Cuffed by A Black Billionaire

Was ken capable of being everything she needed and more? Or will this be another result of a hurt people hurting people? In the game of love, there’s no rules. Aliyanna was scared of falling, and been through a lot of stuff as a child, she had been hurt in the past, that she still carried into her adult life.

Growing up extremely handsome and intelligent, he had no problem getting any woman that he wanted. After thinking she found love, she soon realized that she was sleeping with the enemy. Somehow, she pushed passed all the obstacles life threw her way, and went on to become a pharmacist. Picking up the pieces of her broken heart, she continues to move forward.

Add on the factor of him making money, they flocked Kentrell, but he held eyes for his woman and his child. When they first met, they both were skeptical of one another. But after spending a weekend together, they were interested, but still guarded. There was love, but there was also heartbreak, which was all Aliyanna Ray knew since a teenager.

Unfortunately, she runs right into what the doctor ordered. But what if your past has affected you so bad, that you no longer believe in love?From adolescence, Kentrell Rockwell, had learned first hand the power that love held. Kentrell decided at an early age, that he never wanted to experience that side of love after watching a loved one experience heartbreak.

Bossed Up By A Billionaire Thug

Losing herself in a man was never her plan. In this standalone, you get to familiarize yourself with La’Kenzo Rogers. Before she could decide what she wanted to do with her life, her family had already laid it out for her. Lucci was lost in this cold world, with no one to guide him. Is it too late for lucci, or will he be able to right his wrongs?Au’Brielle Scott was practically born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Kenzo may seem like the average hustla, handsome, charming, and loaded pockets. Her light, that used to shine so bright, was being dimmed by the darkness that she was wrapped in. Suffering tragedy, kenzo became numb, after tragedy, and decided to continue on life without addressing and healing from the pain in the past.

Being abandoned at such a young age, has caused him to be somewhat rebellious. But the thing about the past is, it always catches up to you. Can she escape the darkness so that she can soar like she was supposed to? Or will she succumb to that dark cloud hanging over her life? E’mauri “Lucci” Lewis, reckless, was a young, handsome hustla.

She has an option of following her dream, or continuing to be a puppet. He begins to get it by any means, and eventually, is forced to sit down and listen. But when he meets a woman that makes him feel a forbidden emotion, he realizes that he’s incapable of loving her because of what happened in the past.

Niatia bridge was very familiar with heartbreak.

Hooked On A Jewellz Thug Lovin' 2

Hooked on a jewellz Thug Lovin part one left quite a few unanswered questions. What happens when a loved one is potentially caught in the crossfire? will they be able to save them from the hole they’re in? Will Sy and Sa’Kory remain loyal to their older brother after a secret from Xion’s past makes him appear disloyal? Most importantly, who is fleeing the country and who did they harm right before fleeing? Picking up right where we left off, all the answers to the questions left in part one will be revealed in the finale of the Jewellz series.

. The jewellz brothers have to revert back to their old ruthless ways in order to handle the enemies that are lurking in the shadows.

Hooked On A Jewellz Thug Lovin'

When lives are threatened, and haywire erupts, it leaves some wanting to throw in the towel. Xion being the oldest brother, he paved the way for his younger brothers to follow in his reckless footsteps making them a reckless trio. From their desirable looks to their undeniable charm to their hefty cashflow all the way down to their charisma and their reputation, the Jewellz Brothers had women falling at their feet.

Xion, siyon and sa’kory jewellz came with a lot of problems that an average woman couldn’t handle. In this story you’ll meet the women of the Jewellz brothers. A lot of women thought they had what it took to date a Jewellz, but they had no clue. Do they have what it takes to get through the tough times of being with a Jewellz? Or will they be begging to unhook themselves from the Jewellz spell and all the chaos that comes with it?

Little did they know it came with a lot of heartache and pain. From adolescence to adult hood the Jewellz brothers always stood out. Ny’kya, jurnei and hershae were best friends who had been through a lot and made it out on top. They were all gone off a Jewellz thug Lovin. They were all so different, but they had one thing in common and that was their love for the brothers.

Unbeknownst to them they have something in common.

Hood Love from a Corporate Thug

What happens when unexpectedly sparks fly with the one he wrote off after dating her a while ago?After one encounter of with each other, they never spoke again until they met in an unforeseen circumstance. In this enticing standalone, you’ll meet Tselani Jordan. Liam “noah” brooks wasn’t the ordinary hustler.

Sure, charm, he had the looks, and the money. While on the other hand, persistency wore her down and eventually clouded her better judgement. Mentally, he was on a different level than most man his age. Her name may sound familiar because she’s the little sister of Hershae Jordan, of the Jewellz Brother’s series.

Liam was in pursuit of his master’s degree in hopes to own his own firm by day and hustled by any means necessary by night. Her physical features kept men flocking to her, but her mature mentality made most flee except for two. Already having preconceived notations about one another based on the past, they keep it strictly platonic until they’re forced to be around each other and interact.

But what happens when a scorned ex from the past still wants a heart that has already been claimed? Chaos. Only the strong will survive and when everything appears to be different from what she thought, will Tselani still be standing by her man’s side? Or will she allow the past to catch up to her and lose everything she had once again?

On one hand she felt a connection so strong with a man that it left her speechless. Being hurt in the past, they held back, and eventually they’ll surrender to the what the heart desires.

Teaching a Heartless Gangsta How to Love

In this enthralling standalonE you’ll meet the beautiful, young, misguided Neyauni Lewis. When they are hit with a few unfortunate occurrences, things quickly change. It eventually becomes a routine. Both neyauni and kawhi have never been in love before, but when they meet each other they immediately feel a connection to each other.

When she becomes of age, she decides to spread her wings only for the weight of the world to drag her in a tough spot. Kawhi “big whi” Hood was a well-known temperamental gangster. Growing up in a house with promiscuous women, she knew exactly what she didn’t want to be and decided to embark on a different journey.

Eventually he realizes he has it all looks, money, cars, and a different woman every night. Will the same erratic and hot tempered behavior kawhi had that drew Neyauni to him be the cause of their downfall? Will Neyauni’s insecurities be the cause of the break up or will she boss up and be the one to blame for a Heartless gangster falling in love?

Growing up in poverty and watching his loved one’s struggle, he sets out to put his family on his back and climb to the top to break the generational curse.

Her Hood Knight in Shining Armor

None of that mattered, because Jonairo Knight had nothing to smile about since age 15. They met under unfortunate circumstances, but make the best of their situation. Mckenna experiences an excruciating heartbreak, which resulted in her losing herself quickly. Factor in his dominating character, his intimidating body stature, breathtaking smile, addictive hood charisma, and he left women speechless.

He’d been faced with nothing but challenges his entire teenage to young adult life, and found himself sinking slowly into a stagnant lifestyle that was nothing to smile about. The sparks still fly but so much has changed. In this unpredictable hood love story, you’ll go through three phases with these characters.

Closing her eyes tightly, she waited for darkness to finally succumb so she could reunite with person she missed the most. When chaos erupts, secrets will be exposed and the betrayal is too much to bear. Just when she finds the courage to pick up the pieces, she faces another unfortunate event. Until he met the beautiful McKenna Johanson, who somehow snatched the key to his cold heart.

Is the love still there? will they still be able to count on one another despite their differences or has someone changed for the worst? Thinking they’d done all they’ve can for each other, they eventually go their separate ways, only to reunite years later. Only to open her eyes, after waiting and nothing happens, to the warmest pair of coal black eyes she would never forget.

Addicted to a Dirty Rich Thug

Alyajah was sleeping with the enemy and anything or anyone attached must die. Both alayjah and baptiste must learn to trust again, but unbeknownst to them, they will need each other more than they both expected. After a near death experience Alayjah finds herself fighting for her own life. Alayjah is bringing out emotions inside if him that he didn’t know existed, but there was one problem.

Diggy was charming and his abilities to make her feel like she was wanted made her fall into a deeper kind of love. Tired of being treated like a punching bag and walked over like a doormat Alayjah feels broken and beat down by the only man she ever gave her heart to. Diggy use to make her feel like she was floating on air.

This wasn’t the job he signed up for, but no matter how hard he tries to fight, Baptiste is drawn to her. When he first sees alayjah, he’s taken back by her beauty, but realizes how shattered and broken she is. Will past heartbreaks make alayjah numb to idea of giving her heart away again? Will love be kind to them both? Read through these pages and discover if Alayjah and Baptiste will be standing together or will past secrets cause them to walk away from each other?

A newfound friendship gives her a light of hope and Alayjah is determined to get from under the hell she’s enduring. He spoiled her with extravagant gifts and bought her what her heart desired but just like everything in life, it came with a price. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him.

Claimed by An Atlanta Thug

But nothing could have prepared her for the disrespect and rudeness she would receive from a patient’s family member. While trying to maintain, zaire found more out about the people around him, and balance a relationship with someone he didn’t like, then a crackhead on the streets found their next hit.

Information came up that had Zaire shook and filled with rage that caused an unbelievable ending no one suspected. The people that worked the closest to you were the ones that fell victim. Packing her bags and moving to Atlanta for a job was the best thing to ever happen in Talika’s life. Having the city on lock came with a lot of responsibilities as well as a lot of enemies.

With problems of her own, Talika never took disrespect from no one and stood up for herself. With the territorial lockdown that he had, he also had a snitch on this team. Nobody told zaire that when he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and became the leader of the streets of Atlanta. Loyalty came with a new name in Zaire’s eyes when the people he thought had his back didn’t.

Nothing could have prepared Talika and Zaire for the attraction they felt for one another as they continued to buttheads. Would zaire and talika’s love survive everything that comes at them? Will Zaire get the revenge he deserved? Or will everything around Zaire crumble? .

Fell For The Plug Next Door

Ivy was fed up with her marriage, and with good reason. Being in zane's presence did something to Ivy, and she could no longer resist what her body and heart desired. The inevitable occurs, and Ivy and Zane are forced to face the elephant in the room. She dedicated four years of her life to a man who lied, cheated, and walked all over her heart.

When the past can't let you go, and enemies are watching your every move, secrets are put to the forefront, can Ivy and Zane survive the madness? . Zane was now just a regular guy, who was trying to make a way for his eight-year-old daughter. Zane is falling hard for Ivy, but where there is happiness, evil lurks.

Falling in love wasn't on his agenda, Timeka, his nagging baby mama, and if it was, wouldn't make it easy. For years, she stayed in a marriage that held no value or substance. He notices his new neighbor, and instantly, he is mesmerized by her good looks and perfect body. After a run in that leaves both Ivy and Zane wanting to do more than just borrow a cup of sugar, they avoid each other as much as possible.

The moment ivy signs the divorce papers, she feels alive and free. At the age of twenty-four years old, she should have been wild and living her best life. After a frustrating day at work, turn on his TV, all Zane wanted to do was go home, and relax.

A Street Legend Worth Loving

She runs one of the most lucrative barbershops in the city, and everyone wants to sit in her chair. She’s an instagram model who has no problem sleeping with men to get her bag up. A one-night stand changed his mind about females, and he goes in search of the woman who wouldn’t leave his mind. He finds her in one of the oddest places but quickly learns that it’s not easy to get her heart.

Merci is a wild child and the baby sister of Blessyn. He had the money and the power, but no one to share it with. Merci loves doing hair, but her excitement comes from being with rich men. Women were at his disposal, but none of them were worthy enough to claim. After a night of partying with her sister, she ends up in bed with a complete stranger.

Embarrassed, she leaves, hoping to never run into him again. Being the oldest out of two, Blessyn takes on much responsibility that leads her to nothing but stress. One thing lucky knew was he couldn’t stay in the streets forever. When you're a female boss, it’s hard for a man to respect your hustle and your heart.

That’s until fate lands him right in her chair. Larry, aka lucky, is a street legend turned businessman.