Everybunny Dance!

Now’s the perfect chance. Ready bunny, everybunny dance! thus begins a whimsical celebration of movement, play, Steady bunny, which will have children jumping out of their seats to dance, and sing with these cheerful bunnies—and one not-so-scary fox. Everybunny is invited to join together in this joyous display of playful creativity.

Margaret K McElderry Books. Bunnies dance, sing, and make a new friend in this delightful picture book from the author of Follow Me!, play, which School Library Journal called “a winsome selection suitable for storytime. Nobody is watching.

Everybunny Count!

Bunnies and foxes learn to count as they play hide-and-seek in this delightful picture book from the author of Everybunny Dance! and Follow Me!, which School Library Journal called “a winsome selection suitable for storytime. Take your places, everyone. There’s a special surprise awaiting the bunnies when they take a peek inside fox’s den!

Ready or not, here we come! The search for fox has just begun. Everybunny count to one! bunnies play hide-and-seek and count together in this bright, colorful picture book that explores the natural world and celebrates friendship and one of the most beloved early childhood games. But that’s not all.

A Good Day for a Hat

When he finally arrives at his destination, we find that it’s Mr. At last, wearing every hat he owns, Mr. Brown must change his hat accordingly. Mr. Brown loves hats and can’t leave the house without wearing just the right one. Brown’s birthday, and his friends have just the right hat for that as well. Brown is on his way.

But on this day, the situation changes, every time he opens the door to leave, and Mr. Abrams appleseed.

Spunky Little Monkey

And the book makes a perfect exercise warm-up to start off a busy day of school! Abrams appleseed. And as they move their heads, hands, hips, and feet -- everyone will be bursting with clapping energy -- and ready to start a new day!With humor, and Bill Martin Jr's trademark rhythm and rhyme, high energy, young readers will learn to name parts of the body.

A great way to get the wiggles out, claps, young readers can't help but join this energetic monkey as he stomps, and cheers his way through the pages and into the day. Seira wilson, amazon Editor Sleepy little monkey won't get out of bed. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said:"apple juice, stomp, shake, and cheer -- while chanting this rhythmic, Orange Juice, Gooseberry Pies --Monkey needs some exercise!"Sleepy little monkeys everywhere will clap, energetic dance song based on a popular playground game.

Scholastic Press.

Go Sleep in Your Own Bed

Praise for oh, no! by Candace Fleming: *"Reads like an instant classic. Sure to become a bedtime favorite. This funny and irresistible picture book feels like a classic in the making. Schwartz wade. Oh, yes! this is a terrific new picture book. Kirkus reviews, starred   *"it's a book with the feel of an old classic—and it may well become one.

Publishers weekly, starred   "A winner for 3- and 4-year-olds. The new york times   praise for the Maple series by Lori Nichols: *“Readers will fall in love with Maple. School library journal, Starred   “Utterly charming. The new york Times Abrams appleseed. When pig plops into his sty at bedtime, he finds Cow fast asleep in his spot.

But when cow finally snuggles down into her stall, she finds Hen sleeping there. From bestselling, award-winning author Fleming and beloved illustrator of the Maple books Nichols comes a giggle-inducing read-aloud starring a cast of comically grumpy barnyard animals. Scholastic Press. Go sleep in your own bed!" he squeals, and sends her packing.

Young children will delight in repeating the refrain "Go sleep in your own bed!" and laugh at the antics of these hilarious—and very sleepy—farm animals.

I Got A New Friend

A sweet introduction to owning a pet that is perfect for readers of The Most Magnificent Thing and A Ball for Daisy. When a little girl gets a new puppy, they have a lot to learn about each other. They get lost, but they always get found. Scholastic Press. Knopf. Schwartz wade. The curly-haired, brown-skinned little girl and the large-eared, spotted puppy make an adorable pair as they learn what it means to gain a new companion.

School library Journal  Abrams appleseed. The new friends can be shy, messy, and sometimes get into trouble. Their friendship may be a lot of work—but at the end of the day, they love each other!  Experience the excitement and mystery surrounding a new pet and a new friend in this joyful picture book from acclaimed author and illustrator Karl Newsom Edwards.

A bank street best Book of the Year"Cheerfully ingenuous. Totally, infectiously ebullient. Kirkus reviews, starred review"A joyous look at the work and play that go into pet ownership and friendship. Booklist"the concise, cheery text gently explains what to expect when a newcomer joins the household, and the illustrations are cartoonlike and sweet.


Hooray for Birds!

This day in the life of birds will hold the attention of even the smallest bird-watchers, whether at storytime or just before settling into their cozy nests to sleep. Candlewick. Knopf. In an exuberant display of color, Lucy Cousins invites little ones to imagine themselves as brilliant birds. Birds of all feathers flock together in a fun, rhyme-filled offering by the creator of Maisy.

Abrams appleseed. Schwartz wade. From the rooster’s “cock-a-doodle-doo” at dawn to the owl’s nighttime “tuwit, tuwoo, ” the cheeps and tweets of many bright and beautiful avian friends will have children eager to join in as honorary fledglings. Scholastic Press.


Knopf. Egg is not only a perfect Easter gift, but also a classic read-alone and read-aloud that will appeal all year long. Abrams appleseed. Three of the eggs hatch, revealing three baby birds who fly away. Egg is a graphic novel for preschoolers about four eggs, one big surprise, and an unlikely friendship, by Caldecott Medalist and New York Times-bestselling author Kevin Henkes.

Egg is sure to inspire creativity and storytelling in preschoolers, Waiting, and Kitten’s First Full Moon, as they anticipate the page turns and determine their own endings! Kevin Henkes is the bestselling author of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, among many other beloved titles. Scholastic Press. One is blue, one is yellow, one is pink, and one is green.

This masterful and stylistically original picture book introduces young children to four eggs. Why not? when the three birds return to investigate, surprise, and suspense, and a short text featuring word repetition, they’re in for a big surprise! What will happen next? With a compelling mix of comic-like panels, Egg is an ideal book for emergent readers, wordless pages and spreads, as well as for sharing in a group.

Greenwillow Books. Schwartz wade. Candlewick. But the green egg does not hatch.

The Giant Jumperee

The giant jumperee is a delightful read aloud from two bestselling picture book creators. Knopf. Schwartz wade. Greenwillow Books. Candlewick. Scholastic Press. A winning story of friendship and facing fears. Seira wilson, amazon editortwo of the world's most celebrated picture book creators, julia donaldson and Helen Oxenbury, team up for the first time in this jaunty animal fable for fans of Room on the Broom and We're Going on a Bear HuntRabbit arrives home one day to hear a loud voice coming from inside his burrow:"I'm the Giant Jumperee and I'm scary as can be!" shouts the stranger.

Rabbit's friends cat, and elephant come to help, Bear, but they're no match for the mysterious, booming voice. Abrams appleseed. But who is the giant jumperee? find out in this new read-aloud classic from internationally bestselling author Julia Donaldson, beautifully brought to life by award-winning illustrator Helen Oxenbury.

. Dial.

Plankton is Pushy

Greenwillow Books. Dial. Candlewick. Scholastic Press. Plankton Is Pushy Abrams appleseed. Knopf. Scholastic. Schwartz wade.

Carrot and Pea: An Unlikely Friendship

Greenwillow Books. Hmh. He can’t do any of the things Lee and his pea pals can do. Dial. He’s orange. Candlewick. Colin is tall. Scholastic. How can colin and lee ever be friends? A charming celebration of embracing differences and standing out in a crowd. Abrams appleseed. Schwartz wade. He's a carrot! he’s nothing like Lee, a round green pea.

Scholastic Press. Knopf.