Daddy’s Virgin Virgins – Book #4

But i can’t lie and say I don’t want her with every fiber of my being. He can’t even remember his mother, and it kills me inside everyday. Now, i’m out of the military and running a company. I thought after my wife passed, I’d never want a woman again. The only thing bothering me about it is my secretary, Kristen.

She’s stubborn and sexy. I didn’t get “major jake middleton, we regret to inform you of the passing of your wife in defense of our great nation. Instead, i had to be there when she died on foreign soil. I’ve put on a brave face for our son. Maybe she’s my salvation, or maybe I’m a fool. I didn’t think the pain would ever stop.

A lot of people, when they lose someone in the military, at least get some time to prepare as they see the soldiers walking up to deliver the speech. I didn’t get that. Kristen has me questioning that. I don’t know. Pretty damn good at it, really.

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Book #5 - Christmas Virgin Virgins

I have it all. There’s no reason I should feel dissatisfied. As a millionaire real-estate developer, I’ve achieved spectacular success and now am about to open my third resort in Hawaii. Women, money, influence, fame. A man can’t just break the Bro Code, you know?But Molly’s in a tough spot. I know i hurt her in the past, but a free trip to a Hawaii resort over Christmas should be just the pick-me-up she needs.

Yeah, i still want her badly, but I can control myself. I’ve wanted her for a long time, but i set her in the “off-limits” pile, even after I let my feelings get the better of me and I kissed her. I’m tristan dubois, and I’ve led a charmed life. This is about paying her back, not going after a woman I know I can’t have.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself. She just got laid off, and she’s not feeling great. Except for one little reason: Molly. She’s the younger sister of my best friend.

Book #2 - Boss Me Hot Boss

They hated each other’s guts growing up and stayed away from one another as they grew older. Stella’s father leaves the family company to Christian, and her world begins to fall apart. Stella was too stuck up for Christian, and Christian was too lazy for Stella. But, what happens when christian admits he needs help? What happens when this man stands up to run the company? What happens when Stella Harte slowly lets in the one person she’s pushed away all her life?

But, when the death of their parents forces them to come together for the reading of the will, their relationship gets even more tense. Christian gunn and Stella Harte are estranged step-siblings.

Book #2 - Daddy Boss Single Dad Club

She’s just as broken as me. I have to have her. But since she recently got divorced she has no interest. At first, everything goes good until I realize I want to take Rachel to the bedroom. Then my nanny for my 5 year old daughter has a family emergency, so Rachel has to watch her in the afternoons. For the past 2 years i have been hooking up with all sorts of women to try and get over my wife’s death.

But it hasn’t worked and i don’t think I would ever be able to move on…until I meet Rachel. I thought she would just be my assistant.

Book #5 - Maximum Hot Daddy

I want her bad. If you ask most women, they’ll tell you my name is Maximum, ‘cause I’m maximum in bed. Yeah. I’m a single dad. My little girl’s sweet mother didn’t live to see her grow up, so now it’s all on me to do by right by our daughter. Maybe because of that, I’ve never let myself get too close to any woman.

I don’t know what to do. How can i be sure, especially when I have my daughter to consider? Maybe i’m not meant to be with a woman long-term anymore. If you ask most men, they’ll tell you my name is Jason. I’m damn maximum, right? I can handle her. But maybe that’s not enough. Real bad. I like a little action in the sheets, but it doesn’t change the fact that I have responsibilities.

But i just moved into this new town, Lucy, and my neighbor, she calls to me in a way no one has since my wife was alive. Damn. They’ve mostly been one-night stands, a week at most.

Expelled Hot Daddy - Book #1

The problem? he’s her professor and she’s his new teaching assistant. This can’t end well, or can it? Can love heal two broken souls? Tessa is broken over the death of her sister and she finds solace in her professor. Ian is broken over the death of his wife and child, and he too finds solace in Tessa.


Book #30 - Billionaire Mountain Man Billionaires

Men are after fancy cars, big houses and even bigger bank accounts. They can be read in any order and do NOT contain cliffhangers. But i have a hard time paying attention with this hot lawyer around. When the company sends the lawyer, I have trouble listening to what she is saying because her eyes speak in a different tongue.

If only I was her type. Note: all books in the Billionaire series are standalone, full length billionaire romance novels. They mean the world to me and I could never leave them. When that part of my life was taken from me, I did the only thing that I knew to do. She may be the only person that has the ability to get me to make that decision.

Remove myself as a part of this society and escape to seclusion. The only thing keeping me here are my parents. While the women are after the men chasing these things. So the only way to get her out of my head so I could make a proper business decision was to sleep with her. My father’s company still rests in my hands and his devoted employees are needing me to make a decision.

. Society is crumbling.

Book #3 - Extensive Hot Daddy

I feel a connection, and maybe, she’s just what I need. It’s tough being a single dad, even tougher when you have to try and explain to your daughter why her mom abandoned her. I mean, but it wasn’t enough?damn, what can i say? Your mom ran off with my best friend because she’s selfish? We loved her, it’s been hard.

Or maybe she’s just what I want. Nothing serious. Nothing real. Then alissa came and messed all that up. The last thing i need to do is introduce more complicated crap into my life. But i can’t get her out of mind. She’s a woman I shouldn’t want. You know, showed women my extensive talents in bed, but it’s all been one-night stands.

Sure, she’s beautiful and sweeter than my ex-wife ever could be, but she’s also my stepsister. I’m trying my best to keep myself sane and protect my little girl. Sure, i’ve slept around here and there since then.

SEAL’s Expertise Ultimate SEALs - Book #2

At least that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I want more. Someone already screwed me once when I lost control, and not in the good way. So, no sexual contact. I have one simple rule: no sexual contact. Yeah, i’m a male escort, but that doesn’t mean my body’s for sale. The way it was. Until her. I provide companionship to women who can afford it and understand my rule.

I need to be in control, not my body. It’s simple really. Until Serena. The little socialite gets under my skin and is hot as sin. I want her. And i want to break my one simple rule. I’ll kiss them, and i’ll even give them a little strip tease if they don’t mind seeing the scars from my SEAL days, but nothing more.

Damn. Sure. I was just supposed to be her arm candy for a few events, but I can’t help it.

Book #5 - Doctor Baby Daddy The Baby Daddy

Sparks fly, and the two can't keep their hands off one another. Desperate for more information so that she can find a way through her mother's stubbornness, Olivia goes out to dinner with Eric, the town's handsome doctor. When olivia found out her mother had been diagnosed with cancer, she immediately moved to small-town Tamlin to help out.

Who knew, since despite all evidence, though, that 'helping out' would mean trying to convince her mother that the cancer even existed, Jeannie refuses to believe it. But with eric still working through the loss of his first wife, can they even get a relationship off the ground? Throw an unexpected pregnancy into the mix, the town gossip who just won't give up in her quest to land Eric, and Olivia may have bitten off more than she could chew, and Olivia's preoccupation with her mother's illness, when she moved to Tamlin! Will the two manage to come together to build a future, or will they remain mired in what's come before?