Luna Babies: A story of the Incubator Babies Exhibit at Luna Park, Coney Island, New York

#ad - Intrigued, you pull a dime from your waistcoat pocket to pay the admission fee and soon find you are in a hospital-like setting. This is the story of Dr. From 1903 to 1943, 8, 000 premature infants were cared for by Dr. Your heart goes out to the helpless premature infants, growing in their man-made incubators, cared for by the tender hands of their nurses…” Excerpt from Luna Babies.

Walter baier and displayed to spectators who paid admission to view them. Was Dr. Luna babies is a story of the popular premature baby exhibit that existed for forty years at one of Coney Island’s largest amusement parks, Luna Park. Walther baier and his family, chronicled through the narratives of the doctor, his wife, his daughter and his nurse.

Luna Babies: A story of the Incubator Babies Exhibit at Luna Park, Coney Island, New York #ad - Baier showcasing the premature babies as freaks of nature, exploiting them for his own financial gain or was he providing them with the highest level of healthcare which was their only hope for survival? “When you first hear the barker’s call beckoning you to view the tiny babies inside, you wonder what oddities of nature you will see at the Infant Incubator Exhibit at Luna Park.


Ellis Angels On The Move: Making A Difference in Brooklyn

Carole Limata #ad - As angie “settles” in williamsburg, she lives at a nearby church convent, and quickly immerses herself into the culture and the customs of the diverse community. Nurse angie bosco and the ladies-in-white continue their work, caring for newly-arrived immigrants at Ellis Island. However, 1925 finds nurse angie Bosco leaving Ellis Island, moving to a section of Brooklyn called Williamsburg.

Lillian teaches her the importance of establishing trust with the residents in the neighborhood. Ellis angels on the move: making a difference in Brooklyn is the continuing story of Ellis Angels: The Nurses of Ellis Island Hospital. In the process, they achieve their own dreams, as well. Abraham goodwin, establishing the Nativity Settlement House and Health Clinic.

Ellis Angels On The Move: Making A Difference in Brooklyn #ad - Before angie begins her journey, she meets with Lillian Wald, the founder of the New York Visiting Nurses at The Henry Street Settlement House. There, she begins working closely with Dr. They slowly uncover answers, and learn the vital contribution a settlement house can make in helping the immigrants achieve their American dreams.

She connects with visiting nurse Maureen O’Shaughnassey and her long-time friend, Nurse Adeline Ferme’. Nurse angie and doctor Abe begin to have many unanswered questions about the mysterious activities of their neighbors.


Angels in Brooklyn Ellis Angels Book 3

#ad - Nurse adeline is confronted with a number of her own. She is forced to face her past when her dreams trigger long-forgotten memories of her military service, nursing wounded soldiers during World War One.  . Nurse angie and doctor abe goodwin, along with Nurse Adeline, continue their efforts to help immigrant families adapt to their new life in Brooklyn, New York.

Nativity settlement house and Health Clinic has opened once again to assist newly-arrived immigrants in 1926. Many come through the clinic’s open doors: a single mother juggling two jobs to support her family, a young woman rushing to the clinic to save her infant and a widow struggling to care for her elderly mother and her young sons.

Angels in Brooklyn Ellis Angels Book 3 #ad - When a toddler is kidnapped in the neighborhood, the nurses band together and creatively unite to search for the child. The immigrants are not the only ones facing daunting challenges.


Ellis Angels:The Nurses of Ellis Island Hospital

Carole Lee Limata #ad - Mrs. Together, through their creativity and united efforts, the nurses and doctors of Ellis Island Hospital discover ways to help their patients follow their dreams. Goodwin who is, unknowingly, searching for the nurse of his dreams. Brunne and her newborn were facing deportation because of the newly established Quota Law, and a teenager delivered her premature infant on the floor of the Women’s Detention Dormitory.

During her orientation, a nurse recruit, Miss Angie, learns the routines of the Hospital. During an extensive clean-up, a file cabinet was discovered in the long-abandoned, vacant hospital building. In the process, they achieve their own American Dream, as well. Newly-arrived immigrants were facing enormous physical and emotional challenges.

Ellis Angels:The Nurses of Ellis Island Hospital #ad - Ellis angels is the heartwarming story about the compassionate nurses of Ellis Island Hospital, the ladies-in-white, and the loving care they gave their immigrant patients. When superstorm sandy bombarded New York Harbor in 2012, Ellis Island was left battered and flooded. Fabiana morales, came to america to be married, a beautiful young woman, but was rejected by her future husband because of her unsightly goiter.

Miss adeline, an experienced and spirited nurse, takes Angie under her wing. The nursing superintendent, Sister Gwendolyn, is keeping a watchful eye on her staff of Ellis Island Nurses.


Miracle at Coney Island: How a Sideshow Doctor Saved Thousands of Babies and Transformed American Medicine Kindle Single

#ad - How did thousands of premature infants come to be exhibited at america’s most popular amusement park? In Miracle at Coney Island: How a Sideshow Doctor Saved Thousands of Babies and Transformed American Medicine, Claire Prentice uncovers the incredible true story of Martin Couney, the “incubator doctor.

Couney ran his incubator facility for premature babies at coney Island from 1903 to 1943 and set up similar exhibits at World’s Fairs and amusement parks across America, Paris, and in London, Mexico and Brazil. Couney’s techniques were advanced for the time and his facility was expensive to run. She brings one of the most extraordinary stories in American medicine to life through interviews with Couney’s former “incubator babies.

Miracle at Coney Island: How a Sideshow Doctor Saved Thousands of Babies and Transformed American Medicine Kindle Single #ad - Claire prentice is an award-winning journalist and the author of The Lost Tribe of Coney Island: Headhunters, Luna Park, and the Man Who Pulled Off the Spectacle of the Century. By contrast, most mainstream doctors in the early part of the 20th century regarded premature babies as “weaklings” and did little or nothing to save them.

Prentice's meticulous research unravels the mystery of Couney’s origins, and reveals that the “incubator doctor” was not all that he seemed. She has contributed to the bbc, the smithsonian magazine, Marie Claire, the Huffington Post, the Times of London, NPR, The Guardian, the Washington Post, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

He claimed to have a survival rate of 85 percent. But he didn’t charge the parents of the preemies a penny; instead the public paid to see them.


The Strange Case of Dr. Couney: How a Mysterious European Showman Saved Thousands of American Babies

Blue Rider Press #ad - How this turn-of-the-twentieth-century émigré became the savior to families with premature infants—known then as “weaklings”—as he ignored the scorn of the medical establishment and fought the rising popularity of eugenics is one of the most astounding stories of modern medicine. Dr. Couney, for all his entrepreneurial gusto, is a surprisingly appealing character, someone who genuinely cared for the well-being of his tiny patients.

As dawn raffel recounts, Dr. A new york times book review new & noteworthy Title A Real Simple Best Book of 2018 Christopher Award-winner. But he had something to hide. Couney used incubators and careful nursing to keep previously doomed infants alive, Atlantic City, while displaying these babies alongside sword swallowers, bearded ladies, and burlesque shows at Coney Island, and venues across the nation.

The Strange Case of Dr. Couney: How a Mysterious European Showman Saved Thousands of American Babies #ad - Dr. Martin couney's story is a kaleidoscopic ride through the intersection of ebullient entrepreneurship, enlightened pediatric care, and the wild culture of world's fairs at the beginning of the American Century. Drawing on historical documents, original reportage, his larger-than-life personality, Dawn Raffel tells the marvelously eccentric story of Couney's mysterious carnival career, and interviews with surviving patients, and his unprecedented success as the savior of the fragile wonders that are tiny, tiny babies.

A mosaic mystery told in vignettes, curious asides, cliffhangers, and some surreal plot twists as Raffel investigates the secrets of the man who changed infant care in America. Npr, 2018's great reads what kind of doctor puts his patients on display? This is the spellbinding tale of a mysterious Coney Island doctor who revolutionized neonatal care more than one hundred years ago and saved some seven thousand babies.


The Midwife of Hope River: A Novel of an American Midwife

William Morrow Paperbacks #ad - A remarkable new voice in American fiction enchants readers with a moving and uplifting novel that celebrates the miracle of life. Patience murphy, and life, a midwife struggling against disease, and prejudice—and her own haunting past—is a strong and endearing character that fans of the books of Ami McKay and Diane Chamberlain will take into their hearts, as she courageously attempts to bring new light, poverty, into an otherwise cruel world.

. In the midwife of hope river, first-time novelist Patricia Harmon transports us to poverty stricken Appalachia during the Great Depression years of the 1930s and introduces us to a truly unforgettable heroine.


Little Shoes: The Sensational Depression-Era Murders That Became My Family's Secret

Skyhorse #ad - After a frantic week-long manhunt for the killer, a suspect emerged, and his sensational trial captivated audiences from coast to coast. Her journey is uniquely personal as she uncovers her family's secret history, but the investigation quickly takes unexpected turns into her professional wheelhouse. A journey chronicled through the mind of a lawyer and from the heart of a daughter, Little Shoes is both a captivating true crime story and a profoundly personal account of one family's struggle to cope with tragedy through the generations.

Justice was swift, and the condemned man was buried away with the horrifying story. But decades later, starts digging, Pamela Everett, a lawyer and former journalist, following up a cryptic comment her father once made about a tragedy in their past. In the summer of 1937, with the depression deep and World War II looming, a California triple murder stunned an already grim nation.

Little Shoes: The Sensational Depression-Era Murders That Became My Family's Secret #ad - Digging deeper and drawing on her experience with wrongful convictions, Everett then raises detailed and haunting questions about whether the authorities got the right man. Everett unearths a truly historic legal case that included one of the earliest criminal profiles in the United States, the genesis of modern sex offender laws, and the last man sentenced to hang in California.

Having revived the case to its rightful place in history, she leaves us with enduring concerns about the death penalty then and now.


Wholly Unraveled: A Memoir

Little A #ad - Spending a year in almost complete silence, Kathleen feared this experience would prove to be just another step in her unraveling. Instead, she emerged with a fresh understanding of self, with her demons quieted, an empowering new purpose, and a sense of worthiness that she would never let be challenged again.

Wholly unraveled is keele burgin’s gripping and inspiring journey of self-discovery and of finally finding her voice against nearly insurmountable odds. Sometimes all that it takes to start over is the courage to say you will. In kathleen’s home, red jeans were a sin. Parties were punishable with violence.

Wholly Unraveled: A Memoir #ad - At rock bottom, and with nowhere to go, Kathleen stepped off a bus in the last place she ever thought she’d find peace: a remote community in rural Canada. Growing up in a catholic cult, kathleen knew from an early age that if she were to survive, under the unforgiving eye of her abusive father, she’d have to do it on her own.

But when the time came to escape, she found herself in a damaging spiral of self-destruction. Fear was part of the daily norm.


Another Forgotten Child

HarperElement #ad - And the more cathy learns about Aimee’s life before she came into care, the more horrified she becomes. It’s clear that aimee should have been rescued much sooner and as her journey seems to be coming to a happy end, Cathy can’t help but reflect on all the other ‘forgotten children’ that are still suffering….

Aimee is so grateful as she snuggles into her bed at Cathy’s house on the first night that it brings Cathy to tears. Aimee’s aggressive mother is constantly causing trouble at contact, and makes sweeping allegations against Cathy and her family in front of her daughter as well. Despite her reservations, cathy agrees to aimee on – there is something about her that reminds Cathy of Jodie the subject of ‘Damaged’ and the most disturbed child Cathy has cared for, and reading the report instantly tugs at her heart strings.

Another Forgotten Child #ad - When she arrives, Aimee is angry. It is a trying time for Cathy, and it makes it difficult for Aimee to settle. And she has every right to be. Her five older siblings were taken into care many years ago. So no one can understand why she was left at home to suffer for so long. A new memoir from sunday times and new york times bestselling author Cathy Glass, now with an exclusive preview of Cathy’s inspiring new title, Please Don’t Take My Baby, coming out on April 25th.

Eight-year-old Aimee was on the child protection register at birth.


Tangled Vines: Greed, Murder, Obsession, and an Arsonist in the Vineyards of California

St. Martin's Press #ad - Among the priceless bottles destroyed were 175 bottles of Port and Angelica from one of the oldest vineyards in California made by Frances Dinkelspiel's great-great grandfather, Isaias Hellman, in 1875. With a propane torch and a bucket of gasoline-soaked rags, Anderson annihilated entire California vineyard libraries as well as bottles of some of the most sought-after wines in the world.

Sadly, mark anderson was not the first to harm the industry. Five of the wine trade murders were associated with Isaias Hellman's vineyard in Rancho Cucamonga beginning with the killing of John Rains who owned the land at the time. Few people sipping a fine California Cabernet can even guess at the Tangled Vines where its life began.

Within hours, the flames had destroyed 4. 5 million bottles of california's finest wine worth more than $250 million, making it the largest destruction of wine in history. In her new book, frances dinkelspiel looks beneath the casually elegant veneer of California's wine regions to find the obsession, greed and violence lying in wait.

Tangled Vines: Greed, Murder, Obsession, and an Arsonist in the Vineyards of California #ad - The fire had been deliberately set by a passionate oenophile named Mark Anderson, a skilled con man and thief with storage space at the warehouse who needed to cover his tracks. On october 12, 2005, a massive fire broke out in the Wines Central wine warehouse in Vallejo, California. He was shot several times, dragged from a wagon and left off the main road for the coyotes to feed on.