Lost in Paris mix

Through cryptic clues blasted out every day through a special website, Gwen and her new friends find themselves in a race against time—and against other die-hard fans—as they scramble to landmarks throughout Paris. As soon as they land, gwen is swept up in the city she has always wanted to see, and even meets a très cute boy named Henri.

Aladdin Paperbacks. If that wasn't enough excitement, gwen finds out that her all-time favorite band is playing a one-night only concert in Paris—and there are tickets available to the sold-old show for three lucky people. Even though the main reason for the trip is to see her three older brothers play lacrosse, Gwen and her Mom have plans to tour the city when they can.

And it turns out the concert tickets might not even be the biggest prize. Ooh la la! gwen ends up on a parisian scavenger hunt—with a cute French ami—in this M!X novel from the author of Lost in London. Gwen russell is thrilled to hear she will be heading to Paris with her family. The catch? fans who want a golden ticket have to work for it via a scavenger hunt around the City of Light.


Eiffel Tower Beaded Bookmark

Not for children under 3 years. A good book is a wonderful journey. Save your place along the way with this glossy bookmark, evoking the City of Light with a silhouette photograph of la Tour Eiffel. Coordinating black and silver beads and a silky black tassel complement the designBookmark is packaged in a clear plastic protective sleeve2-1/2'' wide by 7-1/8'' highWarning: choking hazard—small parts.


Lost in London mix

Despite the chilly welcome, jordan finds herself loving the city and Caroline’s group of friends, who are much nicer than Caroline herself. But when the girls’ fun has not-so-fun consequences, Jordan’s wish for excitement abroad turns into a lot more than she ever bargained for. So when she gets the chance to take part in a London exchange program, she’s thrilled to ditch her small town in Delaware and see the world across the pond.

. Given they have complete access to all the fancy shoes, designer dresses, and coolest makeup around, there are worse places to be stuck. Unfortunately, caroline, jordan’s host sister in London, isn’t exactly enthusiastic about entertaining an American girl. Used book in Good Condition. And then a major misstep leaves Jordan and Caroline trapped together overnight—inside Daphne’s, the world’s largest department store.

A tween’s foreign exchange experience lands her in London luxury—and some hot water as well!Twelve-year-old Jordan isn’t unhappy, but she’s definitely bored.

Lost in Rome mix

When lucy heads to rome for the summer, pasta, she’s is in for pizza, and a little amore in this M!X novel from the author of Lost in London. Lucia “lucy” rossi thought she was going to be a camp counselor for the summer, Italy, she ends up in Rome, but, helping out at her aunt’s restaurant, thanks to a very fortunate twist, Amore Pizzeria.

In order to try and save the shop, Lucy decides to employ a very unique version of matchmaking—making matches based on customer’s pizza preferences. Her aunt is in danger of losing her business, thanks to a flashy new pizzeria down the road that is all style, but no substance. Lucy can’t wait to see some ruins, eat all the gelato she can, and maybe say a few buongiornos to some cute Italian boys.

But lucy arrives to Italian trouble. Soon, word of the american matchmaker gets out, and it looks like the business might be saved! Or so she thought—until someone decides to try and sabotage the newfound success of Amore pizza. Can lucy figure out who might be behind everything? Or will her family being saying ciao to Amore Pizzeria for good? Used book in Good Condition.


Lost in Ireland mix

With the help of an eccentric cast of characters—and one very cute Irish boy—can Meghan figure out a way to stop her bad luck? Or is she cursed forever? Used book in Good Condition. But after a disastrous day, made complete by losing the election for class president and embarrassing herself in front of the entire school, Meghan realizes that tiny shortcut was a big mistake.

Thankfully, her family was already headed to Ireland on spring break, and Meghan makes it her mission to find the original sender and break her extremely unlucky streak. A superstitious girl must try to turn her horrible luck around during a family trip to Ireland in this M!X novel from the author of Lost in London.

Meghan mcglinchey is the most superstitious girl in her family—and probably in the entire state of Delaware. When she receives a chain letter from a stranger in Ireland, Meghan immediately passes it on, taking only a tiny shortcut in the directions.

Lost in Hollywood mix

Because she didn’t trust banks, Aunt Betty stashed her money in a secret hiding place. The olympics training is interrupted when the Carlson family gets an urgent call that their eccentric Aunt Betty, a former actress who lives in Hollywood, is in serious trouble. Her father is an inventor who sells his gadgets online, Mom is obsessed with classic movies, and her brother Grant thinks he is from outer space.

Can ginger and payton help find the money—and give Aunt Betty the Hollywood ending that she deserves? Used book in Good Condition. The carlsons head to la to sort things out for Aunt Betty, along with Payton, who tags along for the West Coast adventure. The bank is going to take her house unless she can give them the money she owes.

In a moment alone with the girls, Aunt Betty tells them what’s really going on. But first, they’re partnering on the state Science Olympics where they’re sure to take home the gold for their eighth grade class with their model of the brain. Luckily, ginger has a totally normal bff, Payton, and they have big plans for the future—they plan to become doctors and open a practice together in a big city.

Ginger is on a mission to find her family’s missing fortune in glamorous Hollywood in this M!X novel from the author of Lost in London, Lost in Paris, Lost in Rome, and Lost in Ireland formerly titled Lucky Me. Thirteen-year-old Ginger Carlson feels like she is the only normal one in her family. Only problem—it’s so secret, she can’t remember where that hiding place is! That’s what she’s been doing all around town—looking for her fortune.

Paris Notebook: Vintage Eiffel Tower Journal: With Ruled & Blank Pages for Writing & Doodling Paris Travel Notebooks Volume 1

Used book in Good Condition. Cute notebooks are perfect for:birthday giftschristmas GiftsGifts for Graduating StudentsCo-worker/Boss Gifts Journals & PlannersDoodle DiariesGift Baskets & Stocking StuffersAnd much more. Write & Be Happy. Aladdin. With the beautiful vintage scenes from France on the full-color matte SOFT cover, this notebook/sketchbook will   keep you dreaming.

With custom sized pages 7" x 10", this travel themed journal and doodle book is the perfect size for school, home or work. It is stuffed with 50+ pages of ruled paper for writing and 50+ pages of blank paper for doodling or drawing and each page has a decorative Paris icon in the corner, tweens and women who love to journal, teens, just for an extra bit of romance! Paris and Eiffel Tower notebooks are great for girls, cartoon, write letters, or just stay organized.

There is nothing more magical than handwritten notes – except for maybe Paris in the Springtime!  This beautiful pink floral Paris notebook/journal is the perfect place to write down whatever comes to mind -- from phone numbers and to-do lists to brilliant ideas and happiness reminders.

My Secret Guide to Paris: A Wish Novel

She misses her grandmother terribly, but she still wants to see the city they both loved. Of course, she's never actually been there -- she's only visited through her Grandma Sylvia's stories. Nora loves everything about Paris, from the Eiffel Tower to chocolat chaud. And just when they've finally planned a trip together, Grandma Sylvia is suddenly gone, taking Nora's dreams with her.

So when nora finds letters and a Paris treasure map among her Grandma Sylvia's things, she dares to dream again. Used book in Good Condition. Nora is crushed. Aladdin. And maybe, amongst the croissants and macarons, she'll even find a way to heal her broken heart. She's not sure what her grandma wants her to find, but Nora knows there are wonderful surprises waiting for her in Paris.


Just Add Magic 1

Aladdin. To their surprise, the keep ’em quiet Cobbler actually silences Kelly’s pesky little brother and the Hexberry Tart puts a curse on mean girl Charlotte. Add an old cookbook. Take three friends. Is it possible that the recipes really are magic? who wrote them and where did they come from? And most importantly of all, when boys get involved, what kind of trouble are the girls stirring up for themselves? Used book in Good Condition.

Combine with cute boys and a pinch of magic…and see what kind of chaos ensues! When Kelly Quinn and her two BFFs discover a dusty old cookbook while cleaning out the attic, the girls decide to try a few of the mysterious and supposedly magical recipes that are inside.

Mission Paris: A Scavenger Hunt Adventure Travel Guide For Kids

Experiencing the French capital is an amazing opportunity for anyone, especially a young person. Make your kids’ trip one to remember. In sf used book in Good Condition. Get mission paris today for your young explorers…and be sure it’s in their suitcase when they set off for Paris! Our series also includes books for London, Washington, Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelona, D.

C. New york, and St. I recently took my 2 daughters and their friend, 11, to Paris ages 8, and 11. Mission paris a scavenger Hunt Adventure Travel Book for Kids. Imagine - your kids will be excited to sightsee yes, even at museums! as you discover the wonders of Paris as a family. Get mission paris today for your young jet-setters…and make sure it’s in their bag when they take off for France! Mission Paris offers a fun vacation for everyone - with a captivating, spy-theme scavenger hunt packed with entertaining activities.

Instead, say “bonjour!” to a memorable family vacation. Monument investigators: they’ll uncover clues on the façade of Notre Dame, the stained glass of Sainte Chapelle, the mosaics of Sacré Coeur, and the statues of Luxembourg Gardens…and many more engaging activities. Whatilike” “my daughters 7 and 9 years old were very excited with Mission Paris.

I truly recommend it. Dulce zorilla “i highly recommend this book for any parent looking for a fun way to engage their youngster in discovering the wonders of Paris…and the book turned out to be equally fun for the adults, giving us a new "take" on Paris…This book would be appealing for a wide range of ages.

Potion Problems Just Add Magic

But when they turn to senora perez, for help, they discover La Cucina is in danger of closing! Then Kelly gets a mysterious delivery—a package with the missing Secret Recipe Book with a note: “From KE. Ke is one of the book’s authors, but who is ke exactly? It’s up to Kelly, save the cooking program, and Hannah to get to the bottom of the mystery, Darbie, and help Senora P.

Mission paris a scavenger Hunt Adventure Travel Book for Kids. With the book and the special ingredients from their beloved mentor, store LaCucina, Senora Perez’s, the girls are sure to win. Kelly quinn and her friends must figure out a way to save a beloved local store and find their infamous Secret Recipe Book, are having the worst day ever! Their Secret Recipe Book accidentally gets included in frenemy, which has gone missing in this sequel to Just Add Magic the inspiration for the family-friendly TV series!Kelly Quinn and her best friends, Darbie and Hannah, Charlotte’s used book drive.

Kelly & company decide to take matters into their own hands and apply for famous TV chef Felice Foudini’s Recipe Challenge. Not good. As if that’s not enough, the girls find out that their cooking program is on the chopping block at school, thanks to big budget cuts. Aladdin. Keep her store! Used book in Good Condition.

The prize? $10, 000 and webisodes on Felice’s site.