Madhur Jaffrey Indian Cooking

Taste-tempting color photos show prepared dishes. Ms. More than 100 detailed recipes direct home chefs through step-by-step preparation of well-known classics like Tandoori-style Chicken and Naan Bread, as well as more unusual dishes including Salmon Steamed with Mustard Seeds and Tomato and Drunken Orange Slices.

Chef magazine called this book�s author �the best-known ambassador of Indian food in the United States�. Jaffrey also presents comprehensive background information on spices and seasonings, kitchen equipment, authentic preparation techniques, and suggested menus. With chapters on meat, as well as pulses, poultry, and pickles, chutneys, fish, relishes, and vegetables, the author guides her readers through the delicious and colorful range of Indian food.

And the boston herald referred to her as �the renowned author and actress who teaches home cooks about the sophistication and infinite diversity of Indian fare. The new york times described her simply and succinctly as �the Indian cuisine authority. For many years a best-selling cookbook, madhur Jaffrey�s seminal title on Indian cuisine now has been totally revised, enlarged, redesigned, and enhanced with 70 brand-new full-color photos.

Used book in Good Condition.

Madhur Jaffrey's Quick & Easy Indian Cooking

With more than ten reprints, it's clear cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey wins the popular vote for delicious Indian recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. Chronicle Books CA. Written by the world's foremost authority on Indian cooking, beverages, entres, this terrific volume boasts a tantalizing array of appetizers, and desserts for every occasion.

Now with a beautiful new design and all-new photographs, Madhur Jaffrey's Quick & Easy Indian Cooking is ready to wow another generation of home cooks. From silken chicken and pork vindaloo to fresh red chutney with Almonds and Sweet, Pale Orange, Mango Lassi, Quick & Easy Indian Cooking makes this exotic cuisine accessible and enjoyableas perfect for entertaining as it is for everyday cooking.

This title was selected in the new york Times list of "most-stained" favorite cookbooks from a miscellany of chefs, shop and restaurant owners, authors, stylists and bloggers.

Vegetarian India: A Journey Through the Best of Indian Home Cooking

Vegetarian cooking is a way of life for more than 300 million Indians. For more than forty years, the “godmother of Indian cooking” The Independent on Sunday has introduced Western home cooks to the vibrant cuisines of her homeland. She visits the homes and businesses of shopkeepers, doctors, and more, weavers, writers, designers, farmers, gathering their stories and uncovering the secrets of their most delicious family specialties.

No one knows Indian food like Madhur Jaffrey. Now, the seven-time james beard award–winning author shares the delectable, in Vegetarian India: A Journey Through the Best of Indian Home Cooking, healthful, vegetable- and grain-based foods enjoyed around the Indian subcontinent. Jaffrey travels from north to south, and from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal, collecting recipes for the very tastiest dishes along the way.

Bookazine Bertrams Stock. Chronicle Books CA. From a sweet, coriander, and chickpea flour; and from stir-fried spinach, andhra style with ginger, here jaffrey brings together the very best of vegetable-centric Indian cuisine and explains how home cooks can easily replicate these dishes—and many more for beans, and cumin to the mung bean pancakes she snacks on at a roadside stand, crisp Okra Fries dusted with chili powder, salty Kodava Mushroom Curry with Coconut originating in the forested regions of South Karnataka to simple, grains, turmeric, sour, hot, and breads—in their own kitchens.

With more than two hundred recipes, and including personal photographs from Jaffrey’s own travels, beautifully illustrated throughout, Vegetarian India is a kitchen essential for vegetable enthusiasts and home cooks everywhere.

Classic Indian Cooking

Book by shani, julie; Russo, Marisabina illustrations Chronicle Books CA. Bookazine Bertrams Stock. Used book in Good Condition.

At Home with Madhur Jaffrey: Simple, Delectable Dishes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka

Here are the dishes she grew up on in India and then shared with her own family and friends in America. There’s chicken from western goa cooked in garlic, mustard, it’s stewed with spinach and cardamom; from eastern India, it has yogurt and cinnamon; and from the south, and a splash of vinegar; from Bombay, curry leaves, it’s with apricots; from Delhi, onion, and coconut.

There is a wide range of dishes for lamb, kebabs, and beef with important tips on what cuts to use for curries, pork, and braises. There are vegetable dishes, in a tempting array—from everyday carrots and greens in new dress to intriguing ways with eggplant and okra—served center stage for vegetarians or as accompaniments.

At the heart of so many indian meals are the dals, as well as the little salads, and grains, and pickles that add sparkle, chutneys, rice, and Jaffrey opens up a new world of these simple pleasures. Throughout, madhur Jaffrey’s knowledge of and love of these foods is contagious. Chronicle Books CA. Used book in Good Condition.

And now that she has made them so accessible to us, we can incorporate them confidently into our own kitchen, and enjoy the spice and variety and health-giving properties of this delectable cuisine. Knopf Publishing Group. For all who love the magical flavors of good Indian cooking and want to reproduce effortlessly some of the delectable dishes from that part of the world, here is a groundbreaking book from the incomparable Madhur Jaffrey that makes it possible.

Made in India: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen

Knopf Publishing Group. Used book in Good Condition. The best indian food is cooked and eaten at home. Real indian food is fresh, simple, and packed with flavor. Chronicle Books CA. Flatiron Books. On the menu is everything from hot chapatis to street food chili paneer; beet and feta samosas, or perfect cinnamon lamb curry to colorful side dishes pomegranate and mint raita; kachumbar salad, lime, fragrant curries spinach and salmon, and mouthwatering desserts mango, and passion fruit jello; pistachio and saffron kulfi.

Made in india will change the way you cook, eat, and think about Indian food forever. Bookazine Bertrams Stock. Unlike the fare you get at your local Indian takeout joint, her food is vibrant and surprisingly quick and easy to make. Meera serves up a feast of over 130 delicious recipes collected from three generations of her family.

In made in india, meera Sodha introduces you to the food she grew up eating every day.

Masterclasses - Ingredients - The Indian Cooking Course: Techniques - 300 Recipes

Monisha covers a varied range of dishes as well as providing insights into ingredients, techniques and step-by-step masterclasses. Kyle Cathie Limited. Flatiron Books. Chronicle Books CA. This comprehensive guide to Indian cooking explores the myriad regional varieties of authentic, healthy and lesser known Indian recipes.

Knopf Publishing Group. Monisha teaches you how to make traditional Indian food at home, based on the principles of good health and touching on the values of Ayurveda. The indian cookery course is the ultimate guide to everything you ever wanted to know about Indian food. Bookazine Bertrams Stock. Used book in Good Condition.

. Including advice on the building blocks of indian cuisine, such as how to make a basic curry and how to cook the perfect rice, plus tips on the different varieties of rice and how to shop for the best type for each dish. With chapters broken down into: rice, poultry, lentils & seafood, grills, eggs, vegetables, breads, dairy, Meat, Monisha covers a varied range of dishes as well as providing insights into ingredients, Chutneys & Beans, Desserts and Drinks, Snack & Sides, Fish & Relishes, Salads & Raitas, techniques and step-by-step masterclasses to help you recreate classic and popular recipes.

Monisha offers a vivid overview of india's colourful traditions and geographical differences, from the earthy lentil dishes of the North to the coconut-based curries which are a staple in the South.

An Invitation to Indian Cooking

Chronicle Books CA. Kyle Cathie Limited. Bookazine Bertrams Stock. The book that introduced the rich and fascinating cuisine of India to America and a landmark work of culinary literature, varied, An Invitation to Indian Cooking makes clear just how extraordinarily subtle, and delicious the food of the subcontinent can be.

Flatiron Books. The classic guide to the foods of india—and a james Beard Foundation Cookbook Hall of Fame inductee—from the “godmother of Indian cooking” The Independent on Sunday. From formal recipes for parties to the leisurely making of dals, and relishes, pickles, Jaffrey’s “invitation” has proved irresistible for generations of American home cooks.

Knopf Publishing Group. Used book in Good Condition. Knopf Publishing Group.

Madhur Jaffrey's Ultimate Curry Bible: India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Great Britain, Trinidad, Guyana, Japan, U

Chronicle Books CA. Some recipes have never before appeared in print, such as fish seasoned with tamarind and coconut and lamb braised with oranges. Also included are madhur's tips for the best accompanying foods - she gives us ideas for rice, chutneys, bread, relishes and sweets - the perfect complement for any curry.

This is the most comprehensive book ever published on curries, written by Madhur Jaffrey, the world's bestselling Indian cookery author. Flatiron Books. Bookazine Bertrams Stock. Used book in Good Condition. Knopf Publishing Group. With over 150 mouthwatering recipes, madhur starts with the best curry recipes in India today, moves on to Asian curries, and even includes European curry ideas such as French curry sauces.

Knopf Publishing Group. History blends with recipes in this meticulously researched book, which will prove fascinating reading for food lovers everywhere. Kyle Cathie Limited. The influence of the indian curry has been far-reaching: Indian immigrants and traders influenced the cooking of many other great cuisines of the world, Burma, Vietnam, including those of Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan and China.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, this book is set to become the standard reference book on curries.

100 Essential Curries My Kitchen Table

Knopf Publishing Group. Used book in Good Condition. Kyle Cathie Limited. Everybody loves a curry, and this book has a recipe to suit every taste. Chronicle Books CA. A diverse selection of delicious curries, vegetarian to meat, from the world authority on Indian foodMadhur Jaffrey has collected 100 curry recipes from dals to biryanis, simple and elaborate.

Knopf Publishing Group. Includes dual measures. Flatiron Books. Bookazine Bertrams Stock. Ebury Press.

Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian: More Than 650 Meatless Recipes from Around the World: A Cookbook

Madhur jaffrey's world vegetarian exemplifies Madhur's unsurpassed ability to create simple, flavorful homecooking that is well within the reach of every cook. Each section opens with a detailed introduction, where Madhur describes methods for preparation and storage, as well as different cooking techniques and their cultural origins.

Committed vegetarians will rejoice at the wide variety of meatless fare Madhur offers, and nonvegetarians will enjoy experimenting with her global flavorings. Kyle Cathie Limited. In this james beard award-winning cookbook, travels, Madhur Jaffrey draws on more than four decades of culinary adventures, and experimentation to create a diverse collection of more than 650 vegetarian recipes featuring dishes from five continents.

This highly readable resource promises to be a valuable addition to any cook's library, helping everyone make healthful ethnic foods a part of everyday cooking. Flatiron Books. Knopf Publishing Group. Bookazine Bertrams Stock. Madhur balances appealing, pigeon peas, uncomplicated dishes such as sumptuous omelets and rich polentas with less familiar ingredients such as green mangoes, and spelt.

She demystifies the latter with clear-cut explanations so that incorporating new combinations and interesting flavors into everyday cooking becomes second nature. Knopf Publishing Group.