Greenhouse Operation and Management 7th Edition

Based on the author's life-long practical experiences both in the industry and in research, this best-selling, state-of-the-art guide to the operation of commercial flower and vegetable greenhouses presents coverage in the order in which decision-making concerns occur for a person entering the greenhouse business.

Exceptionally comprehensive –yet accessible– greenhouse operation and management, 7/e provides detailed, to the day-to-day operations, step-by-step instructions in layman's terms for ALL aspects of the business–from the physical facilities, to business management and marketing.

Ball RedBook: Greenhouses and Equipment

This professional horticulture reference, which has been in print continuously since 1932, is fully revised and updated in this new edition. The most recent developments in greenhouse evolution are discussed, as are the varieties of available greenhouse structures, from freestanding and gutter-connected greenhouses to shade houses and open-roof greenhouses.

Based on real-life experiences from industry professionals including growers and equipment and greenhouse manufacturers, irrigation, the presented information covers all aspects of greenhouse equipment—the structures themselves, curtains, benches, machination, environmental controls, and the greenhouse as a retail facility.

Information on the business side of managing a greenhouse is provided, including how to market products and how to operate a retail store from a greenhouse. Used book in Good Condition.

Ball RedBook: Crop Production

Offering detailed information on the production of 162 flower, this essential resource for growers includes techniques and advice that work in real-life production, and vegetable crops, herb, not just in the lab or trial greenhouses. The plants represented in this compendium include annuals, flowering potted plants, perennials, herbs, and some vegetable bedding plants.

Used book in Good Condition. Information is offered on how to decide what to grow, water quality, media, plant nutrition, light, irrigation, crop scheduling, as well as tips on temperature, and growth regulators. Details about propagation, pest and disease control, troubleshooting, growing, and postharvest care are presented and arranged by genus name.

Used book in Good Condition.

Soil Science and Management

This non-technical, conservation, erosion, reader-friendly book details all aspects of effective soil usage, composition, including management techniques, fertility, and irrigation in this practical guide. Used book in Good Condition. This edition further examines nutrient management and best practices with the latest updates on legal issues and government programs that make it a useful resource now and invaluable reference for the future.

Gain a practical understanding of soil properties and the soil management techniques most important for the effective use of soils with SOIL SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT, 6E. Used book in Good Condition. This edition highlights horticultural uses of soil as well as the latest green methodologies in both agricultural and horticultural practice from the perspective of farmers, horticulturalists, environmentalists and others who are concerned about how soils work and how they can be used most effectively.


The Commercial Greenhouse

The book is a complete reference on greenhouse systems and technologies and the science of growing crops. The commercial greenhouse, educator, third edition, is a complete reference for the modern commercial greenhouse grower, and student. Used book in Good Condition. The clear and concise presentation of fundamental concepts in The Commercial Greenhouse, third edition makes this text a must for every greenhouse professional's shelf.

Used book in Good Condition. The third edition is supplemented by new color photographs that provide modern images of greenhouse production, including updates on soil sterilants, as well as updated information on pesticides, and a new section on integrated pest management, that provides tangible guidelines for greenhouse operations.


Plant Identification Terminology: An Illustrated Glossary

Professional botanists often need several years in the field to master this terminology, and it presents a daunting obstacle to the student of botany. That is the purpose of this volume. Plant identification employs an extensive and complex terminology. It also includes definitions for more than twenty-seven hundred taxonomic terms.

Plant identification Terminology provides over nineteen hundred clear illustrations of terms used in plant identification keys and descriptions. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. The meaning of most botanical terms, however, is immediately apparent when an illustration is available.

Greenhouse Pest Management Contemporary Topics in Entomology

It provides a thorough source of textual and visual information for handling pests in greenhouses. As the sustainable agriculture movement has grown, there has been a dramatic increase in the production of horticultural crops in greenhouses worldwide. Color images are included to help with identification and also to illustrate the damage these insects and mites can cause to greenhouse-grown horticultural crops.

The book also assesses strategies for managing greenhouse pests, such as cultural, and biological control as well as the use of pesticides, physical, and describes how cultural practices and sanitation affect pest population dynamics. The book contains the necessary information on major insects and mites, describing their biology and life cycle.

Richly illustrated and presenting material in a concise and focused format, Greenhouse Pest Management is a vital book for professional growers and pest managers, crop consultants and advisors, hobbyists, researchers, students, and government agricultural extension agents. Used book in Good Condition. Crc press.

Although there are numerous publications associated with pest management in greenhouses, Greenhouse Pest Management is the first comprehensive book on managing greenhouse arthropod pests, particularly in commercial production systems. Used book in Good Condition.

Hydroponic Food Production: A Definitive Guidebook for the Advanced Home Gardener and the Commercial Hydroponic Grower, Seventh Edition

Used book in Good Condition. Meant for hobby and commercial growers, the book: shows the reader how to set up a hydroponic operation with the options of using any of the many hydroponic cultures presently used in the industry to grow vegetable crops Provides background in plant physiology and nutrition essential for growing these crops Describes nutrient formulations and their applications in nutrient solutions with calculations This practical guide to soilless growing practices provides detailed information on how to design, set up, and operate hydroponic culture systems.

Hydroponic food production: a definitive guidebook for the Advanced Home Gardener and the Commercial Hydroponic Grower, Seventh Edition is a comprehensive guide to soilless culture with extensively new and updated contents from the previous edition published in 2001. Crc press. Featuring more than 500 photographs, and tables, drawings, the seventh edition of this bestselling book has been extensively updated and expanded.

The text describes the most successful growing cultures to use with specific crops and details media as well as hydroponic techniques. Chapters cover nutrient uptake and mixing as well as deficiencies and their symptoms, plant nutrition, nutrient film technique, tropical hydroponics and special applications, nutrient solution, water culture, plant culture, gravel culture, and more.

Crc press. Used book in Good Condition.

Plant Pathology

Crc press. It also covers the genetics of resistance and modern management on plant disease. Used book in Good Condition. Academic Press. This fifth edition of the classic textbook in plant pathology outlines how to recognize, treat, and prevent plant diseases. Plant pathology, fifth edition, faculty and students can consult for well-organized, is the most comprehensive resource and textbook that professionals, essential information.

This thoroughly revised edition is 45% larger, covering new discoveries and developments in plant pathology and enhanced by hundreds of new color photographs and illustrations. The latest information on molecular techniques and biological control in plant diseasesComprehensive in coverageNumerous excellent diagrams and photographsA large variety of disease examples for instructors to choose for their course Used book in Good Condition.

Crc press. It provides extensive coverage of abiotic, fungal, viral, bacterial, nematode and other plant diseases and their associated epidemiology.

American Horticultural Society Plant Propagation: The Fully Illustrated Plant-by-Plant Manual of Practical Techniques

Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Used book in Good Condition. Academic Press. Crc press. Ahs plant propagation is the practical handbook gardeners have been waiting for. Whether you want to increase your plants by the easiest or most reliable methods of propagation, or use specialized techniques for a favorite plant group, experiment with more unusual or advanced techniques, you will find everything you need in this approachable handbook.

This book is the quintessential, unrivaled, practical guide to the successful propagation of all garden plants—from trees and shrubs to culinary herbs, and everything in between. Used book in Good Condition. Crc press. This comprehensive guide contains all the techniques you need with easy-to-follow, step-by-step explanations of how to propagate your plant.

Want to know the best way to propagate a particular plant?  Each entry in the A-Z section of this book tells you which method of propagation to use, when to do it, and what degree of skill each method requires. Curious how you can improve your seed germination?  AHS Plant Propagation instructs you on which seeds need special treatment before sowing, and how to provide the conditions to ensure a good rate of germination.

Confused about how long it takes to obtain a flowering plant?  You’ll find guidelines on the average success rate for each plant, how big a yield you can expect, and how long it should take to get a mature or flowering plant. Need to make sure your cuttings won't fail?  This guide lets you know how to take appropriate cuttings from each type of plant and make sure they root successfully.

Expert guidance on the propagation of over 1, 500 plants, this book is destined to become the standard work on the subject.

Manual of Woody Landscape Plants Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propogation and Uses

Used book in Good Condition. Crc press. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Their identification, Culture, Ornamental Characteristics, Propagation and Uses. Crc press. Academic Press. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.