How to Hug

But if you learn how to give a hug and do it just right, you might get one back. So be ready! jana christy’s digital illustrations provide a charming twist to something everyone loves to do. Never hug anyone too tight—ouch! and don’t hug too many people at once—uh-oh! You can be a leg hugger or a bear hugger or a surprise hugger.

If you don’t want a hug, it’s okay to say so. Hugs can be tricky! But you can learn how to hug.

What If Everybody Said That?

But what if everybody thought before they spoke, so the world would be a kinder place?With clear prose and lighthearted artwork, this companion book to the bestseller What If Everybody Did That? explores the power of words and shows kids that the things we say matter. What if everybody chose to be kind?if you tell someone that they can’t play with you, or told a fib, right? But what if everybody said that? What if everybody forgot to be kind…and made fun of other kids’ artwork at school, there’s no harm done, or refused to share with a person in need? The world wouldn’t be a very nice place to live.


Hippo Goes Bananas!

Their off-the-cuff solution brings this cheerful picture book to a humorous conclusion. All of his friends think he has gone bananas! but has he? or does he just have a bad toothache? Kevin O’Malley’s bright marker and colored-pencil illustrations bring to life the animals of the Serengeti as Cuckoo Bird, Zebra, Giraffe, Leopard, Monkey, and Elephant try to figure out how to help their distraught friend.

One day, Hippo acts very strange. He bellows, spins in circles, and crashes into a tree.

Sneezy the Snowman

B-r-r-r-r! ah-choo! sneezy the Snowman is cold, cold, cold. To warm up, sits in a hot tub, he drinks cocoa, stands near a warm fire–and melts! But the children know just what to do to build him up again–and make him feel "just right". Hilarity chills the air with playful mixed-media illustrations by Stephen Gilpin as Sneezy attempts to warm himself with some silly results.


Turkey's Eggcellent Easter Turkey Trouble

Easter is almost here—and Turkey knows just how to celebrate. Will his basket of tricks help him win a prize? With his trademark disguises and a whole lot of help, Turkey goes undercover. He’s going to win the eggstra-special Easter egg hunt! The only problem is that animals aren’t allowed to enter. So he and his barnyard friends come up with a top-secret plan.


How to Make Bubbles Hands-On Science Fun

Do you want to make super soap bubbles? Do you want to find out how? Just follow the simple steps inside this book. Used book in Good Condition.

How to Be a Friend: A Guide to Making Friends and Keeping Them Dino Life Guides for Families

Little brown Books for Young Readers. Fun dinosaur characters teach young children all about friendship--the value of friends, how to make friends, and how to be a good friend. With playful full-color illustrations, Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown help kids cope with everyday social situations and learn: Who can be your friend.

How to show someone you would like to be friends. How to handle bosses and bullies. The best ways to be a friend and ways not to be a friend. Ways to settle an argument with a friend. Used book in Good Condition.

Don't Forget Dexter! Dexter T. Rexter

Then he sings their special song. A fun twist on perspective, this story of a toy dinosaur who finds himself left behind in a doctor's office waiting room will be a hit with preschoolers. Seira wilson, Amazon EditorIntroducing Dexter T. Rexter panics. Then he sings their special song even louder. But when jack still doesn’t appear, Dexter starts to wonder.

What if he’s being replaced by another toy? it can’t be—after all, he can stomp, rawR, and CHOMP! Right? Right?!This hilariously neurotic dinosaur will do whatever it takes to get his friend back—even asking the reader’s advice—in this first book of a brand-new series. Rexter, the toughest, coolest dinosaur ever.

At least he likes to think so. When his best friend, jack, leaves him behind at the doctor’s office, Dexter T. Little brown Books for Young Readers. Used book in Good Condition. First he tries to find Jack.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath!

Besides, he took a bath last month! Maybe. It's going to take some serious convincing to try and get the Pigeon to take the plunge. The pigeon really needs a bath! Except, the Pigeon's not so sure about that. Little brown Books for Young Readers. Used book in Good Condition. Disney-Hyperion.

The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? Pigeon series

There's a new kid in town, when adorable Duckling joins the cast of Mo Willem's bestselling Pigeon books. Mo willems keeps the light, fun, tone while also getting the message across about the benefits of politeness and sharing. Seira wilson, Amazon Editor. Little brown Books for Young Readers. The duckling asks for a cookie -- and gets one! Do you think the Pigeon is happy about that? Used book in Good Condition.

Disney-Hyperion. Disney-Hyperion. Pigeon is jealous but it turns out that he has a few things to learn about manners and Duckling is setting a good example.

What Should Danny Do? The Power to Choose Series

Boys and girls both love and relate to danny, while enjoying the interactive nature of the book--they never know what will come next! Parents and Teachers love the social-emotional skills the book teaches through empowering kids to make positive choices while demonstrating the natural consequences to negative choices.

A "must-have" on every bookshelf. Little brown Books for Young Readers. Disney-Hyperion. Used book in Good Condition. Disney-Hyperion. And in turn, and ultimately their lives, their choices for themselves will shape their days, into what they will be. Written in a "choose your own story" style, the book follows Danny, a Superhero-in-Training, through his day as he encounters choices that kids face on a daily basis.

. The "must-have" book of the year is back in stock!9 stories in 1! what should danny do? is an innovative, interactive book that empowers kids with the understanding that their choices will shape their days, and ultimately their lives into what they will be. As your children navigate through the different story lines, they will begin to realize that their choices for Danny shaped his day into what it became.