Lone Wolf in Jerusalem

An israeli best sellera thrilling tale of love, and revenge Set primarily in post-WWII Israel, Loss, Lone Wolf in Jerusalem is a suspenseful, action-packed novel that is a worthy contribution to Jewish historical fiction. When germany is defeated, he journeys to Jerusalem, to find a new battle brewing.

. As he begins his dangerous quest, David meets and falls in love with the beautiful Shoshana, a young Holocaust survivor whose spirit may have gotten damaged beyond repair. Recounting the tragic losses and heroic triumphs of the Jewish people during this critical stage in their history, Lone Wolf in Jerusalem brings these events to life in a new and inspirational way, making them accessible to a new generation.

Originally written in Hebrew, this book quickly became a best seller in Israel. During the war, after losing his family to Hitler's ''final solution, '' young David leads a courageous group of Jewish resistance fighters against the Nazis. Determined to help his people find freedom, David uses his guerilla skills to single-handedly wreak havoc on the British.

Using drama, adventure, and romance, Diskin has created a colorful and captivating story that entertains and educates through the exploits of main protagonist, David Gabinsky. British occupation forces are entrenched in Israel, blocking Holocaust survivors from immigrating to their Jewish homeland.

Yes, It's Possible

Sadly, it did not work out and he had to start all over again. Yes, funny anecdotes, and nostalgia for the little Israel of bygone days, It's Possible is full of captivating stories, along with the penetrating human insights of a sharp and successful businessman. Along the way, he studied and earned a PhD in financial management.

As an american and an israeli, he shares his view of the place of Israel in the American Jewish community and the political situation of Israel. Diskin tell us how Sharon brilliantly turned that catastrophic war into a victories one. He married a jewish American woman and moved to the U. S. In the yom kippur war, he was the operation officer of the first brigade to cross the Suez Canal as part of the division of General Ariel Sharon.

In yes, it's possible; a compelling new translation of his Hebrew memoir, Diskin recounts his fascinating and tumultuous life story first as a child in besieged Jerusalem and growing up alongside the State of Israel. With plenty of hard work and little luck, he reached success against all odds. He worked closely with famous generals, politicians and prime ministers.

Ehud diskin's mother wanted him to play it safe when he was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces. Ehud diskin reached a rank of a full colonel in the IDF and fought as a commander in the armor forces in three wars.

To Destroy Jerusalem The Jerusalem Spy Series

He doesn't know if ramzy is more likely to help stop the plotters or join the Palestinian people in the midst of the first intifada uprising in the Occupied Territories. Set in 1990, to destroy jerusalem is the tale of a terrifying plot that spans the globe, from Rio de Janeiro to war-torn Beirut to the West Bank.

. Rich in historical detail, to destroy JERUSALEM is a thrilling tale of espionage, nationalism, and fate. Evangelicals plan to destroy jerusalem to usher in the second coming of christ. When a neutron source-- a necessary component in triggering a nuclear explosion-- is stolen in New York, the CIA calls on Shai Shaham, the legendary Mossad field agent.

To trace the stolen neutron source, shai needs to locate where and how those behind the theft are obtaining plutonium so he heads to Amsterdam to meet Ramzy Awwad, the Palestinian agent who Shai had been ordered to kill at the end of a mission together. As shai rushes to avert catastrophe, he unearths a link to the underground intifada in Jerusalem, and he tracks the conspirators until they thwart him with an ingenious plan to bridge the heavily fortified northern border into Israel.

Whether shai will be able to depend on Ramzy to help stop a horrific attack is a question on which the fate of these peoples--and the greater world--depends.

Promised Land: A Novel of Israel

Only Arie survives. The brothers reunite in the nascent jewish state, where Arie becomes a businessman and one of the richest men in Israel while Peter becomes a top Mossad agent heading some of Israel’s most vital espionage operations. Fletcher’s writing is superb and rises to the level of importance that this story demands and deserves.

Historical novels don’t get much better than Promised Land. Nelson demille, #1 new york times bestselling author of The Cuban AffairPromised Land is the sweeping saga of two brothers and the woman they love, a devastating love triangle set against the tumultuous founding of Israel. The story begins when fourteen-year-old Peter is sent west to America to escape the growing horror of Nazi Germany.

But his younger brother Arie and their entire family are sent east to the death camps. Promised land is a great sweeping epic, reminiscent of Leon Uris’ Exodus; a moving story of triumph and tragedy, new love and historic hate, expertly told by a cast of unforgettable characters. Martin fletcher, who headed up nbc TV’s Tel Aviv News Bureau, knows his territory and it shows on every page.

But they also fall in love with the same woman, Tamara, a lonely Jewish refugee from Cairo. One brother builds Israel, the other protects it. And over the next two decades, as their new homeland faces extraordinary obstacles that could destroy it, the brothers’ intrigues and jealousies threaten to tear their new lives apart.

The Spy's Gamble The Jerusalem Spy Series

Kaplan is. Without peer in his grasp of the delicate and explosive relationship between the Israelis and the Palestinians. This is a thriller in the best tradition of the genre. Los angeles Times. When the israeli prime minister boards a new stealth submarine in Norfolk, Virginia intending a celebratory ride and the sub vanishes, it sets in motion a suspenseful story that intertwines the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a story of what could be.

Shai shaham--an israeli intelligence officer--contacts old friend and adversary Ramzy Awwad--a former PLO intelligence officer and one of the great writers of his people--for help in locating the missing prime minister. It seems the russian have great interest in the technology, and he must locate the prime minister.

. Because losing him is a national calamity that threatens to upset a delicate political balance in the most terrifying ways. Starkly depicting the excesses of both sides and moving through actual events, THE SPY'S GAMBLE relies on in-depth research to weave a thrilling tale of suspense of reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

But can they trust each other? can their friendship withstand the turbulent political landscape?Eli Bardin--an agent who is feeling the strain of being away from his wife and children for so long in the field--is also tasked to contact Ramzy for the help in finding the missing sub.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem: A Novel

Finalist for the book club category of the 2016 National Jewish Book Awards. But as she uncovers shocking secrets, forbidden romances, and the family curse that links the women together, Gabriela must face a past and present far more complex than she ever imagined. Set against the golden age of hollywood, and the swinging '70s, the dark days of World War II, The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem follows generations of unforgettable women as they forge their own paths through times of dramatic change.

But when tragedy strikes, Gabriela senses there's more to her mother than painted nails and lips. Desperate to understand their relationship, gabriela pieces together the stories of her family's previous generations—from Great-Grandmother Mercada the renowned healer, to Grandma Rosa who cleaned houses for the English, to Luna who had the nicest legs in Jerusalem.

Ever since gabriela can remember, she and Luna have struggled to connect. With great humor and heart, sarit Yishai-Levi has given us a powerful story of love and forgiveness—and the unexpected and enchanting places we find each. The #1 international best seller, the beauty Queen of Jerusalem is a dazzling novel of mothers and daughters, stories told and untold, and the ties that bind four generations of women.

Gabriela's mother luna is the most beautiful woman in all of Jerusalem, though her famed beauty and charm seem to be reserved for everyone but her daughter.

The Damascus Cover The Jerusalem Spy Series

But, she is asking too many questions. And he's willing to risk everything. He seems to know every back alley of Damascus and Cyprus. Los angeles times__________________________________________________________________________________________________in a last ditch effort to revive his career, washed out agent Ari Ben-Sion accepts a mission he never would have 30 years ago ─ to smuggle a group of Jewish children out of the Damascus ghetto.

His communication equipment disappears. His contact never shows up. The operation is only hours away and everything seems awry. Realizing that he's caught up in a bigger and more dangerous game, Ari is desperate to succeed. Kaplan's grasp of history and scene creates a genuine reality. A spy walks the dangerous line between love and survival.

La times bestselling Spy Thriller. Now a major Motion Picture. Kaplan is up there with the best. Clive cussler"In the best tradition of the new espionage novel. Or so he thinks.

Jacob's Oath: A Novel

As world war ii winds to a close, Europe's roads are clogged with twenty million exhausted refugees walking home. Among them are jacob and Sarah, lonely Holocaust survivors who meet in Heidelberg. But jacob is consumed with hatred and cannot rest until he has killed his brother's murderer, a concentration camp guard nicknamed "The Rat.

Now he must choose between revenge and love, between avenging the past and building a future. Martin fletcher, which was selected as the one book, who won the National Jewish Book Award for Walking Israel, proved his chops as a novelist with The List, One Jewish Community title for the city of Philadelphia.

Now, in jacob's oath, loyalty, and loss, Fletcher brings us another touching novel of love, set in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

Escaping Hitler: A Jewish Boy's Quest for Freedom and His Future

Simpson. Our list includes biographies on well-known historical figures like Benjamin Franklin, Nelson Mandela, as well as villains from history, John Wayne Gacy, and Alexander Graham Bell, such as Heinrich Himmler, and O. The story of a young boy who escaped Hitler and the Holocaust—and lived happily ever after.

Escaping hitler is the true story, when adolf hitler threatened his family, of Günter Stern who, education, at fourteen, covering ninety years, and future, resolved to escape from his rural village of Nickenich in the German Rhineland. We have also published survivor stories of World War II, first-hand tales of adventure, memoirs about overcoming adversity, and much more.

He was intent on catching a ferry to England and freedom, but the outcome of his journey was not exactly as he had planned. Scrivens gathered her information through interviews with Günter, now known as Joe Stirling, and with those closest to him. During an emotional ‘foot-stepping’ journey in september 2013, discovered the apartment in koblenz where he fled following Kristallnacht in 1938, Scrivens also visited Günter’s birthplace, drove the route of Günter’s walk through Europe, met with a school friend, and retraced the final steps of his parents prior to their deportation to a Nazi death camp in Poland during 1942.

Skyhorse publishing, autobiographies, along with our Arcade, Sports Publishing, and Yucca imprints, Good Books, is proud to publish a broad range of biographies, and memoirs. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.


22 Britannia Road: A Novel

But the war has changed them all so utterly that they'll barely recognize one another when they are reunited. But for silvana, who cannot escape the painful memory of a shattering wartime act, forgetting is not a possibility. Is the wrenching chronicle of how these damaged people try to become, once again, a true family.

Wild, almost feral aurek doesn't know how to tie his own shoes or sleep in a bed. There her husband, janusz, is already waiting for them at the little house at 22 Britannia Road. One of the most searing debuts to come along in years, 22 Britannia Road. A tour de force that echoes modern classics like Suite Francaise and The Postmistress.

Survivor, " she answers. Silvana and aurek spent the war hiding in the forests of Poland. Janusz is an englishman now-determined to forget Poland, forget his own ghosts from the way, and begin a new life as a proper English family. An unforgettable novel that cries out for discussion, ultimately, overcoming hardship, and, it is a powerful story of primal maternal love, acceptance-one that will pierce your heart.

Housekeeper or housewife?" the soldier asks Silvana as she and eight- year-old Aurek board the ship that will take them from Poland to England at the end of World War II.

Bullets of Palestine The Jerusalem Spy Series

A wonderful read!"★★★★★ "A fascinating thriller peopled by fictional characters who move through real life events. Two agents. Two opposing sides. Kaplan is not merely the author of two previous best-selling novels built around international intrigue but is probably without peer in his grasp of the delicate and explosive relationship between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

It is a book about people living in a geopolitical world. This book is a gripper. Jerusalem post_______________________________________________________________________israeli Agent Shai is dispatched to eliminate a terrorist threat. Will they work together to capture abu nidal or betray each other's trust? In a conflict where both sides dehumanize each other, two extremely human men are caught in the cross-hairs of the larger war.

Heart rending. It’s an engaging read and I highly recommend. This author knows how to create intriguing, flawed characters that transcend time and place, who linger in your thoughts. Based on actual historical events, the pace of the story is breathtaking. To succeed in his mission, shai must win the trust of Palestinian Agent Ramzy, who will help him gain access to the infamous and dangerous Abu Nidal.

Shai is under orders to kill Ramzy when the mission ends. Kudos to kaplan for an engaging, perfectly paced novel that I didn't want to end!"★★★★★ "Unfortunately, although this book was written quite some time ago, it is still so meaningful today.