pretend to be someone I’m not: an alluring succubus. If i don't fool them, the fate of the world will lie in ruins.

To live, i must tempt the angels of death. I can't let that happen. It’s been eighteen months since the angels of the apocalypse ripped our world apart. Now, i've gotten the chance to fight back against the terrifyingly seductive angels. I've joined a secret organization of spies known as the Order. The angels tried to destroy my world.


Black Ops Fae A Spy Among the Fallen Book 2

But when a lethal angel starts coming after me, my cover is blown. With him by my side, I’m going undercover again. One i have to pretend to actually admire. Disguises are second nature at this point, and I'm used to keeping my powers concealed. I just have to pretend to be his simpering, idiot lover--while secretly collecting intelligence from a psychotic god of war.

In my escape, i’ve found an unlikely ally in Adonis—the dangerously seductive angel of death. If i don’t find the info i need, i’m dead at the hands of a whole horde of angels—and the apocalypse really begins.

Stolen Soul Yliaster Crystal Book 1

Good thing I’m not a man. There’s an underground magical vault, protected by sorcery, security cameras, guards and whatnot. Still, fortune favors the bold. It’s suicidal and insane. I’ll need a team for this one. Think of the most impenetrable place in the world. Let’s hope fortune has a good disposition toward the crazy as well.

I might be an alchemist extraordinaire, and the best burglar on the East Coast, but this is not a solo job. Suicidal? insane? maybe, but… actually, there’s no but. If not – crispy dragon snacks. Now triple it. Here comes the bad news. They say no man can rob a dragon. If we succeed, we’ll be legends. It belongs to a dragon, and I was hired to break into it and steal his hoard.

Accompanied by a powerful sorcerer, and a hacker, a fortune teller, a scam artist, I embark on the heist of the century.

Eternal Magic: A Demons of Fire and Night Novel Shadows & Flame Series Book 4

That’s only a small consolation when she learns the horrific plans of a shadowy demigod. But she needs to stay focused. Because if the demigod gets his way with her—the world will come under his nefarious control, and Ursula will be lost in the void forever. Together, they've got to steal Excalibur from the world's most powerful dragon-shifter.

On her journey, her shocking past is revealed, and Ursula finally learns the truth about herself. Plans that involve her. In order to fight back, she must find her fiancé, Bael. Ursula hadn’t expected to return to the Shadow Realm a prisoner, but at least the dungeon reunites her with her old mentor, Kester.


Hereditary Magic The Gatekeeper's Curse Book 1

With her magically talented twin sister given the role of Gatekeeper, Ilsa is content to hide under the radar among the regular humans. At least until a mysterious spellbook falls into her possession, granting Ilsa with a sudden and inconvenient affinity with the dead, and dangerous magic that paints a neon target on her head.

With her family's questionable past quite literally refusing to stay buried, the last thing Ilsa needs is an untrustworthy self-proclaimed faerie bodyguard, even if he does come with a deadly skillset of his own. Dealing with zombies and fae assassins would be difficult enough on its own, but now someone's out to frame her for murder, too.

In a world of magic, being non-magical can get you killed. Ilsa lynn has made it her life's goal to avoid the curse that binds her family to serve the Summer Court of Faerie. While dodging enemies at every corner, Ilsa must get a handle on her new powers before the armies of Faerie invade Earth. She might just be in over her head.


Agent of Darkness Dark Fae FBI Book 3

Yet with fury boiling in my blood and desire for Roan kindling my heart, it seems like an impossible task. Fbi agent, pixie, terror Leech, Mistress of Dread. There’s a dark power growing within me. Will i become a King Killer as well? And i’m not sure I can control it. The fae king wants me dead. But the price I've paid is too high.

But with the strange new magic in my blood, no one trusts me anymore. It's the magic of fear, of terror, of nightmares. Following the seductive fae Roan, I join the rebels but find myself surrounded by suspicion at every turn. His assassins tracked me down and nearly killed me— now they’re the ones lying lifeless in a pool of blood.

My power is unstable and deadly, and to get my vengeance, I must learn to control it. The king’s minions have given me another name: Mistress of Dread. They hurt someone I love, and I burn for revenge. I’m done watching from the sidelines.

Master of Magic Dragon's Gift: The Valkyrie Book 5

It’s up to me to find them and kill them before they destroy life as we know it. So yeah, that’s real bad. It’s kill or be killed when fighting the gods. Life is full of good and bad. It’ll require a deadly adventure through the realms of myth, but with help from my sisters and the sexy war god Cade, I might have a chance.

To succeed, we’ll have to unite old and new friends in the battle of a lifetime. Master of magic is a fast-paced urban fantasy adventure with a kick-butt heroine, a tough hero, and magic that will blow your socks off. Good — i’ve rescued my sister. Bad? — we’re being hunted by the Rebel Gods, powerful beings who are determined to kill us—and cause the end of days.

To do that, i have to finish my transition to DragonGod and master my magic.

Dawn of Eternal Day The Zodiac Curse: Harem of Light Book 1

It is a companion series to Amber Lynn Natusch's Eve of Eternal Night. **. If she lets them, she could lose everything--including her life. This is a reverse harem urban fantasy series. Instead of going to college, she’s broke, unemployed, and single. With their protection, Dawn searches for her best friend.

Was that a demon she saw at the crime scene? And why doesn’t anyone remember her friend? Homeless and desperate, Dawn finds herself depending on her mysterious neighbor. The academy seeks to prove monsters are real—and she is now a member. When her best friend is kidnapped, she starts to wonder if she’s actually losing her mind.

Turns out, he belongs to a secretive organization called The Academy of Light—along with four other dangerously sexy men. Dawn’s life has fallen apart. But powerful forces want to keep her apart from her guys.

Agent of Enchantment Dark Fae FBI Book 1

This killer is fae, and he’s as elusive as smoke on the wind. I won’t be stopped, not even when panic roils through the streets of London, or when the police start to suspect me. As i close in on the killer, i follow him to a magical shadow realm that’s like nothing I ever expected, where I’m hunted like prey.

I’m an fbI Agent. Fine. Just another jack-the-Ripper wannabe, prowling London’s streets, searching for easy kills. Book one: agent of EnchantmentBook two: Agent of Chaos. But i’m an fbi profiler, and it’s my job to track him down. It doesn’t matter that one of the main suspects--a lethally alluring fae--is trying to seduce me… or kill me, I’m not sure which.

A new adult urban fantasy. And it turns out I have magical powers of my own. Bring it on. I was wrong. And one of them is a serial killer. I thought this would be a simple profiling case. The fae live among us.

Natural Witch Magical Mayhem Book 1

As a latent power awakens deep inside of me, I’m exposed to one of the most powerful and corrupt organizations in the magical world—the Mages’ Guild. Barely knowing a spell from a few swear words and luck, I won’t be able to evade them alone. He is now the only thing between me and magical enslavement.

The best and most feared mage in the world. He’s dangerous, mysterious, and has a vendetta of his own. The explosive new addition to the DDVN World Fire and Ice Series by USA Today Bestselling author K. F. The rogue Natural. And that’s when I meet him. Breene! something has always been missing from my life. A hole that I could never seem to fill.

When i accidentally turn a coven of witches into nightmares, I find out what that something is. Magic. And it turns out, I have a crap load of it.

Agent of the Fae Dark Fae FBI Book 4

After all, i’m just a pixie bastard. Unfortunately, centuries-old feuds make this almost impossible. Did i mention that my dread powers are gone? if that weren’t enough, I need to decide if I want to live forever in the world of the humans, or the world of the fae with Roan. Sure—he’s gorgeous and loyal, but do i want to spend forever in this chaos? As the Seelie encroach on our territory, it’s time to see if Roan and I—terror and love--can really change the world together.

To make things worse, there’s no good reason for anyone to listen to us. It should have been our moment of triumph. Instead, we find ourselves hiding in London from our ancient enemies, the Seelie. From roan’s city mansion, we need to unite the six Unseelie courts to fight back. The final book in the Dark Fae FBI series.

The fae war is coming, and I'm caught right in the middle. My father, the ruthless Unseelie king, is dead.