Marbrasse Oliver Oil Sprayer, Refillable Cooking Mister, Vinegar Sauce Dispenser Glass Bottle, Kitchen Cruets Spritzer with Cover, Hand Pump For Air Pressure, Non-Aerosol


Oil Sprayer Gourmet Olive Oil and Vinegar Mister and Dispenser | Air Pressure Only Non-Aerosol Clog-Free, White

Just fill with your favorite oils, vinegars, olive oil and citric juices and mist desired amount on to food. Reusable mister bottle gives you convenience and health benefits by controlling the amount of oil you add to your food. Fill the bottle about half way full with oil of your choice. 3. Reduced-fat cooking made easy.

Overpumping can cause product to malfunction making the pump not work and spray as blobs instead of a fine mist. Use in place of popular cooking oil sprays to improve your health and lengthen the life of your cookware. Multi-purpose use - just fill with your favorite oils, vinaigrette, coconut oil, vinegars and citric juices and mist desired amount on food.

. Please be careful to not overpump to ensure best results. 5. It's easier than ever to keep track of the fats in your daily meal tracking. Environmentally friendly - this sprayer is bpa-free, featuring an easy to use pump and spray using non-aerosol pressure that doesn't use chemical propellants. Replace inner unit and tighten.

4. Pump the cap until resistance is felt then spray in to sink.