Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Plain & Simple

Here’s what you’ll learn: create libraries for all kinds of media share information in one location organize people and processes connect sharepoint to microsoft Office with no fuss Find things fast with the Search Center Expand your community with social networking Here’s HOW you’ll learn it: Jump in wherever you need answers Follow easy STEPS and SCREENSHOTS to see exactly what to do Get handy TIPS for new techniques and shortcuts Use TRY THIS! exercises to apply what you learn right away Used book in Good Condition.

. Get the full-color, visual guide that makes learning Microsoft SharePoint 2013 plain and simple! Follow the book’s easy steps and screenshots and clear, concise language to learn the simplest ways to get things done.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Step by Step

With step by step, documents, just when you need them! customize your team site’s layout, you set the pace—building and practicing the skills you need, and apps Manage and share ideas, features, and data Capture and organize content into lists and libraries Automate business processes with built-in workflows Use social features to communicate and collaborate Publish content using enhanced web content management Microsoft Press.

. The smart way to learn microsoft sharepoint 2013—one step at a time! Experience learning made easy—and quickly teach yourself how to boost team collaboration with SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint 2013 Quick Source Reference Guide

It also includes posting a newsfeed Status, Adding an App Part, Creating your Profile, and Using Quick Edit. These quick reference guides include step by step instructions to help users to learn software features more quickly, as well as full color screen graphics to highlight important features. This guide include tips and instructions on many topics, Adding Apps, including Using the Quick Launch Pane, and Connecting a Calendar.

Do you need an easy-to-follow software reference right at your fingertips? Our 6 page, tri-fold guides are the answer. Quick source reference guides also include the software program s NEW features and gives you quick access to time saving shortcuts. The sharepoint 2013 quick source guide is a clear and concise tool for learning the features in SharePoint.

Microsoft Press.

Laminated Card - Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Quick Reference Guide: Introduction Cheat Sheet of Instructions & Tips

Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Microsoft SharePoint 2013. This guide is intended for end users in an "on-premises" environment. This guide is suitable as a training handout, or an easy to use reference guide for end users. The following topics are covered:accessing a sharepoint sitesigning outnavigating sharepointexpanding the main content areacreating a new list itemediting a list itemassigning a taskViewing Your Update StreamFollowing a SiteFollowing a Document/FileFollowing a PersonEngaging in Newsfeed ConversationsUsing @ MentionsUsing # TagsLiking a Newsfeed UpdateTagging and Adding Notes to Documents and PagesSharing Files with PeopleViewing Tags and NotesSearching for DocumentsSearching for PeopleCreating a SubsiteCommunity SitesUsing Document LibrariesAdding Existing FilesList and Library Functions: Sorting, Using Email Alerts, Creating a List or Library, Changing View, Filtering, Deleting a List or Library.

Checking files out/inUsing the Recycle BinCreating a Survey Microsoft Press.

How to Do Everything Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Basic information on SharePoint development and administration is also included in this practical guide. Mcgraw-hill Osborne Media. Real-world examples help you accomplish tasks quickly and easily. Publisher's note: products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

Maximize microsoft sharepoint 2013written by a former member of the SharePoint development team, How to Do Everything: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 shows you how to get the most out of the latest release of this dynamic business collaboration platform. Work with sites, and newsfeedsuse social tagging, personal sites, and navigation use sharepoint with client applications, and use document versioning and content approval featuresCollaborate via discussion boards, including Microsoft Office, lists, surveys, events, and itemsUpload documents, manage files with document libraries, calendars, wikis, libraries, blogs, Outlook, and use enterprise keywords Create a taxonomy hierarchy using enterprise managed metadata Build publishing sites, and websites Display data on pages using web and app partsCustomize apps, lists, apps, enable a folksonomy, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, forms, and third-party applicationsLearn the basics of SharePoint administration and development Microsoft Press.

You’ll learn to set up sharepoint sites and use document management, social features, and more to organize, wikis, manage, taxonomy, blogs, and share content.

SharePoint 2013 For Dummies

Mcgraw-hill Osborne Media. Building on the success ofprevious versions of sharePoint For Dummies, this newedition covers all the latest features of SharePoint 2013 andprovides you with an easy-to-understand resource for making themost of all that this version has to offer. Microsoft Press. In addition, this new edition includesessential need-to-know information for administrators, and page admins who want to leverage the cloud-hosted featuresonline, techsumers, either as a standalone product or in conjunction with anexisting SharePoint infrastructure.

Walks you through getting a sharepoint site up and runningeffectively and efficientlyExplains ongoing site management and offers plenty of advicefor administrators who want to leverage SharePoint and Office 365in various waysShows how to use SharePoint to leverage data centers andcollaborate with both internal and external customers, includingpartners and clientsSharePoint 2013 For Dummies is essential reading if youwant to make the most of this technology.

. You'll learn how to geta site up and running, branded, workflow, and populated with content, and management. For Dummies. The bestselling guide on running sharepoint, now updated tocover all the new features of SharePoint 2013SharePoint Portal Server is an essential part of the enterpriseinfrastructure for many businesses.


Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration

The team ofsharepoint admin gurus returns to presents a fully updated resourcethat prepares you for making all the new SharePoint 2013 featureswork right. Sharepoint admin author gurus return to prepare you forworking with the new features of SharePoint 2013!The new iteration of SharePoint boasts exciting new features.

However, any new version also comes with its fair share ofchallenges and that's where this book comes in. Mcgraw-hill Osborne Media. For Dummies. Microsoft Press. Wrox Press. They cover all of the administration components ofSharePoint 2013 in detail, and present a clear understanding of howthey affect the role of the administrator.

Compares and contrasts sharepoint 2013 to earlier versionshelps make your sharepoint 2013 installation smooth andsuccessfulAddresses managing customizationsLooks at SharePoint 2013 for Internet sitesIncludes an introduction to SQL Server 2012Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration enhances yourSharePoint skill set and immerses you in the new content of theplatform.


Beginning SharePoint 2013: Building Business Solutions

Learn to build business solutions with SharePoint2013Now in its third edition, this perennial bestseller features acomplete overhaul for the latest version of SharePoint. Wrox Press. A must-havefor building business solutions in SharePoint, real-world scenariosaddress critical information management problems and detaileddescriptions explain how to efficiently and successfully handlethese challenges.

Microsoft Press. Mcgraw-hill Osborne Media. For Dummies. Plus, best practices for configuration andcustomization round out the coverage of getting started withSharePoint 2013 so that you can confidently make this platform workfor your business today. Examines product functionality alongside realistic scenarios toprovide you with contextual relevanceAddresses managing permissions, content types, businessconnectivity services, libraries, forms management, workflow, and web partsReviews social features, andworking with access servicesOffers updated content on working with lists, reporting in SharePoint, and moreBeginning SharePoint 2013 is an ideal introduction to thelatest iteration of this popular content management provider.

Used book in Good Condition.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Inside Out

Wrox Press. Conquer sharepoint 2013—from the inside out! you’re beyond the basics, so dive right into SharePoint 2013—and really put your business collaboration platform to work! This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting techniques, and workarounds.

Used book in Good Condition. For Dummies. Mcgraw-hill Osborne Media. Used book in Good Condition. It’s all muscle and no fluff. Discover how the experts facilitate information sharing across the enterprise—and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery. Efficiently manage documents throughout the enterprise build team sites and collaborate with Microsoft OneNote and SkyDrive Design workflows with SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Visio Produce e-forms using Microsoft InfoPath and Access Manage community sites using business social features Connect SharePoint to external data and business systems Create business intelligence dashboards and key performance indicators Customize and control Sharepoint enterprise search Microsoft Press.


SharePoint 2013 Branding and User Interface Design

From specific technologies such as master pages, and CSS to offering best-practices and real-world experience for creating successful branding projects through SharePoint 2013, page layouts, you will learn how to approach your branding project in effective new ways. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

Wrox Press. Provides coverage on designing apps for SharePoint. Microsoft Press. Used book in Good Condition. Plan, and launch a brand in sharepointif you are planning, design, and launching your brand using SharePoint, designing, this book and author trio will walk you through everything you need to know in an understandable and approachable way.

For Dummies. This visual book provides step-by-step instructions in a simple and striking format that focuses on each of the tasks you will face in your own branding project. Explains the various approaches to SharePoint branding and methodologies for creating an engaging UI. Guides you through planning for branding and using the Design Manager to start a design.

Addresses implementing modern web techniques such as HT ML5, jQuery, and mobile responsive design into SharePoint. Explores creating sharepoint branding for public facing websites as well as internal intranets, including a deep dive into how custom SharePoint branding is created from scratch. Mcgraw-hill Osborne Media.

Microsoft Project 2013 Plain & Simple

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Wrox Press. For Dummies. Mcgraw-hill Osborne Media. Get the full-color, visual guide that makes learning Microsoft Project 2013 plain and simple! Follow the book’s easy steps and screenshots and clear, concise language to learn the simplest ways to effectively manage all your projects.

Used book in Good Condition. Here’s what you’ll learn: develop a project plan and schedule resources pull together your team and plan their assignments understand dependencies and mitigate risks Stay on top of progress, delays, and costs Make adjustments and updates quickly Communicate with clear, customized reports Here’s HOW you’ll learn it: Jump in wherever you need answers Follow easy STEPS and SCREENSHOTS to see exactly what to do Get handy TIPS for new techniques and shortcuts Use TRY THIS! exercises to apply what you learn right away Microsoft Press.

Used book in Good Condition.