Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the Greatest Race Ever Run

In his new book iron war, sports journalist Matt Fitzgerald writes a riveting epic about how Allen and Scott drove themselves and each other through the most awe-inspiring race in sports history. In a spectacular duel that became known as the Iron War, the world's two strongest athletes raced side by side at world-record pace for a grueling 139 miles.

Driven by one of the fiercest rivalries in triathlon, Dave Scott and Mark Allen raced shoulder to shoulder through Ironman's 2. 4-mile swim, 112-mile bike race, and 26. 2-mile marathon. After 8 punishing hours, both men would demolish the previous record--and cross the finish line a mere 58 seconds apart. The 1989 ironman world Championship was the greatest race ever in endurance sports.

Iron war goes beyond the pulse-pounding race story to offer a fascinating exploration of the lives of the world's two toughest men and their unquenchable desire to succeed. Weaving an examination of mental resolve into a gripping tale of athletic adventure, Iron War is a soaring narrative of two champions and the paths that led to their stunning final showdown.


A Life Without Limits: A World Champion's Journey

In 2007, chrissie wellington shocked the triathlon world by winning the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. A life without limits is the story of her rise to the top, and the trails of argentina, from a childhood in England, a journey that has taken her around the world, to the oceans of New Zealand, to the mountains of Nepal, and first across the finish line.

Wellington's first-hand, inspiring story includes all the incredible challenges she has faced--from anorexia to near--drowning to training with a controversial coach. But to wellington, the drama of the sports also presents an opportunity to use sports to improve people's lives. A life without limits reveals the heart behind wellington's success, along with the diet, training and motivational techniques that keep her going through one of the world's most grueling events.

As a newcomer to the sport and a complete unknown to the press, Chrissie's win shook up the sport.

MIKE REILLY Finding My Voice: Tales From IRONMAN, the World's Greatest Endurance Event

Ironman is a sports phenomenon that has come to symbolize the very best of human striving, achievement and excellence. In this book, he tells some of the stories that have touched and inspired him, in the hope that they will do the same for the reader. A young woman races in a contest against cancer that threatens her life.

A soldier carries a flag through the full marathon distance to keep alive the memory of fallen comrades. Two of the sport's most decorated champions do battle in the greatest head-to-head competition ever seen in any sport. Some do it for glory, some to honor lost loved ones or colleagues, some to test themselves, some to bring healing to their troubled lives.

Over the years, hundreds of IRONMAN athletes have shared their tales with Reilly. And race announcer mike reilly is known throughout the endurance sports world as the "Voice of IRONMAN. Every year, over three hundred thousand people around the world compete in a series of long-distance triathlons that test the outer limits of their physical abilities and mental toughness.

. Parents put their family back together after the loss of a child. Reilly has witnessed it all, and brings it to life in a series of riveting stories that will have readers re-thinking their notions of what people are capable of when pushed to their limits.

How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle

Your attitude in daily life is the same one you bring to sports. Fitzgerald puts you into the pulse-pounding action of more than a dozen epic races from running, XTERRA, cycling, triathlon, and rowing with thrilling race reports and revealing post-race interviews with the elites. Each chapter explores the how and why of an elite athlete’s transformative moment, revealing powerful new psychobiological principles you can practice to flex your own mental fitness.

These lessons will help you push back your limits and uncover your full potential. The greatest athletic performances spring from the mind, not the body. The only way to improve performance is by altering how you perceive effort. In his fascinating new book how bad do you Want It?, coach Matt Fitzgerald examines more than a dozen pivotal races to discover the surprising ways elite athletes strengthen their mental toughness.

Champions have learned how to give more of what they have. Their own words reinforce what the research has found: strong mental fitness lets us approach our true physical limits, giving us an edge over physically stronger competitors. Choking under pressure is a form of self-consciousness. Bracing yourself for a tough race or workout can boost performance by 15% or more.

The new psychobiological model of endurance performance shows that the most important question in endurance sports is: how bad do you want it? Fitzgerald’s fascinating book will forever change how you answer this question and show you how to master the psychology of mind over muscle. There's no such thing as going as fast as you can—only going faster than before.

80/20 Triathlon: Discover the Breakthrough Elite-Training Formula for Ultimate Fitness and Performance at All Levels

Benefits include reduced fatigue and injury risk, increased motivation, improved fitness, and better race results. But the vast majority of recreational triathletes are caught in the so-called "moderate-intensity rut, " spending almost half of their time training too hard--harder than the pros. A breakthrough program for triathletes--beginner, intermediate, and advanced--showing how to balance training intensity to maximize performance--from a fitness expert and elite coachCutting-edge research has proven that triathletes and other endurance athletes experience their greatest performance when they do 80 percent of their training at low intensity and the remaining 20 percent at moderate to high intensity.

Training harder isn't smarter; it actually results in low-grade chronic fatigue that prevents recreational athletes from getting the best results. In 80/20 triathlon, along with complete training plans for every distance--sprint, offering concrete tips and strategies, Half-Ironman, Matt Fitzgerald and David Warden lay out the real-world and scientific evidence, Olympic, and Ironman--to help athletes implement the 80/20 rule of intensity balance.


Chasing Kona: From back of the pack smoker to racing the Ironman World Championships in Kona

There was some sort of bike race on and I half watched while lighting another cigarette off the butt of my last one for a minute before switching channels again. There was an amateur or "age group" race as well Although I could hardly tell the difference between the pros and amateurs. I remained glued to the tv and learned that these bronzed, muscular Greek God looking athletes weren't all professionals either.

They all looked unbelievably fit. This is how we overcame all of the odds and discovered what it would take to get to the Ironman World Championships. And hooked. As i sat there mesmerised I swore to myself that I'd race there someday. Aisling's belief in me started us on a journey that led to me treading water on the most iconic start line in triathlon, waiting for the cannon to fire at the start of the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

I forgot until several years later when I had actually given up smoking and had taken up triathlon. It took another three years before I plucked up the courage and lined up for my first one in Nice, France. I guessed it would have to be three days. I'd stop smoking and drinking and somehow do "the ironman" at the time I had no idea what that meant or how I would do it and after a while as things have a way of doing I got busy with life and I forgot all about The Ironman and Hawaii.

I didn't have long to wait as he said they first did a 2.

The Well-Built Triathlete: Turning Potential into Performance

A purplepatch section shows how triathletes can achieve long streaks of high performance. Dixon considers the demands of career and family to prepare athletes to achieve their goals through a realistic, practical ecosystem of stress and recovery. Dixon details the four pillars of performance that form the foundation of his highly successful purplepatch fitness program, showing triathletes of all abilities how they can become well-built triathletes and perform better year after year.

By becoming better all-around athletes, well-built triathletes will train and race faster than ever. Dixon's whole-athlete approach to triathlon will help triathletes become greater than the sum of their workouts. In the well-built triathlete, elite triathlon coach Matt Dixon reveals the approach he has used to turn age-group triathletes into elite professionals and champions.

Dixon's method breaks new ground in triathlon training, introducing a new, comprehensive approach that builds the whole athlete for stronger performance. His pragmatic approach to stretching, recovery, and effective strength training shows athletes where they can recover valuable time. Chapters on swimming, cycling, and running explain the most effective ways to train for each.

The well-built triathlete does not focus narrowly on workouts and training, but instead gives equal weight to training and workouts, recovery and rest, workout and daily nutrition, and functional strength and mobility. The well-built triathlete is Dixon's guide to every aspect of triathlon performance.


100 Bedtime Stories for Triathletes

Youll also be entertained by his many adventures. Although hes coached more than three hundred Ironman finishers over twenty five years, Pitman shares that at times, even hes found it hard to train. Ken baggs, OAM. Triathlete, ironman multiple finisher of forty three races, an Ironman in Australia Legend and finisher of 17 Ironman World Championship races including four podium appearance.

As a renowned and hugely respected ironman triathlon coach of many years standing his words of wisdom on every page are both profound and inspirational and a must read for all athletes especially Ironman Triathlon aspirants as well as past and continuing competitors. Allan is an amazing athlete. I f youre a tired athlete looking for inspiration, look no further than this collection of short stories written by Alan Pitman.

No matter what sport youre passionate about, youll find insights that will help you hone your focus and boost performance. Youll also learn how to prevent injuries, build self-esteem, take calculated risks, embrace change, and learn from failure. Get motivated and get moving with 100 Bedtime Stories for Triathletes.

I am both pleased and honoured to be able to endorse Allans book. Thats why he recommends having a training partner, as its easier to let yourself down than one of your friends waiting out in the cold on a dark morning. As you read pitmans stories, to set lofty goals, youll be challenged to never settle for anything other than excellence, and keep going when you want to give up.

The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World's Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.

Get stronger, smarter, and faster with this newest version of the bible of the sport. What’s new in the fourth edition of the triathlete’s training Bible? Coach Joe Friel started writing the fourth edition of The Triathlete’s Training Bible with a blank page: the entire book is new. See joe friel’s blog or VeloPress for an expanded summary of improvements to this fourth edition.

The science and sport of triathlon have changed much since the previous edition released. This new edition adds emphasis to personalizing training plans, incorporates new power meter techniques for cycling and running, speeds recovery for busy athletes, updates the strength training approach, improves on the skill development techniques, and cuts through the noisy volume of training data to focus athletes on the numbers that mean the most to better performance.

The triathlete’s training Bible is the bestselling and most comprehensive guide for aspiring and experienced triathletes. Joe friel is the most trusted coach in the world and his proven triathlon training program has helped hundreds of thousands find success in the sport of triathlon. Joe has completely rewritten this new 4th Edition of The Triathlete's Training Bible to incorporate new training principles and help athletes train smarter than ever.

The triathlete’s training bible equips triathletes of all abilities with every detail they must consider when planning a season, lining up a week of workouts, or preparing for race day. With this new edition, joe will guide you to develop your own personalized triathlon training program and:· become a better swimmer, cyclist, and runner· train with the right intensity and volume· gain maximum fitness from every workout· make up for missed workouts and avoid overtraining· adapt your training plan based on your progress and conflicts· build muscular endurance with a new approach to strength training· improve body composition with smarter nutritionThe Triathlete’s Training Bible is the best-selling book on tri training ever published.


You Are an Ironman: How Six Weekend Warriors Chased Their Dream of Finishing the World's Toughest Triathlon

Vividly capturing the grueling preparation, and the spectacular feats of human endurance, the suspense of completing each event of the triathlon, Steinberg plumbs the physical and emotional toll as well as the psychological payoff on the participants of the Ford Ironman Arizona 2009. In this instance, the target is an Ironman triathlon-a 2.

4-mile open-water swim followed by a 112-mile bike ride, then finally a 26-mile marathon run, all of which must be completed in no more than seventeen hours. Steinberg focuses not on the professionals who live off the prize money and sponsorships but on a handful of triathletes who regard the sport as a hobby.

As he did so masterfully in his new york Times bestseller, The Gatekeepers, Jacques Steinberg creates a compelling portrait of people obsessed with reaching a life-defining goal. A new york times bestselling author takes readers inside the Ironman triathlon. His you are an ironman is both a riveting sports narrative and a fascinating, behind-the scenes study of what makes these athletes keep going.


Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance The Racing Weight Series

Daily food diaries from 18 pro athletes reveal how the elites maintain an athletic diet while managing appetite. Athletes know that every extra pound wastes energy and hurts performance. With racing weight, cyclists, triathletes, and runners have a simple program and practical tools to hit their target numbers on both the race course and the scale.

. Racing weight superfoods are diet foods high in the nutrients athletes need for training. Fitzgerald’s no-nonsense Diet Quality Score improves diet without counting calories. Supplemental strength training workouts can accelerate changes in body composition. Racing weight is a proven weight-management program designed specifically for endurance athletes.

Revealing new research and drawing from the best practices of elite athletes, coach and nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald lays out six easy steps to help cyclists, triathletes, and runners lose weight without harming their training. This comprehensive and science-based program shows athletes the best ways to lose weight and avoid the common lifestyle and training hang-ups that keep new PRs out of reach.

The updated racing weight program helps athletes:Improve diet qualityManage appetiteBalance energy sourcesEasily monitor weight and performanceTime nutrition throughout the dayTrain to get—and stay—leanRacing Weight offers practical tools to make weight management easy.