Marvelous Clouds

Many of the songs appear happy at first listen, hiding dark themes behind a lyrical veil. As his fans can attest, however, there s always more than meets the ear with him. Producer ben vaughn masterfully found a way to emphasize this, providing a bright compelling sound just transparent enough to show the listener that there's something menacing behind it.

To many younger people today, that name means nothing. These thirteen songs deal with struggles that Freeman deftly brings out in his performance, self-identity, including love, and societal integration. He has been covered by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Madonna to Johnny Cash. Now, freeman has shed the moniker, for the first time, recording a solo album and giving fans a glimpse at the man behind the mask.

Marvelous clouds is his most personal and authentic effort to date, showcasing his oft-overlooked abilities as a vocalist. But throughout the `50s and `60s, he was one of the biggest celebrities in the world. His books of poetry sold millions of copies. He won a grammy and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and two Academy Awards.

Since the `70s, mckuen has retreated into seclusion, however, leaving a generation widely unaware of his work. Now, his music is being introduced to a new generation, from the most unlikely of sources.

Songs Of Love And Hate

Cohen reunited with producer bob johnston, who acted as leader of cohen's new crew of backing musicians, and also brought back guitarist Ron Cornelius, who was at the helm for the singer's previous album Songs From a Room, Leonard cohen - songs of love And Hate - Vinyl LP Brand New. Produced by bob johnston, 1971, the album was released on March 19, through Columbia Records.

Songs of love and hate is the third studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen.

The Deaner Album 2 LP

On the deaner album, funk, dean brings his love of classic guitar rock to 14 original compositions including four instrumentals that echo everything from classic rock to cracked country to the quirky mix of soul, metal and punk that defined Ween. The deaner album is the debut album from The Dean Ween Group.

Leonard cohen - songs of love And Hate - Vinyl LP Brand New.

Monolith of Phobos 2 LP

Their efforts thus far have spawned the upcoming full-length release Monolith of Phobos, an album which takes listeners on a stimulating psychedelic journey through the cosmos. Leonard cohen - songs of love And Hate - Vinyl LP Brand New. Includes digital downloadTwo worlds have collided, and what glorious and odd worlds they are.

Claypool lennon Delirium- Monolith Of Phobos. 2 lp's on gold vinyl in a gatefold jacket. After primus and the ghost of a saber tooth tiger completed a successful summer tour, Les Claypool and Sean Lennon decided to combine their abstract talents into a project called The Claypool Lennon Delirium.

Ween's Chocolate and Cheese 33 1/3

Chocolate and cheese, released in 1994, marked Freeman and Melchiondo's first crucial steps in this direction. So how exactly did ween manage to transcend joke-band oblivion?One answer is that, Ween gradually polished their output, in the years following their MTV breakthrough, turning their staunchly primitive musical sketches into hi-fi paintings.

. Ween now seems like a permanent fixture on the pop-cultural landscape, but when the band first hit MTV in the early '90s, their longevity wasn't so secure. Based on new, as well as producer andrew weiss and associates ranging from josh homme queens of the Stone Age to Spike Jonze, this book explores the song-by-song creation of Chocolate and Cheese and how the album served as a bridge between Ween's original two-guys-and-a-4-track incarnation and the rich, in-depth interviews with both members of Ween, virtuosic rock & roll force they would later become.

Nearly two decades on, though, aaron "gene Ween" Freeman and Mickey "Dean Ween" Melchiondo preside over one of the most devoted cult fan bases in American music. Leonard cohen - songs of love And Hate - Vinyl LP Brand New. Claypool lennon Delirium- Monolith Of Phobos.


Tom waits blood money leonard cohen - songs of love And Hate - Vinyl LP Brand New. Claypool lennon Delirium- Monolith Of Phobos. Shrink-wrapped.


14, in new hope, just days after the tragic events of 9/11, 2001, Ween took the stage at their local bar, John & Peter's, PA. Godweensatan live was mixed from the multitrack recording and mastered by Tom Ruff. Leonard cohen - songs of love And Hate - Vinyl LP Brand New. What unfolded was pure catharsis from both the band and the packed crowd.

Claypool lennon Delirium- Monolith Of Phobos. This release, the band's first since 2008, is that never-before-heard recording. This 2lp set is pressed onto 180g white vinyl and includes a free MP3 download of the album. Ween ran through the album in its entirety and captured the show on 24-track tape. Uncertain whether or not to cancel their re-release party for GodWeenSatan: The Oneness on Sept.


Swordfishtrombones Vinyl

Shrink-wrapped. 2009. Shrink-wrapped. Claypool lennon Delirium- Monolith Of Phobos. Universal. Leonard cohen - songs of love And Hate - Vinyl LP Brand New. 180 gram vinyl pressing.


Shrink-wrapped. Their predilection for weirdness, both creepy and cheerful that has largely been absent since Chocolate & Cheese. Claypool lennon Delirium- Monolith Of Phobos. Shrink-wrapped. Like their last studio album, but they're offset by light japes like "hey there fancy pants, the brilliant bizarreness of "So Many People in the Neighborhood" boasting the welcome return of tape-manipulated voices, White Pepper, some of the best tracks have vaguely psychedelic and proggy moments, " the warped "Happy Colored Marbles", and the roaring Mot”rhead salute "It's Gonna Be a Long Night" that opens the album with guns a blazing.

Shrink-wrapped. Now available on 180g vinyl, on Ween's eighth studio album, they return to the "browner side" of things, i. E. Quebec ends on the other side of the spectrum, you'd Save Us All, with the apocalyptic dirge "If You Could Save Yourself, " and between those two extremes pretty much every other emotion is explored.

Leonard cohen - songs of love And Hate - Vinyl LP Brand New.

Chocolate And Cheese 2-LP 180 Gram Vinyl

Shrink-wrapped. 2-lp set ween's fourth album, originally released in 1994, is perhaps their finest moment, a brilliant mix of twisted humor and pure pop genius. Leonard cohen - songs of love And Hate - Vinyl LP Brand New. Claypool lennon Delirium- Monolith Of Phobos. An outsider-pop classic reissued on 180 gram vinyl.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Ween draw influence from smooth 70s soul, psych, spaghetti westerns, country, funk, soft rock, indie-rock and more to the point where each song is a spot-on take on a different genre with their silliness being the uniting element. Shrink-wrapped.


Bungle was pressed on a single LP, which with an album duration of 75 minutes had a rather dull dynamic sound as a result. Mike patton's lyrics are even more bizarrely humorous than those he used in Faith No More, and they're also less self-censored, as titles like "Squeeze Me Macaroni, " "My Ass Is on Fire, " and "The Girls of Porn" indicate.

This is a difficult, not very accessible record, and the band wouldn't have it any other way. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Leonard cohen - songs of love And Hate - Vinyl LP Brand New. The original vinyl version of Mr. First 2k numbered copies are pressed on purple transparent vinyl. The album contains many genre shifts which are typical of the band, and helped increase the band's popularity, gaining them a reasonable following and fan base.

Shrink-wrapped. Produced by John Zorn, Mr. Critics deem the album a 'dizzying, disconcerting, schizophrenic tour through just about any rock style the group can think of, hopping from genre to genre without any apparent rhyme or reason, and sometimes doing so several times in the same song.2014 limited edition 2 x 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP pressing with Etched D-side.

Claypool lennon Delirium- Monolith Of Phobos.