Earl of Dryden: Chronicles of a Bluestocking Wicked Earls’ Club Book 12

But when the earl of dryden offers his assistance from behind a statue while she is attending a ball, she is well aware she shouldn’t accept. A man like him shouldn’t go anywhere near a woman as lovely as Miss Chloe Finch. His darkly handsome looks make him look more like a pirate than a lord and his reputation is even worse.

A dangerous lord and a desperate debutante…the earl of dryden knows all about the debutante who refuses to speak a word to anyone but he never expected she’d be so lovely, nor did he anticipate that he’d catch her confiding her secrets to a marble statue. Still, she can’t deny the heat that scorches her skin with a single sweep of his mysterious gaze.

Which is a mistake. Even more surprising, he wants to help her. So very tempted. She’s too alluring by half and his soul holds real darkness, the kind that would swallow such a lovely creature whole. Miss chloe finch is in grave need of a hero. Nor can she deny that despite everything inside her screaming that she shouldn’t trust him, a tiny bit of her is tempted.


Too Wicked to Woo: Regency Romance Chronicles of a Bluestocking Book 1

Except, she’s almost nothing left to lose. So when her friend, lady chloe Dryden suggests they make a chronicle teaching young ladies of London all about the elusive rake, Penny refuses. Accept his proposal of marriage, become a countess, and make both their lives better. It’s a silly idea that could end in absolute disaster.

But how far will he go to prove to her that he can change? And when the perfect rake crosses her path, why not do a little research on Lord Preston? So he’s handsome and dashing… she’s only interested in the book, of course. The problem? penny takes one look at him and declares him the worst sort of rake.

Isn’t she?lord wesley preston hasn’t had much by the way of successes since he left the military. After all, her father’s financial ruin, she’s navigated her mother’s death, and her own fall from society with all the grace she could muster. Wes makes her a proposition he hopes she can’t refuse.

He’s dark and dangerous and so delicious, how can she resist…Miss Penny Clearwater considers herself a sensible woman. She’s right of course. And when miss clearwater stumbles into his life, he discovers that she had just inherited a large piece of land perfect for farming, if only she had someone to help her do the work.

He desperately needs a break.

Too Wicked to Want: Regency Romance Chronicles of a Bluestocking Book 2

That is until she meets Lord Harding, a reclusive marquess accused of ruining a young lady in her first season. A scarred marquess and a ruined bluestocking with everything to lose…Lord Harding doesn’t give a dung pile about the ton or society. The problem, she can’t find any research subjects. It’s his legacy at risk, after all.

It's time to teach Lady Annabelle Marks a lesson she’ll never forget. Lady annabelle is determined to study the rakes of London. It’s purely for research she wants to share what she’s learned with the ladies of her station. His lands, his duty, and the people who depend on him are all that matter. But when lady annabelle begins following him about, he won't stand for it.

He's knows she's attempting to trap him in marriage. First, she needs to determine if he’s as bad as they say and then… well then she needs to keep from falling under his rakish spell. What she didn’t count on was that dangerous and mysterious men are also exciting.

Earl of Kinross Wicked Earls' Club Book 14

With her father under house arrest and suspected of treason, and her brother condemned as a pirate and a murderer, she must expose the villain behind this plot to destroy her family and needs Marcus to help her bring this culprit to justice. Marcus brayden, earl of Kinross, thought fighting Napoleon on the battlefield was dangerous.

Lara ought to be on the marriage mart, but when she confides the Le Brecque family problems to him, enjoying her London season and the holiday festivities, he knows he must do all he can to help. Even if it means marrying Lara. Lara le brecque is facing another difficult Christmas with her family in disgrace and under threat of losing all their holdings.

But it is nothing to the upheaval caused by Lara Le Brecque, his best friend's sister, when she climbs over his townhouse wall shortly before Christmas and attempts to sneak into his London home. Lara has no one else to turn to but marcus Brayden, who has just returned home from the Napoleonic War and been awarded the Scottish earldom of Kinross for his heroism in battle.

Marcus has told her to hide in his rooms at the Wicked Earls' Club if ever she is in danger, but as she finds herself falling in love with Marcus, she realizes the greatest danger of all is to her heart.

The Earl of Kent: The Wicked Earls' Club Book 13 The League of Rogues 11

As her affection deepens for the wounded earl, she envisions a happy future with him. When a man at death’s door is delivered to her care, she recognizes him as the friend of one of her brothers, and more importantly as the man she secretly loved for years. Beaten and left for dead, he is rescued and nursed back to health by a beautiful angel that he’s convinced exists only in his dreams.

He runs away from the only woman who has ever shown him true kindness because who could ever learn to love a broken man?SHE BELIEVES IN THE HEALING POWER OF LOVE…Ella Humphrey is cursed when it comes to love. She feels trapped. Can mistletoe work mischief and miracles? a year later, ella fears she’ll never find a way back into Phillip’s guarded heart.

Ella manages to convince Phillip to escort her to a country estate for a Christmas party. Two overprotective brothers and the entire League of Rogues, are determined to protect her at all costs, even from falling in love. When he recovers and learns his heart was burning for none other than the sister of his closest friend, he knows she is forbidden to him.

Snowed in at a small village inn, Ella finally has a chance to seduce the earl and remind him that broken bodies and broken hearts can be healed. Christmas has never been more wicked.

Too Wicked to Wed: Regency Romance Chronicles of a Bluestocking Book 3

In fact, she’s even recorded them in a chronicle to teach the ladies of London how to avoid these very traps. Caroline’s learned a few lessons. That’s a damn shame because he needs to find a rich wife with a sterling reputation to bolster his family name after his brother destroyed their’s. Does pierce save himself or her?

A very good one on how a gentleman ought to treat a lady…Lord Pierce Marksman isn’t certain why he finds Lady Caroline so tempting. Hasn’t he? the problem is he can’t bloody remember. But allow another to kiss you beneath a full moon of the summer solstice, well, shame on herself. Allow a rake to kiss you once under a flowering pear tree, shame on him.

But he’s seen better. One ruined her after all. But she can’t leave until she’s taught Marksman a lesson. Yes, lush pink lips, she’s blessed with waves of thick blonde hair, the sort that make a man ache. But he’s met beautiful women before. And of course, her curves are lush and sweet, the kind that could keep a man warm for days.

And when caroline’s in trouble he has a decision to make. Maybe needs her.

Earl of Charm Wicked Earls' Club Book 16

He has a duty to his family to uphold, and as delectable as his new teacher might be, she's not a proper choice to be his wife. The earl of charm has it all—the title, the wealth, the land. More importantly, he must learn how to woo a wife. Luckily for alex, his great aunt has brought her companion along to celebrate Christmastide.

But then again, his elder brother wasn't supposed to die in a tragic hunting accident, either. The lovely miss lovelace might be plagued by scandal and notoriety, thanks to her family's downfall, but she knows more than anyone about the art of charm and flirtation. Which means. He must find a wife. When it comes to love versus duty, it would be wicked to choose with his heart.

. Wouldn't it? The only one thing he doesn't have? Charm. As the second son, Alexander Gordon was never supposed to inherit the earldom. His new instructor makes the ideal practice partner for conversation, and dancing, and.

Earl of Bergen: Wicked Regency Romace Wicked Earls' Club Book 15

Life changes when the handsome Lord Bergen brings an abandoned, cross-eyed donkey, believed cursed, to her doorstep. Widowed lady elizabeth Newton enjoys her life and her home in the country. His destination gets delayed when he finds an abandoned donkey and his efforts to save the animal bring him into contact with a lovely widow and a menagerie of both animals and children who need his help with their Christmas pageant.

But can a romance survive the danger that follows the donkey? She cares for three children from her late husband’s mistress, as well as helpless animals of every description that would otherwise, have no home. Thomas, earl of bergen is on his way to London for Christmastide and traditional fun with his friends and family.

Against all odds, sparks fly between Bergen and the widow.

Earl of Oakhurst Wicked Earls Club Book 19

Upon arrival, he finds the older woman ill and in need of medical attention. She has little interest in love and prefers to spend her time at St. But now, years later and by her own choosing, Penelope is still unmarried. When his grandmother proves difficult and resistant to help, he allows Lady Penelope's aid in treating her.

Make the perfect match?when both learn of the other's lack of desire for love, they know the best chance to escape those seeking to wed them is to come to an agreement--one that will free them both from the pressures of matchmaking. But a marriage of convenience doesn't imply a marriage without passion.

Can a woman who doesn't want a husbandwhen she had her come out, Lady Penelope Keats was one of the most sought-after debutantes of the season. As their feelings eventually warm toward one another, old enemies emerge and threaten everything they have worked for. However, staying unwed when one's mother is a notorious matchmaker is no easy feat.

And a man who doesn't want a wifethrough unfortunate circumstances, James MacKenzie is the new Earl of Oakhurst, a title he never expected or wanted. When he is summoned by his only living relative, his grandmother the Dowager Countess of Oakhurst, to attend to her in London so that she might instruct him on his duties as earl, including finding a bride, he reluctantly complies.

Thomas's hospital in pursuit of medical knowledge and helping others. Will they be able to draw strength from their blossoming love to defeat those who seek to destroy them, or will they deny their feelings and lose one another forever?

Earl of Edgemore Wicked Earls' Club Book 18

Christmas has never been more wicked…The Earl of Edgemore, Blake Fox, does as he pleases and he would not dream of apologizing for it. His only weak spot is his sister, Lady Minerva. Little does he know the minx has matchmaking on her mind and Christmas provides the perfect opportunity. Does blake stand a chance against his meddlesome sister, mistletoe, and Christmas magic?


Earl of Woodcliffe: My Sweet Scoundrel Wicked Earls' Club Book 17

Why won’t she find some other poor sod to marry and allow him to continue his glorious, hedonistic ways? She’s determined to trap him in a scandal, it seems. As he hunts down eli grainger¬¬dodging those to whom he owes money all the while¬¬he realizes he’s being pursued, too, by one Lady Mercy Spencer.

As beautiful as she is sly, avoiding her could prove more difficult than restoring his funds. A wicked gamebored with yet another london season, Lady Mercy Spencer and her friends challenge each other to steal a kiss from one of a select number of rogues, preferably as wicked a man as possible. Who better to choose among than the members of the elite club known as The Wicked Earls?A tempting distractionWhen his finances take a crashing blow, William Young, Eighth Earl of Woodcliffe has little choice but to lie low while he searches for the man who stole all his money.

Of all the young ladies in Town for the Season, Lady Mercy is the most dangerous, owing to her overprotective brother.