Introduction to Communications Technologies: A Guide for Non-Engineers, Third Edition Technology for Non-Engineers

The third edition of introduction to communications Technologies: A Guide for Non-Engineers helps students in telecommunications business programs become familiar with and stay abreast of the ever-changing technology surrounding their industry. Used in the core curriculum at ball state university’s graduate professional program in Information and Communication Sciences, this textbook is designed for graduate and undergraduate students who do not necessarily have a high level of technical expertise, but need to have some understanding of the technical functions of information and communication technologies to prepare them for working in a corporate environment.

See what’s new in the third edition: significant updates to the following chapters: modulation schemes; signaling formats, metro ethernet, ‘apps’ on mobile devices, and VoIP core switchingNew chapters on Big Data and the CloudAvoiding complicated equations and the need for calculus gymnastics, and Digital Transmission; Packet Switching and Local Area Networks; Mobile Wireless Technologies; Network Security and Management Added coverage of OFDMA, 5G pre-standard configuration, Multiplexing, this textbook provides non-engineering students with a firm background and a broad understanding of the knowledge necessary to work within the fast-paced and ever-changing communications industry.

While formulas and functions are critical in creating the granular components and operations of individual technologies, understanding the applications and their purposes in the business environment only requires a basic scientific background. Thanks to the advancement of faster processors within communication devices, multiplexed, managed, there has been a rapid change in how information is modulated, and moved.


Business Data Communications- Infrastructure, Networking and Security

Case, professor and chair of the Department of Information Systems at Georgia Southern University. T he content is also appropriate for the Introduction to Networking course in a MBA program. This is the ebook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book.

Business data communications: infrastructure, networking, distributed applications, Networking and Security covers the fundamentals of data communications, and network management and security. The seventh edition features a new co-author, Dr. For business data communications, Data Communications, and introductory Networking for Business courses.

Thomas L. The diverse set of projects and student exercises enables the instructor to use the book as a component in a rich and varied learning experience and to tailor a course plan to meet the specific needs of the instructor and students. These concepts are presented in a way that relates specifically to the business environment and the concerns of business management and staff.

Additionally, the seventh edition now aligns with the ACM/AIS IS 2010 curriculum model. While making liberal use of real-world case studies and charts and graphs to provide a business perspective, the book also provides the student with a solid grasp of the technical foundation of business data communications.

New coverage of security-related issues is included in relevant places throughout the book to meet the needs of the IT/IS schools using this book and the growing emphasis on network security.

Applying Communication Theory for Professional Life: A Practical Introduction

The simulated “education as entertainment Theory” includes apps and other new media forms of educational content, keeping you up-to-date with the latest technology. Zelley is the first communication theory textbook to provide practical material for career-oriented readers. The cases are titled: 1. You’re fired” 2.

Bad move” 3. Million dollar Manipulation”4. The new media culture wars” new research and scholarship for all theories can be found in the “Chapter Summaries” and “Research Applications” of each chapter. Featuring new case studies, updated examples, and the latest research, the Fourth Edition of this bestseller introduces communication theory in a way that helps you understand its importance to careers in communication and business.

. Four new case studies have been added to show you how the theories are tied to recent events. Real-world case studies within each chapter are designed to illustrate the application of theory in a variety of professional settings. New to the fourth edition all case studies now include specific questions about ethical issues associated with the narrative of the case and how knowledge of theory can help you negotiate these ethical dilemmas.

Numerous political examples have been added to reflect the increasingly divergent political rhetoric in the United States. Updated edition of bestseller!Applying Communication Theory for Professional Life, by Marianne Dainton and Elaine D.

Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach

Research design and methods: a process approach takes students through the research process, from getting and developing a research idea, to designing and conducting a study, through analyzing and reporting data. The connect course for this offering includes SmartBook, recall, an adaptive reading and study experience which guides students to master, and apply key concepts while providing automatically-graded assessments.

Mcgraw-hill connect® is a subscription-based learning service accessible online through your personal computer or tablet. Information on the research process is presented in a lively and engaging way, highlighting the numerous decisions that must be made when designing and conducting research. Choose this option if your instructor will require Connect to be used in the course.

This binder-ready, loose-leaf version includes free shipping. Complete system requirements to use Connect can be found here: http://www. Mheducation. Com/highered/platforms/connect/training-support-students. Html. The importance of ethical conduct is emphasized, both in the treatment of research subjects and in the conduct of research and reporting research results.

Your subscription to connect includes the following:• SmartBook® - an adaptive digital version of the course textbook that personalizes your reading experience based on how well you are learning the content.

Computer Organization and Architecture

This is the ebook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. With brand new material and strengthened pedagogy, this text engages readers in the world of computer organization and architecture. Subjects such as i/o functions and structures, RISC, and parallel processors are explored integratively throughout, with real world examples enhancing the text for reader interest.

With clear, concise, and easy-to-read material, the Tenth Edition is a user-friendly source for people studying computers. For graduate and undergraduate courses in computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering   Fundamentals of Processor and Computer Design Computer Organization and Architecture is a comprehensive coverage of the entire field of computer design updated with the most recent research and innovations in computer structure and function.


Statistics: The Exploration & Analysis of Data Available Titles Aplia

Hands-on activities and interactive applets allow students to practice statistics firsthand. Important notice: media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version. Simple notation--including the frequent substitution of words for symbols--helps students grasp concepts and cement their comprehension.

. Traditional in structure yet modern in approach, this text guides students through an intuition-based learning process that stresses interpretation and communication of statistical information. Roxy peck and jay devore's statistics: the exploration and analysis of data, 7th Edition uses real data and attention-grabbing examples to introduce students to the study of statistics and data analysis.


Total Focus: Make Better Decisions Under Pressure

In the wake of that failure, Webb realized that successful entrepreneurs need a skill he had already mastered: total focus. For instance, you’ll discover:·  the difference between total focus and tunnel vision is developing total situational awareness: the ability to spot opportunities and threats without getting distracted from your goal.

If he could maintain total focus while staring through crosshairs at a man who might or might not be an Al Qaeda terrorist, surely he could do the same in the business world. Entrepreneurs must learn to embrace the suck, refusing to quit when the going gets brutal, and recognizing that unexpected challenges may reveal your best shot at success.

By following the tactics and wisdom of a generation of legendary snipers and business leaders, you’ll find the clarity of mind you need to accomplish your own mission—whatever it takes. What do you do at work when a hundred crises seem to be happening at the same time? Do you pick just one priority or try to put out every fire? How can you stay composed, figure out what really matters, and act decisively?   When former U.

S. Seal snipers define it as the ability to filter out noise and chaos so you can make life-or-death decisions under the extreme conditions of combat. Navy seal sniper brandon webb transitioned to civilian life, he struggled to get his first startup business off the ground. So webb started over, applying total focus to a new startup, a media company called Hurricane Group.

You can overcome indecisiveness and hesitancy by accepting violence of action: a decision to move forward with an imperfect plan, knowing that even the best-laid plans go wrong.

The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success

Smarts: in most technical fields your formal education quickly becomes out of date. Specialized bicycles calls it “the elusive spot between data truth and human truth. How can you consistently make products or services that trigger these emotional touch points? Story: Companies that achieve lasting success have an enduring and emotionally appealing story.

These factors remain critical, especially given today’s unprecedented business climate. What’s your company’s story? how do you tell it your way? Gain the ability to create a powerful narrative in a world where outsiders often exercise the louder voice. Teamwork: since collaboration and innovation are a must in the global economy, effective teamwork is vital.

It is found in a perhaps surprising place—your company’s values. Learn how global giant FedEx stays focused and how nimble Nest Labs relies on lean teams with cognitive diversity. It fosters innovation, it accelerates strategy and execution, and it cannot be copied or bought. What does it take to get ahead now—And Stay There? High performance has always required shrewd strategy and superb execution.

Taste: clever product design and integration are proxies for intelligence because they make customers feel smart. But rich karlgaard—forbes publisher, entrepreneur, investor, and board director—takes a surprising turn and argues that there is now a third element that’s required for competitive advantage.

Learn how to create an environment that engenders trust and propels high performance.

Glass Houses: Privacy, Secrecy, and Cyber Insecurity in a Transparent World

He saw at close range the battleground on which adversaries are attacking us: cyberspace. Like the rest of us, russia, governments and corporations inhabit “glass houses, the Middle East, ” all but transparent to a new generation of spies who operate remotely from such places as China, and even France.

A chilling and revelatory appraisal of the new faces of espionage and warfare on the digital battlegroundShortly after 9/11, Joel Brenner entered the inner sanctum of American espionage, first as the inspector general of the National Security Agency, then as the head of counterintelligence for the director of National Intelligence.

In this urgent wake-up call, brenner draws on his extraordinary background to show what we can—and cannot—do to prevent cyber spies and hackers from compromising our security and stealing our latest technology.

Success With Less: Releasing Obligations and Discovering Joy

That's because what you need is inside of you, right now. Despite diet and exercise, she gained weight, lost color in her skin and eyes, watched her energy drain away. What's left over is a new definition of success - a success that's within your grasp. For every woman who has ever believed it was her job to please others, to keep the peace, and to keep trying no matter what life offered, this book stops the noise.

From a place of clarity, Karen provides the guidance that we all need to get through the crossroads we all face. For your relationships, your career and your health: a book that helps you through the crossroads we all face. A productive, healthy way forward. Christina hale, Indiana State Representative and Candidate for Lt.

And you won't find what's missing by striving, racing, acquiring and struggling. A last-ditch trip to an unorthodox doc helped her to face a crossroads in her life - identifying the childhood reason for her poor health - and helping her to turn her life around. A recovering overachiever, "what more can i do?" the key to her success wasn't tied to her determination, her ambition, Karen's journey through misdiagnosis left her wondering, her relationships - she had to simplify, and adopt a powerful new formula for creating a life without regrets.

Her journey is one of candid ups and downs: from accomplishment to disappointment, confusion to insight, and ultimately, a simple life-altering formula that anyone can grasp. Success might be best defined as that elusive something that's always out of reach.

Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath

In fact, as a former chief scientist of the NSA reveals, China and Russia have already penetrated the grid. Imagine a blackout lasting not days, but weeks or months. Banks no longer function, looting is widespread, and law and order are being tested as never before. It isn’t just a scenario. Several nations hostile to the United States could launch such an assault at any time.

Devices we rely on have gone dark. We also see the unrivaled disaster preparedness of the Mormon church, high-tech dairies, with its enormous storehouses, orchards, and proprietary trucking company – the fruits of a long tradition of anticipating the worst. Food and medical supplies are dwindling. And a cybersecurity advisor to president Obama believes that independent actors—from “hacktivists” to terrorists—have the capability as well.

But how, koppel asks, will ordinary civilians survive?With urgency and authority, one of our most renowned journalists examines a threat unique to our time and evaluates potential ways to prepare for a catastrophe that is all but inevitable. It’s not a question of if, ” says Centcom Commander General Lloyd Austin, “it’s a question of when.

And yet, as koppel makes clear, while well prepared for natural disasters, the federal government, has no plan for the aftermath of an attack on the power grid. The current secretary of Homeland Security suggests keeping a battery-powered radio. In the absence of a government plan, some individuals and communities have taken matters into their own hands.