Emerge Technologies ETVRCB Utopia 360 Virtual Reality Headset

Utopia 360 Virtual Reality Headset. Includes bluetooth controller, Bluetooth Earbuds and Micro USB Charge Cable. 8-button bluetooth controller with joystick for one-hand or two-handed use. Built-in action button for maximum app compatibility. Sliding cover for use with augmented reality. Lucidviewtm lens system reduces glare retrak etvrcb virtual reality headset with bluetooth controller & earbuds retrakr etvrcb virtual reality headset with bluetoothr controller & padded formfitting mask ? Lightweight & Earbuds for sale at mobileiGo.

Com ? universal phone compatibility ? dual adjustable focus ? specialized lens system ? Sliding cover for augmented reality apps ? Comfortable strap & portable UPC : 816983017108 Shipping Dimensions : 8. 60in x 6. 40in x 4. 50in estimated Shipping Weight : 5. 2.

ReTrak VR/AR Dinosaur Bundle

Brand new in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories. Capture fun augmented reality photos of dinosaurs in your real-world environment and immerse yourself in a 360deg VR experience surrounded by the world of the Jurassic. The bundle includes a utopia 360deg VR headset and 20 interactive cards for an immersive 4D experience.

Unleash the power of the extinct with ReTrak's 4D+ Utopia 360? VR Headset and Dinosaur Augmented Reality Cards bundle.