Intuitive Studies: A Complete Course in Mediumship

During the many years he spent delivering messages of hope and love from the spirit world, Gordon Smith has observed how many people long to learn how to be more intuitive themselves, and would love to be able to connect to the other side in the same way he does. Gordon feels strongly that developing your intuitive gifts should be something that gives you joy, brings you clarity and makes you more contented in your life.

Based on his experiences of teaching and guiding complete beginners on their paths to communicating with spirit, this book provides simple and easy-to-follow exercises that will help you sharpen your psychic senses, open yourself to receive communication from your spirit guides and interpret the telepathic language of spirit.

A complete Course in Mediumship. Once you have learned the basics and gained confidence in your skills, Gordon then guides you to the next step of your journey, showing you how you can use this very special energy to help others.

Where Two Worlds Meet

In where two worlds meet, janet shows you how to hone your own mediumistic gifts by sharing her proven, systematic techniques for practicing evidential mediumship-the most credible way to build a bridge between this world and the next. In these pages she gives specific instruction in how to change people's lives and bring comfort to those who are grieving with evidential messages from the other side.

Here you'll learn how to paint those who have crossed over back to life, and after reading Where Two Worlds Meet, you won't settle for anything less than a masterpiece in your mediumship. Used book in Good Condition. Janet nohavec has built her reputation as a medium and as a teacher of mediumship on the respect and integrity she gives to her work.

For janet, mediumship is sacred work that carries tremendous responsibility.

Mediumship Mastery: The Mechanics of Receiving Spirit Communications: The Ultimate Guide

How to receive ultra-specific evidence from recognizable spirit communicators. Mediumship mastery goes beyond the expected basics of psychic awareness, to discuss in-depth material in such hefty chapters as “The Development Circle, ” "Past Life Readings, ” “Trance Channeling, " "Dealing with Skeptics, and the different phases of mediumship, angels and guides, " " Spirit Art and Automatic Writing, ” “Psychic Shorthand, " and "The ABC's of Clairvoyance.

You will learn: How to distinguish your own imagination from genuine psychic impressions. This ultimate guide is a classic in the making. Packed with amazing stories and 84 easy-to-follow exercises, Mediumship Mastery: The Mechanics of Receiving Spirit Communications surpasses the many books written by mediums that either focus on stories from sessions or give only the bare basics.

. How to expand your mediumship in both the private session and from the platform. A first rate medium! steve hermann understands that through Mediumistic abilities, one can share great truths and be a vessel for Healing. How to spiritualize your mediumship and enhance your existing abilities. Used book in Good Condition.

What is also a rarity is this first rate medium’s compassion for all life, his sincerity and honesty add these qualities to his willingness to share what he has found and you will read something that may well change your life!” Robert Brown, renowned British medium and author of We Are Eternal: What the Spirits Tell Us About Life After Death, Grand Central Publishing.

Whether you are curious about spirit communication or interested in developing your mediumistic skills, this book is for you.

The Book of Psychic Symbols: Interpreting Intuitive Messages

Within these pages you will find answers to questions like, "how do i know if i am intuitive?", colors to chakras, and "What is a psychic symbol?", and "What's the difference between intuition and psychic ability?" Discussing everything from clairvoyance to tarot, and "What does it mean if I see an image or hear a word?" and "Where does this information come from?", we learn the principles behind everyday symbolic messages.

Learning the language of symbolic communication changes our perspective and our understanding of the journey we are here to live. This groundbreaking combination of dictionary style explanations, true stories of psychic phenomena and experiences, and intuitive development offers a practical opportunity to expand our awareness.

Manifesting your true desires becomes easier when you apply the knowledge gained from practicing the exercises in most of the chapters. The book of psychic symbols: interpreting Intuitive Messages" takes us on a unique journey and offers a personalized approach to developing and enhancing our natural intuition.

What may have been considered extraordinary becomes mainstream as we learn to connect to our intuitive side and open ourselves to conversations with spirit, the universe and the other side. Them, what they mean and how we can apply them to our everyday lives. Intuition is a gift everyone is born with. Learning and understanding how to utilize this gift is key to helping us live a fuller and more conscious existence.

With definitions for over 500 symbols and practical hands on exercises, this book walks us through where symbols come from, how we receive.

Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Communicating with the Spirit World

Featuring instructions for creating and conducting a home practice circle, and much more, assisting a "stuck" spirit to move on to the light, this is a book no aspiring medium should be without. Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. Used book in Good Condition. Discover how mediumship works, how anyone can use it, and how to build a strong spiritual foundation so that your abilities will flourish.

Medium is a beginner-friendly book designed to help you gain strong and clear spiritual perception through a nine-step process. It takes you inside the medium’s mind and body, clairaudience, clairsentience, demonstrating how to actually experience contact with a spirit person through clairvoyance, and other spiritual senses.

Learn and perfect your spirit communication using a straightforward, and a wealth of expertise, Step-By-Step Process With precise detail, a wide variety of exercises, Konstanza Morning Star shows how to develop your innate gift of spirit communication.

Bridging Two Realms: Learn to Communicate with Your Loved Ones on the Other-Side

Used book in Good Condition. Whether you’re a student of psychic studies or a practicing medium, a believer or a skeptic, or someone who is bereaved as a result of a loss, this book was written to provide you with all the answers to your questions about the Other-Side. In bridging two realms, renowned psychic medium John Holland offers one of the clearest pictures anyone could have of the Spirit World.

Your loved ones are just a thought away, and you can still communicate with them. There is evidence of the Spirit World and what happens in those spiritual realms. Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. He draws on his decades of personal experiences with Spirit, and includes inspirational stories and real-life case studies, to help you pursue the unfoldment of your own spiritual abilities safely and wisely.

There could be many reasons why you’re drawn to this book — or perhaps synchronicity had a part to play in that this book somehow found you! Are you looking for answers as to what happens to your loved ones after they’ve passed? Perhaps you’re wondering what you should do after having had your own psychic experience.

There are spiritual bridges that can be built to connect to your loved ones who have passed, as well as the most important bridge of all: the bridge to your own spirit. They’re still close, and they often try to reach out to us to lend their love and support. Ultimately, you will learn that mediumship is not just about connecting to the Spirit World; it’s just as much about helping and healing the living.

Discover Your Psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition

Used book in Good Condition. Designed for both beginning intuitives and advanced psychics, dillard shares remarkable stories from her professional practice to illustrate the incredible power of intuition and its connection to the spirit world, step-by-step plan: Take the insightful quiz to learn whether you are a physical, personality, mental, or spiritual intuitive Discover more about each type's nature, emotional, strengths, and potential challenges Develop your psychic abilities with the meditations and exercises designed for your specific intuitive style Throughout the book, inner wisdom, this book presents a simple, and your higher self.

Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. This groundbreaking guide offers a personalized approach to spiritual development, introducing four different psychic types and revealing how to develop the unique talents of each. Intuition and spiritual growth are inherently linked, according to professional psychic and therapist Sherrie Dillard.

. Discover your psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition.

You Are a Medium: Discover Your Natural Abilities to Communicate with the Other Side

Praise:"everything that Sherrie Dillard writes has the ring of authenticity that comes with great beauty and spiritual depth. Joanna macy, phd, co-author of Active Hope Used book in Good Condition. Communicate with the other side using your Natural Psychic Abilities Psychic medium Sherrie Dillard has been helping people connect with their loved ones on the other side for over twenty years.

Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. Once you better understand how your subtle abilities work, you can develop your skills with simple exercises and techniques based on your type. You are a medium: discover Your Natural Abilities to Communicate With the Other Side. In you are a medium, she shows you how to discover your own medium type through a specialized quiz.

Discover your psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition. As you become more confident with your medium abilities, be prepared to make a breathtaking discovery: Not only do your deceased loved ones help you from the other side―you also help them! Sharing inspiring case studies from her work with clients, Sherrie shows that when you succeed in learning your soul lessons, you become a beacon of light to those in the beyond.


Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide Sanaya Roman

Guidance is provided on how often to channel, how to receive specific information, and other ways guides can work through you such as through art or music. The authors, connect at will with a spirit guide or their higher self, have demonstrated that anyone can become a channel, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, with their guides Orin and DaBen, and achieve remarkable and life-changing results.

This has become a bestselling classic, and a national and international best-seller. Sanaya and duane's books have been translated into over 24 languages, 000, in over 2, 000 books worldwide. This book is a definitive, inspirational, and easy-to-use guide to the art of channeling. Instructions are provided for giving yourself a reading as well giving readings to others.

Opening to channel is a book with a startling message for the millions of curious Americans who are eager to learn more about this fascinating experience. Opening to channel includes practical hands-on instruction in how to know if you are ready; how to attract a high-level guide, use channeling to expand your consciousness, channel for friends or yourself, go into a channeling state, and open to the higher dimensions.

Orin and daben, two wise and gentle spirit guides, prepare you for channeling and let you know what to expect. Channeling your guide could be the key to accelerating your spiritual growth and opening the doorway to enlightenment. Discover your psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition.

How to Become a Psychic Medium - Psychic School

Spiritual investigation Spiritual walks, dowsing, and ghost hunts. Sensing Murder. As seen on bbc 2 everyman: mediums talking to the dead american television: spirit of princess Diana Bio Channel: Our Psychic Family Filmed over a year in a three part documentary for the BBC Everyman program Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker’s psychic development students were taught from novices to become mediums who can work in a theater.

Psychic school – how to become a psychic Medium’ expands on the lessons seen in the programs with additional teachings from Craig’s thirty years of mediumship. Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. Used book in Good Condition. Sensing vibrations Developing the gift of psychometry, and how to sense history. Opening to channel: How to Connect With Your Guide.

Giving Psychic Readings. All about Spiritualism and Psychic Development. The colours of the Aura. Proof from mediums about Life After Death. Psychic school How to set up and run a circle. Working with the Aura. How to see spirits.

Psychic Development for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Releasing and Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Llewellyn Publications. More than 200, 000 sold an incredible power awaits your command You possess a secret power that is just waiting to be harnessed―your natural psychic sense. You are a medium: discover Your Natural Abilities to Communicate With the Other Side. Opening to channel: How to Connect With Your Guide.

Discover your psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition. This unique book on psychic development offers fast and easy techniques that can be used every day to solve problems, boost your reading comprehension, psychically shield yourself from harm, attain superior listening skills, contact your spirit guide, and even reserve that perfect parking space in advance.

Awaken and develop your innate psychic abilities, and ultimately create the kind of life you have always dreamed of. Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. More than 44 fun and simple activities and 28 case studies in this book on psychic development illustrate the effectiveness of these methods, helping you master a variety of psychic techniques: Clairvoyance Telepathy Astral travel Psychometry Psychic healing Divination Communicating with animals and spiritual entities Used book in Good Condition.