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Printed insert. Crack-up comes six years after the 2011 release of Helplessness Blues and nearly a decade since the band's 2008 self-titled debut. In addition, the band has announced new tour dates, including their first North American shows since October 2011; see below for details. All eleven of the songs on Crack-Up were written by Robin Pecknold.

Fleet foxes is robin pecknold vocals, christian Wargo multi-instrumentalist, Casey Wescott multi-instrumentalist, vocals, vocals, multi-instrumentalist, Skyler Skjelset multi-instrumentalist, vocals, and Morgan Henderson multi-instrumentalist. Tour dates:may 26-29 — syndney opera house — sydney, nyaug 4 — massey hall — toronto, onaug 6 — masonic temple — detroit, misep 23 — hollywood bowl** — los angeles, mdjul 31 — mann center for the performing arts* — philadelphia, mejul 28 — newport folk festival sold out — newport, spainjul 3 — bands apart — ferrara, paaug 1 — celebrate brooklyn! — brooklyn, ukjul 27 — thompson's point — Portland, RIJul 29 — Merriweather Post Pavilion* — Columbia, IrelandJul 14 — Iveagh Gardens SOLD OUT — Dublin, AustraliaJul 1 — Vida Festival — Vilanova i la Geltru, SpainJul 13 — Iveagh Gardens — Dublin, CASep 27 — Red Rocks Amphitheatre** — Denver, ItalyJul 7 — Bilbao BBK Live 2017 — Bilbao, IrelandJul 16 — Latitude Festival — Southwold, CO* w/ Animal Collective** w/ Beach House Double vinyl pressing.

Digital download included. Gatefold sleeve. The album was co-produced by Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset, collaborator, his longtime bandmate, and childhood friend. Phil ek mixed the album, at Sear Sound, and it was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound. Fleet foxes has released the album track "third of May / Ōdaigahara, " a nearly nine-minute epic powered by piano and electric twelve-string guitar, string quartet, and the group's trademark sparkling harmonies.

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The first fleet foxes album fleet foxes was released on sub pop in 2008, the reception of the record was such that Fleet Foxes found themselves very busy, and though the band s intention was to record a new album in the 6-8 months following its release, touring consistently through the end of 2009. Fleet foxes are from seattle and the members of the band are Robin Pecknold, Christian Wargo, Skye Skjelset, Casey Wescott, Josh Tillman, and Morgan Henderson.

Shrink-wrapped. Engineered and mixed by phil ek and co-produced by Phil and the band, the new Fleet Foxes record is called Helplessness Blues. Having heard helplessness Blues, we mean to get out of its way. One, it's kind of a funny title. Like very nearly every worthwhile thing, making this album was not easy; it was a difficult second album to make.

Drawing inspiration from folk/rock from about 1965 to 1973, the music box, Tibetan singing bowls, Helplessness Blues sees Fleet Foxes heighten and extend themselves, adding instrumentation clarinet, and Van Morrison s Astral Weeks in particular, lap steel guitar, pedal steel guitar, vibraphone, etc. Along with more traditional band instrumentation, direct lyrics, with a focus on clear, and an emphasis on group vocal harmonies.

Recording for helplessness blues began in april 2010 at dreamland Recording in Woodstock, NY and continued off and on through November of that same year back in Seattle at numerous studios, including Bear Creek, Reciprocal Recording and Avast. Secondly, one of the prevailing themes of the album is the struggle between who you are and who you want to be or who you want to end up, and how sometimes you are the only thing getting in the way of that.

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Fleet foxes - Fleet Foxes. They draw influences from the traditions of folk, choral, sacred harp singing, film scores, gospel, traditional music from Ireland to Japan, pop, West Coast music, and their NW peers. Sun it rises" 3:142. 1. Supremely crafted and confident" - 8. 7 - pitchfork. Ragged wood" 5:07 4. Shrink-wrapped.

The subject matter ranges from the natural world and familial bonds to bygone loves and stone cold graves. White winter Hymnal" 2:27 3. Seattle's fleet Foxes traffic in baroque harmonic pop.

Painted Ruins

White winter Hymnal" 2:27 3. 1. Shrink-wrapped. Sun it rises" 3:142. Fleet foxes - Fleet Foxes. Ragged wood" 5:07 4. Grizzly bear releases their highly anticipated fifth full-length album "Painted Ruins" following up their 2012 commercial breakthrough "Shields. The band spent the better part of two years writing and recording the eleven new compositions featured on "Painted Ruins" with the entire album produced by Grizzly Bear's own, Chris Taylor.



It feels very relevant to now. Shrink-wrapped. The world has finally caught up with Slowdive. 1. Ragged wood" 5:07 4. Fleet foxes - Fleet Foxes. The album is called slowdive - self-titled in an echo of their debut EP from 1990 - and is remarkably direct. We were always ambitious, " says frontman Neil Halstead. Sun it rises" 3:142.

Shrink-wrapped. It took ages to get back together and write songs and for it to click in the studio, but this album doesn't feel like a bolt-on - it's got an energy that's as vibrant as Souvlaki and Just for a Day. Not in terms of trying to sell records, but in terms of making interesting records. White winter Hymnal" 2:27 3.

There's a different energy about it, " says drummer Simon Scott. Maybe, if you try and make interesting records, they're still interesting in a few years' time. Now, in 2017, the record is ready and first single from which, "Star Roving, " shot to the top of the Billboard Trending 140 Chart. A band whose reach goes far beyond just influencing music is back, with their first new album in 22 years.


Pure Comedy Includes Download Card

Take it away, Mr. Shrink-wrapped. The species’ only hope for survival, slightly older, finding itself on a cruel, unpredictable rock surrounded by other species who seem far more adept at this whole thing and to whom they are delicious, is the reliance on other, half-formed brains. Shrink-wrapped. Over time, and as their brains prove to be remarkably good at inventing meaning where there is none, the species becomes the purveyor of increasingly bizarre and sophisticated ironies.

1. Ragged wood" 5:07 4. While we could say a lot about pure comedy – including that it is a bold, important album in the tradition of American songwriting greats like Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, and Leonard Cohen – we think it’s best to let its creator describe it himself. White winter Hymnal" 2:27 3.

Shrink-wrapped. Fleet foxes - Fleet Foxes. It was produced by father john misty and jonathan wilson, tom waits, with engineering by Misty’s longtime sound-person Trevor Spencer and orchestral arrangements by renowned composer/double-bassist Gavin Bryars known for extensive solo work, and work with Brian Eno, Derek Bailey.

Tillman has released two widely acclaimed albums – fear fun 2012 and i love you, and recently contributed to songs by Beyoncé, Honeybear 2015 – and the recent “Real Love Baby” single as Father John Misty, Lady Gaga, and Kid Cudi. This reliance takes on a few different names as their story unfolds, ” “family, ” “culture, like “love, ” etc.


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Sun it rises" 3:142. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. White winter Hymnal" 2:27 3. Ragged wood" 5:07 4. 2008 album. A brave excursion of expansive rock & dissonant pop compared in some quarters to "OK Computer". Shrink-wrapped. 1. Fleet foxes - Fleet Foxes. Includes "i will Possess Your Heart".

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And european runs, along with performances at coachella, glastonbury, and Reading/Leeds plus Lollapalooza to come this August, the record's word-of-mouth success has translated into Soundscans of over 33K and a combined Spotify play count of more than 30 million streams. The ten song album is the follow-up to the toronto-based group's debut self-titled record, Rolling Stone, which was shortlisted for the 2015 Polaris Prize and featured on numerous year-end "Best Of" lists from Pitchfork, NPR, NME, and many more.

Ragged wood" 5:07 4. 1. Fleet foxes - Fleet Foxes. Sun it rises" 3:142. Antisocialites is set to carry the band to new heights, shoegaze, with Molly Rankin's distinctive vocals and erudite lyrics taking center stage against a kaleidoscopic backdrop of pop, punk, and some brand new tricks befitting a band that sounds wise beyond its years.

White winter Hymnal" 2:27 3. Bolstered by singles such as “Archie, Marry Me, ” and an extensive touring schedule that included multiple full U. S. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.


1. Shrink-wrapped. Usa edition : on bLACK vinyl, with a download code. Includes "lemon Glow" and "Dive". Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. New 2018 album from the baltimore dream-pop dependables! Part-produced by Sonic Boom Spacemen 3, and mixed by Alan Moulder Ride. Fleet foxes - Fleet Foxes. Ragged wood" 5:07 4. White winter Hymnal" 2:27 3.

Sun it rises" 3:142. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Carrie & Lowell

Should have known Better" 5:07 3. All of me wants all of You" 3:41 4. Death with Dignity" 3:592. Stevens s gauzy double-tracked vocals wash across the dashboard of long-finned, drop-top Americana, and unhappy beds that provide the scenery for tales of jackknifed cars, for this is a landscape of terminal roads, yet as we race towards the coast we are reminded that sunshine leads to shadow, traumatic video stores, unsteady bridges, funerals, and forgiveness for the dead.

Carrie & lowell accomplishes the rare thing that any art should achieve, particularly in these noisy and fragmented days: By seeking to understand, Sufjan makes us feel less alone. Fleet foxes - Fleet Foxes. Sufjan stevens - Carrie & Lowell. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Sun it rises" 3:142. Each track in this collection of eleven songs begins with a fragile melody that gathers steam until it becomes nothing less than a modern hymn.

Sufjan recounts the indignities of our world, of technological distraction and sad sex, of an age without neither myths nor miracle and this time around, his voice carries the burden of wisdom. White winter Hymnal" 2:27 3. Shrink-wrapped.

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Sufjan stevens - Carrie & Lowell. Shrink-wrapped. Fleet foxes - Fleet Foxes. White winter Hymnal" 2:27 3. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Standard edition : 2lp set, on BLACK vinyl with a download code. 1. All of me wants all of You" 3:41 4. Death with Dignity" 3:592. Sun it rises" 3:142. Should have known Better" 5:07 3. Shrink-wrapped.

1. Shrink-wrapped. Immense 2017 album from Philadelphia's widescreen rockers. Their major-label debut! Includes "Thinking Of A Place". Shrink-wrapped. Ragged wood" 5:07 4.