Forty Loads

And the twins may be the worst trouble of all…. Outnumbered, outgunned, and hell-bent on beating the odds. When the beautiful mcgaffney twins hire Faro Wells to escort them to New Mexico to claim their inheritance, Faro thinks his luck has finally turned. Not to mention the south’s most famous villain, the Black Knight, is hard on Faro’s trail.

But a world of trouble stands between him and the supposed fortune: a raging war, hostile Indians, and every raider on the wild frontier.

The Texans

The girl he loves, red wing wilson, was once a Comanche herself—stolen as a child and raised among Texans. But when the president of texas attempts to make peace with the Comanche, and arranges to return Red Wing in a gesture of goodwill, Odell finds himself on a mission greater than mere revenge. But nothing could prepare him for the Comanche raid that left him without a home or family.

A texan always keeps his promise. At seventeen years old, Odell Spurling is taller than most men, and all too ready to be treated like one. To get her back, a sword-brandishing Prussian, he’ll have to contend with an unforgiving land, and a Comanche warrior who has sworn to take his scalp. With a promise to return to her, he sets off for revenge.


Widowmaker Jones A Widowmaker Jones Western Book 1

So is the gold. So are newt's horse and even his fearsome Colt. 44. Praise for spur award winner Brett Cogburn:"Fans of frontier arcana will revel in Cogburn's readable prose and lively characters. Publishers Weekly on Rooster"Cogburn amazes and astounds. Booklist. It's enough to make a man want vengeance. Marshal rooster cogburn comes an authentic new "True Grit" Western classic.

With a bag full of gold dust, Newt "Widowmaker" Jones is set for life. By dawn the stranger--javier cortina, the son of the famous Texas border bandit, Juan "Red" Cortina--is gone. Newt chases cortina into mexico, the women he's bedded, where the man is legendary for the horses he's stolen, and the men he's killed.

Then he makes his first mistake, trusting a cheerful stranger. The more newt pursues the cunning and deadly Cortina, the angrier he gets, until somewhere on the border the whole crazy journey explodes into an all-out battle of bullets and blood. And vengeance will be Newt's. As for newt, he has a unique talent for choosing the wrong partners, from an angry, addled judge named Roy Bean to a brother and sister pair of circus gypsies, Fonzo Grey and Buckshot Annie.

. From the great-grandson of famed U.

Buzzard Bait A Widowmaker Jones Western Book 2

But they don’t call him Widowmaker Jones for nothing. Two-time spur award winner brett cogburn brings back the true grit and glory of the Old West—with a hero as glorious as the author’s real-life ancestor Rooster Cogburn. When newt gets word that a renegade tribe has kidnapped Matilda Redding’s grandson, he can’t just sit by and let the local authorities bungle it.

. Praise for spur award-winner brett Cogburn “Fans of frontier arcana will revel in Cogburn’s readable prose and lively characters. Publishers weekly on Rooster “Cogburn amazes and astounds. Booklist. Sure, newt’s outnumbered, outgunned, and probably out of his mind. Matilda once did him a good turn up on the Pecos and—flat broke and half drunk or not—he’s got to help the old gal out.

So he saddles up his horse, straps on his dead man’s gun, and sets off to save this boy before he’s buzzard chow. They call him the “widowmaker” newt jones is none too proud of his deadly nickname. Or get stuck with a moniker like “Widowmaker. Even so, hang up his winchester, Newt is ready to put his gunslinging days behind him, and take it easy.

Gunpowder Express A Widowmaker Jones Western Book 3

But he’s never traded lead with the man known as Widowmaker. But waiting on the gunpowder Express is Irish Jack O’Harrigan and his band of outlaws. Praise for spur award winner brett Cogburn “Fans of frontier arcana will revel in Cogburn’s readable prose and lively characters. Publishers weekly on Rooster “Cogburn amazes and astounds.

Booklist. There’s not a soul alive he wouldn’t think twice about putting six feet under. Foolhardy and desperate for money, jenny Silks, Newt joins three other guards—and a passenger, a stubborn firebrand with her own stake in seeing the delivery through. Nearly every stagecoach attempting to deliver the gold to the railroad at Maricopa has been ambushed on the trail—a trail known as the Gunpowder Express for the bullet-riddled bodies along the way.

With gold piling up and a lack of volunteers to transport it, the mine owner hires Newt “Widowmaker” Jones to ride shotgun on the next stage. Time to meet the widowmaker vulture city is home to a prosperous gold mine and every bad man in the Arizona Territory knows it.

Rooster: The Life and Times of the Real Rooster Cogburn, the Man Who Inspired True Grit

Amazes and astounds us with the true-life story” of a genuine American icon, and unforgettable man of the West Booklist. Celebrated in charles portis’s classic novel and three hit films, brash, the real “Rooster” Cogburn was as bold, and bigger-than-life as the American West itself. Now a wanted man, fearless, stubborn, rooster—proud, with a $500 reward on his head, and ornery to the bitter end—rode into legend.

It’s an interesting read, especially for history buffs. The only authority the Cogburn clan recognized was God and a gun. Six foot three, dark eyed, and a dead shot with a rifle, Franklin “Rooster” Cogburn was as hard as the rocky mountain ground his family settled. In rooster, “Brett Cogburn  .  .

 . Now, in this page-turning account, Cogburn’s great-great-grandson reveals the truth behind the fiction—and the man behind the myth .  .  . The author has done extensive research to bring the times and his ancestor to life. Fans of frontier arcana will revel” in this biography of the Arkansas cowboy, outlaw, and immortal Wild West frontiersman Publishers Weekly.

And though he never packed a badge, Rooster meted out his own justice—taking on a posse of US deputy marshals in a blazing showdown.

Destiny, Texas

This is their story. Where the natives are as dangerous as the land itself. True grit, texas-StyleFrom the great-grandson of famed U. S. But now, union troops have left the South in ruins—and Dollarhyde’s life is in shambles. A life-or-death struggle for Lone Star freedom…and, finally, justice for all. Praise for spur award winner brett Cogburn:“Fans of frontier arcana will revel in Cogburn’s readable prose and lively characters.

Publishers weekly on Rooster“Cogburn amazes and astounds. Booklist. A defiant legacy of Lone Star pride. A grueling test of Lone Star grit. Here, with only a tiny dugout cabin and small herd of longhorns, Dollarhyde and his sons will carve out their future on the American frontier. Marshal rooster cogburn comes an exciting new legend of the old west—the epic story of a hero, Argyle Dollarhyde had everything a man could ever want: a beautiful wife, a family, and a sprawling frontier just waiting to be tamed…Before the Civil War, three strong sons, and a prosperous stake in the booming cotton industry.

Where wagon trails are forged in blood, cattle drives are defended by bullets, and oil fields are ripe for the taking. Refusing to fall prey to carpetbaggers, Dollarhyde gathers up his family and sets out for the one place a man can still live free: Texas.


Growing up around ranches, and backwoods hunting camps filled Brett's head with stories, livestock auctions, and he never forgot a one. Billy champion is a devil-may-care ne'er-do-well with a stubborn streak and an eye for the ladies. But when these friends fall for the same green-eyed beauty, their brotherhood will be put to the test.

Nate reynolds is the scion of a well-to-do family who lit out for the Panhandle in search of adventure--and gold. Into that wild unknown country ride two young cowboys. In his gritty, brett cogburn, the man who inspired true grit, pounding debut novel, author of Rooster: The Life and Times of the Real Rooster Cogburn, proves he's equal to the task of writing the next great American western.

Some folks are just born to tell tall tales. In his own words: "my grandfather taught me to ride a bucking horse, my mother gave me a love of reading, and my father taught me how to shoot straight. Brett cogburn was reared in Texas and the mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma. He was fortunate enough for many years to make his living from the back of a horse, where on cold mornings cowboys still straddled frisky broncs and dragged calves to the branding fire on the end of a rope from their saddlehorns.

Cowboys are just as wild as they ever were, and I've been damn lucky to have known more than a few. The west is still teaching him how to write. Panhandle, best first novelbeyond true gritfrom the great grandson of the real Rooster Cogburn, 2013 Western Writers of America Spur Award winner, iconic hero of the Old West, comes a novel that adds an exciting new chapter to the legend of the Texas frontier.

Hell Hath No Fury A John Hawk Western Book 1

. Winner of the 2018 spur award for best Paperback Western In the first of a trailblazing new series, acclaimed western author Charles G. The other settlers agree to set stakes where they are, but Jamie and his bride press on toward the Bitterroot Valley, deep into Sioux territory. They never come out the other side jamie’s brother, monroe, enlists the legendary scout John Hawk to find them.

West introduces the legend of a man called Hawk. For any other man it’s a suicide mission. A hardened veteran of the range, Hawk is living off the land in a little cabin on the Boulder River when Monroe comes begging for his help. For hawk, delivering justice is what he was born to do. They get as far as helena when their unscrupulous wagon master deserts them, leaving them as good as dead in a godforsaken, blood-scorched land.

To rescue jamie and his bride, hawk—and his guns—will soon be back in the saddle, riding fast and fierce into deadly odds. To start their new life together, Jamie Pratt and his young bride join a westward wagon train bound for the Rocky Mountains.

No Justice in Hell A John Hawk Western Book 2

Winner of the 2018 spur award for Best Paperback Western From acclaimed storyteller Charles G. And he’s ordering them a round vengeance with a bullet chaser—and death on arrival. He’s the notorious Zach Dubose. No way in hell is john Hawk going to sit back and let the innocent get slaughtered. He first meets the three lovely ladies as they’re fleeing in a wagon—alone—through Blackfoot country.

. He’s waiting for Hawk and his girls. West comes a thrilling new chapter in the saga of John Hawk, an army scout with a tracker’s eye, a cowboy’s grit—and his own brand of justice. There’s just one problem: the outlaw got there first. Rarely has an author painted the great American West in strokes so bold, vivid, and true.

Ralph Compton. One deranged killer. Three desperate women. Their only chance is to reach the last chance Saloon in Helena—and John Hawk is their last hope…Hawk can track down a low-life like nobody’s business. What’s their rush? they’re being pursued by a wanted outlaw who wants them dead.

Bullets Don't Argue A Perley Gates Western Book 3

Perley—being the gentleman he is—offers to escort the trio to their destination. They’re heading to a settlement called Butcher Bottom, and risking their necks to get there. Read Hard. A new kind of hero in the Old West tradition, Perley Gates is as honest and good as his heavenly name. But don’t make him mad.

Because when Perley Gates gets mad, people get hurt. Once every year, perley Gates and his brothers lead the Triple-G crew on its annual cattle drive. The old man is hiding a small fortune that might get them killed. The woman is a widow whose husband had enemies. But there are a few minor details they “forgot” to tell Perley.

This year, trouble shows up in the form of a beautiful young woman, her little baby, and her bizarre traveling companion—a colorful old cuss who goes by the name of Possom Smith. Live Free. It’s a treacherous journey along the Great Western Trail, with a herd of two-thousand cows on one side and many opportunities for trouble on the other.

. And perley is stuck in the middle trying to decide who’s good, who’s bad—and who deserves to die first.