Grizzly Killer: The Medicine Wheel

It will take the power of an ancient Medicine Wheel. The third book in the action-packed, best-selling Grizzly Killer series. He forges a home in which to raise his family, but to keep them safe it will take more than the might of his guns or the strength of his will. However, hostile indians, in a land with no law he must fight renegade white men, and the wilderness itself to survive.

Zach connors is a man content spending his life in the wilds of the Rockies.

Grizzly Killer: Hell Hath No Fury

Hell hath no fury brings to life the story of both men and their women fighting the elements, their enemies, and coming together to bring justice to the killers, thieves, and hostile Indians that would do them harm. Benny lambert has only been in the Rockies a little over a year when others shoot his partner and steal all their furs.

For zach connors and his family, it was the same. The fourth book in the action-packed, best-selling Grizzly Killer series. Benny is driven to find the renegades and make them pay for what they have done but marauding Blackfeet get in his way. Early spring 1829 was a cold, starving time for most people in the Rocky Mountains.

Known throughout the mountains as grizzly killer, zach fights the worst mother-nature has to offer to find food, but then he must fight Cheyenne Warriors to bring the treasured buffalo meat back home only to find others have kidnapped his wife and her sister.

Grizzly Killer: Under The Blood Moon

After, they come face to face with a man eating grizzly, and confront those seeking revenge for the justice he dealt. He was both feared and respected throughout the Rocky’s. In 1828 few white men had seen the Rocky Mountains, those that had were the rugged few we call Mountain Men. Zach connors was one of the best, known to the Indians as Grizzly Killer.

. All the while living their lives among the towering peaks in the wild and unforgiving wilderness of the spectacular Rocky Mountains. Along with his dog jimbo, running wolf his Ute partner and their wives they travel to Rendezvous, where they battle the dreaded Blackfeet and Zach fights for both justice and honor.

The second book in the action-packed, best-selling Grizzly Killer series.

Grizzly Killer: Where The Buffalo Dance

Zach has seen the indian tribes pushed from their homes in Kentucky and Tennessee because they would not learn to live in the white man’s world. They have lived isolated in the wilderness their whole lives and have no idea how many white men will eventually come into their lands. Louis so they can see for themselves the numbers of white men that are pushing the settlements further west with the passing of each year.

. The fifth book in the action-packed, best-selling Grizzly Killer series. After five years of living in the wild and dangerous Rocky Mountains, Zach Connors is concerned his Indian family will not be prepared for the eventual settling of the west. It is a long and dangerous trip as they pass through the lands of the Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Pawnee as well as the land Where the Buffalo Dance as they follow the Platte River east.

He wants to ensure his family and friends will survive in a world he is sure will change. Known as grizzly killer throughout the west, Zach takes his Indian family to St. They find the dangers of the civilized world although different can be just as deadly as the dangers of the mighty Rocky Mountains.

Grizzly Killer: Smoke On The Water

Nature is an unforgiving mistress, taking life as well as giving it. Author lane r warenski tells a tale full of danger, suspense, intrigue and love in this sixth novel in the bestselling Grizzly Killer series. Through the winter of 1830-31 zach connors and the Shoshone people he is living with, face a brutal force that can end one’s life so suddenly.

As life is lost, it is also replaced with a new generation that will grow and learn to survive the dangers of the Rocky Mountain wilderness. Zach, known throughout the west as Grizzly Killer, along with his growing family and friends face the dangers and fight to protect the ones they love.

Grizzly Killer: The Making of a Mountain Man

He went to the mountains in search of adventure. But zach never expected that amongst the uncharted wilds, he'd find the opportunity for love…Can Zach stake his claim in a treacherous world or is he destined for a frozen grave?Grizzly Killer: The Making of a Mountain Man is the first book in a rugged Western series.

What he got was a struggle to survive. Zach connors followed his father into the Utah wilderness in search of furs and fortune. Together, the unlikely trio joins forces against hostile natives and ravenous predators. Buy grizzly killer to discover a gripping survival story today! If you like relentless landscapes, and courage under fire, loyal friendships, then you’ll love Lane R Warenski’s action-packed saga.

But after a vicious bear attack leaves him orphaned, he can either learn to survive on his own or become nature's next victim…With the help of a wounded Ute warrior and a spirited canine, Zach fights for life as the bitter-cold winds close in.

Grizzly Killer: The Painted Skull

Here at rendezvous, he can feel safe amongst several hundred trappers and friendly Indians. Warriors, merciless fights, avalanches, and now…a Painted Skull. Named best mountain man series by true West Magazine, author Lane R Warenski delivers book seven in the action-packed saga! Known as grizzly killer throughout the wilderness they had fought a battle against Gros Ventre warriors and nearly lost a close friend in an avalanche.

But what zach didn’t know is the worst danger of all awaited them at home – a Painted Skull. Getting here had meant another fight, this time with the always dangerous Blackfeet. All of the trappers and Mountain Men anxiously await the supply train from Saint Louis. It had been a perilous spring and summer for Zach, his family and friends.

Rendezvous: willow valley, july 1831 – Zach Connors and his family are finally safe and among friends, where he can let his wounded leg heal.

Grizzly Killer: White Snake

The most action-packed grizzly killer yet!zach connors, which leads them dangerously close to the land of their enemies, known as Grizzly Killer, and his family and friends have searched for the buffalo that will sustain them through the coming winter, the Cheyenne and Arapaho. The chief of the cheyenne village, Blue Dog, wants revenge against Zach who he blames for his brother’s death.

Blue dog sends for white snake, the powerful medicine Man of the Southern Cheyenne, and then leads a band of his best warriors to the land of Grizzly Killer to wipe him and everyone he cares about from the face of the earth. While blue dog searches for him, zach and his partners hunt the always dangerous buffalo and fight both Arapaho and other Cheyenne having to flee the land of their enemies only to find themselves in a fight for their lives against Blue Dog.

Named best mountain man series by True West Magazine, author Lane R Warenski delivers the eighth book of the best-selling saga! .

Trail Of The Vanished

By the author of grizzly killer: the making of a mountain man- true west Magazine's best in Frontier Fiction for 2017After returning from the Afghan war, army veteran Matt Taylor and his brother Jeff hiked into the wilderness for a week of fishing and relaxation. Haunted by dreams and pursued by hostile indians, Matt not only has to survive the wilds of the early 19th century but he must follow dreams he does not understand if he is going to find a way back home.

. Thrown into the past by the fury of a severe lightning storm, they find themselves fighting for survival in a time and wilderness never before seen by modern man.

Bryn's War: Book Two of the Evans Family Saga

He knew that one of them would strain when the water became fouled with coal dust and debris from the collapse and if it was pump number two, it would mean that his father and older brothers were probably dead. It seemed like hours as he watched the pump work, but it had only been minutes since the first intense vibrations had struck.

Bryn felt sickened as he felt the ground shake, knowing that one of the two shafts had collapsed. Now, he stood in the pump room and watched the two thrumming pumps as they pulled water out of the deep mines. He knew that if pump number two began to labor his plans to leave Carbondale would be one more of the coal mine’s victims.

Just when he planned to check on pump number one, he saw the pipe to the second pump begin to pulse before the belt on the drive wheel squealed in protest and his worst nightmare had come to pass.

Journey To Jeopardy: Rocky Mountain Saint Book 1

Although the ways of the woods are not new to him, he was a novice in his dealings with people, but his upbringing made him interject himself into the problems of others. Although driven by a desire to be away from people and their scheming ways, he is repeatedly drawn into the lives and problems of others.

Then when that involvement includes a smallpox plague and a defenseless tribe of Comanche, Tatum is faced with a decision to try to free the captive white women or warn the warring Comanche. A solitary man by nature, he travels by night and sees a different land than the many pilgrims and settlers of the 1840's.

Holding to the dream of living in the rocky mountains that Tatum shared with his father, he begins his journey—a journey that takes him through the lands of the Osage and Kiowa and ultimately to the land of the Comanche. When a young man with big dreams suddenly becomes an orphan, he is faced with big decisions.

. The passing wagon train had more than its share of conflicts, but when Tatum spotted an impending attack by Comanche his conscience demanded he warn them. His journey to the mountains has become a journey to jeopardy.