Legion: V Plague Book 19

In the thrilling v plague series finale, the continued survival of what remains of the human race hangs in the balance and John is forced to make an impossible decision.

Cataclysm: V Plague Book 18

A russian agent threatens John's new family as Barinov's plans are revealed.

Abaddon: V Plague Book 17

He must find a cure before everything he has fought for is lost, but a cure will mean sacrificing the opportunity to defeat the enemy. John is changing after becoming infected with the virus and faces an impossible decision.

The Awakening

With her life in tatters and a ruthless cartel enforcer in pursuit, she discovers her visions are not only real, but demons bent on the destruction of the world have already arrived. Desperation growing, she questions her sanity when she starts having visions of an apocalyptic world inhabited by hideous creatures.

As her marriage disintegrates, she hatches a desperate scheme to steal drug money, but unwittingly sets a cascade of tragic events into motion. Katarina daniels is an up and coming FBI agent with the perfect life. But when she discovers her husband has spent them into financial ruin, things quickly begin to spiral out of control.


Brimstone: V Plague Book 16

Left behind as the nerve agent is released in Sydney, John must find a way to survive and escape the city as it descends into chaos.

Fractured: V Plague Book 15

But problems arise that change the course of events in a way that could not have been predicted. After the disastrous events at the end of Scourge, it is left to the Athena Project to set things right.

Scourge: V Plague Book 14

Trying to adjust to his return to civilization, John learns of the horrors yet to come that were revealed in Exodus. With igor and irina on their way to Siberia, he must travel to Australia to complete what may be his final and most personal mission; assassinate the Russian president.

Exodus: V Plague Book 13

Still dealing with his personal loss and a severe injury suffered in the rescue of Igor and the captured girls, John is determined to reach Australia to punish the Russian president. John must battle his way free and find a way to make the journey to Sydney as Admiral Packard begins a mass evacuation of Hawaii.

But, the militia that had taken the girls is now surrounding the facility at Area 51 and is intent on exacting vengeance.

Fulcrum: V Plague Book 12

Leading a lightning mission into Mexico, he encounters survivors who have formed militias and pose a threat to anyone who is not part of their group. With a russian invasion force threatening, and a downed American pilot in the Sea of Cortez, John must set aside the most personal loss of his life and continue the battle to save what remains of America.

. Meanwhile, admiral Packard prepares for the final defense of Hawaii.

ARISEN : Last Stand

A once in a lifetime experience. Now, after six months held captive as scavenging mercenaries for Spetsnaz, to earn their freedom they will have to take on the most hazardous shore mission in the entire history of the ZA. Welcome to the Zulu Alpha Devastation. The most complex, character-driven series I've ever read regardless of genre".

. Wall to wall adrenaline - edge of your seat unputdownable until the very last page". Blows world war Z out of the water". Rolls along like an out of control freight train". The game of thrones of the Zombie Apocalypse". Nothing comes close". Every time i think it cannot get any better, BAM!".

Merciless: V Plague Book 11

His only hope is to escape as those he loves are threatened by nuclear attacks. John is in the hands of the Russian military as the conflict escalates. When a new russian plot is revealed, the survivors must battle to save the last vestiges of humanity from final annihilation.