Moments of Joy and Heartbreak: 66 Significant Episodes in the History of the Pittsburgh Pirates The SABR Digital Library Volume 46

Bionaz, thomas j. This book is the work of 37 members of the society for american Baseball Research SABR, including JEFF BARTO, JOHN BAUER, ROBERT E. Steamroll brooklyn october 15, 1971: best game for al oliver sept 1, 1973: no clemente in right june 13, 1971: gib no-hitter august 23, lynch, 1971: world series game 7 sept 30, 1938: lloyd waner’s big game may 30, 1960: mazeroski’s homer april 15, 1949: tiny bonham’s last game june 25, 2001: pirates' comeback july 2, 000 in last at-bat april 6, 1958: frank has a big day may 26, 1976: murtaugh’s final games october 17, 1950: kiner hits for the cycle sept 23, 1961: friend bests drysdale sept 21, 1956: clemente grand slams july 18, 1976: the tragic death of bob moose october 3, 1933: arky vaughan hits for the cycle june 19, 2011: a really bad call sept 9, 1954: rookie roberts collects 3 hits sept 24, 2013: nl wild card game june 20, 1957: arroyo’s final victory may 1, 1951: dickson’s 20th win june 6, 1970: human locusts day august 14, 1981: bibby’s near no-hitter sept 25, 1964: mazeroski, 1971: first all-black lineup october 17, 1952: bucs shave the barber april 13, 1970: dock ellis no-hitter june 28, 1925: game 7 1925 world series june 24, 1939: rizzo’s nine rbis august 27, 1992: pirates back wakefield in nlcs july 12, 2013: pirates end the streak october 1, & smith fireworks july 28, 2015: scherzer no-hitter october 7, 1985:Reuschel Inspires Bucs OCTOBER 13, 1959: Haddix Pitches 12 Perfect Innings AUGUST 6, 2015: NL Wild Card Game APRIL 26, 1967: Clemente Blasts 3 Homers SEPT 20, 1960: “We Had 'em All the Way” OCTOBER 13, 1965: Veale’s 16 Strikeouts OCTOBER 2, 1966: Matty Alou Batting Title MAY 15, and Stargell Rout Cardinals JUNE 1, 1934: Traynor as Pirates Manager APRIL 27, 1972: Clemente Collects Number 3, 1979: Pirates Win the Series MAY 19, 1954: Law Return from Military MAY 16, 1975: Stennett Leads Rout SEPT 25, 1969: A Trophy No-Hitter: Bob Moose JUNE 12, 2010: Ohlendorf Wins JULY 26, Rincon, 1973: Blass Loses Control SEPT 16, 1955: Friend Clinches ERA Title JULY 25, 1938: Vaughan Slams Cubs MAY 4, 1997: Cordova, 1963: Gene Baker: First African American Manager JULY 22, 2016: McCutchen 3 Home Runs .

While the pirates are recognized as fielding the first all-black lineup in 1971, the 66 games in this book include one of the first matchups in the majors to involve two non-white opening hurlers Native American and Cuban in June 1921. Some of the games are wins; some are losses. Puerzer, eliza richardson, c.

All of these essays provide readers with a sense of the totality of the Pirates’ experiences: the joy, the heartbreak, and other aspects of baseball and life in between.

The National Pastime, 2018: Steel City Stories National Pastime : a Review of Baseball History

The tales of honus wagner running for sheriff, pirates appearances in the movies, Moses YellowHorse learning bad habits from Rabbit Maranville, and Pirates player Mudcat Grant's quest to sing the National Anthem are told alongside articles detailing Pittsburgh-related baseball litigation, and amateur baseball contests that produced several major leaguers.

 . Each year the publication focuses on the history of baseball in a different region or city, following the annual SABR convention from one major league territory to another. The 2018 volume focuses on pittsburgh, home to some truly significant episodes in baseball history, being not only the home to the great Negro Leagues teams the Homestead Grays and Pittsburgh Crawfords, but to a major league team who came by their name honestly--no pun intended--for what others called the "piratical" practice of poaching players.

The articles in the volume are arranged chronologically, starting from the opening of Forbes Field in 1909 and carrying through to a story of the annual fan gathering each October at the section of Forbes Field wall that still stands today. The national pastime is the annual review of baseball historical research and regional topics published by the Society for American Baseball Research SABR.

Fane re-live the magic of game seven of the 1960 Wold Series on the very spot where Bill Mazeroski's home run flew over the wall. The articles feature not only the hall-of-fame players honus Wagner, but some lesser remembered figures like Guy Bush, Roy Face, and Willie Stargell, Josh Gibson, Roberto Clemente, Sam Bankhead, and Carlos Bernier.


Time for Expansion Baseball

Boren and eric thompsonHere Come the Colts by David E. Skeltongil hodges by john saccomanhobie landrith by alan cohenExpansion, Round Two: How Charlie Finley Blew Up Baseball Warren CorbettKANSAS CITY ROYALSMr. Featuring a foreword by tal smith, who has done three separate stints in the Houston front office, and the contributions of 54 SABR members, TIME FOR EXPANSION BASEBALL also includes dozens of photos from team historical archives.

Skeltoncarl morton by tom hawthornmaury wills by glen sparkssan diego padresIt’s a Major League City or It Isn’t: San Diego’s Padres Step Up to the Big Leagues John W. Stewartdamian miller by joel rippeljeff suppan by dan TaylorTAMPA BAY DEVIL RAYSHow Tampa Bay Got Their Team Peter M. The los angeles angels and the "new" Washington Senators ushered in baseball's expansion in 1960, followed quickly by the Houston Colt.

45s and the New York Mets. Wolffred kendall by brian gellerjerry morales by rick bogovichseattle pilotsthe flight of the seattle pilots bill mullinstommy harper by bill nowlinmarty pattin by rick bogovichlou piniella by john difonzoseattle MARINERSMajor-League Baseball Returns to the Pacific Northwest Steve FriedmanJulio Cruz by Michael MarshRick Jones by Jeff FindleyDan Meyer by Paul HofmannTORONTO BLUE JAYSThe Birth of the Blue Jays Maxwell KatesBill Singer by Joel RippelPete Vuckovich by Dale VoissErnie Whitt by Bob LeMoineCOLORADO ROCKIESWelcome to the Time Zone with A Team Roger L.

Gordondennis springer by rob NeyerBrooks Kieschnick by Rick SchabowskiDmitri Young by Tom Cuggino. Since then, built its team, some of those teams have relocated or changed names, but TIME FOR EXPANSION BASEBALL tells the story of how each franchise was formed, and began play. Skeltonbob aspromonte by mark wernickeddie bressoud by bill nowlinbob Lillis by Paul GeislerNEW YORK METS"The Name is Mets -- Just Plain Mets" Leslie HeaphyChoo Choo Coleman by David E.

Met-rospectives: A Collection of the Greatest Games in New York Mets History The SABR Digital Library Volume 60

Weiner october 14, 1973: say Hey One Last Time Frederick C. Even the miraculous championship year of 1969 didn’t occur without seven preceding years of futility. Frank october 4, 1990: mets survive six-run ninth michael huber july 28, weather tara krieger july 25, 1993: walk-off ends young’s 27-game losing streak kevin larkin June 16, 1988: Mets Beat Dodgers, 1997: First Regular-Season with the Yankees Bruce Slutsky September 13, 1988: Mets Steal G1 of NLCS Paul Hofmann October 8, 1997: Not Quite Dead Steven C.

Brown Jr. Bush october 18, 1973: koosman, McGraw Shutout Takes Series Frederick C. All, with the exception of one valiant defeat, end in triumph for the orange and blue. There have been fair measures of wondrous and woeful in the franchise's history, but this book’s 57 game summaries—coinciding with the number of Mets years through 2018—are strictly for the eternal optimist.

The games are recounted here thanks to the combined efforts of 32 SABR members. Cuicchi july 22, 1986: buckner error matthew silverman october 27, 1986: dykstra’s homer ends g3 nlcs rory costello october 14, 1986: 16-inning battle for pennant rory costello october 25, 1986: Carter’s Single Wins G5 NLCS Rory Costello October 15, 1986: Extra-Inning Slugfest w/Brawl & Home Run Michael Huber 23 October 11, 1986: Game Seven Matthew Silverman August 11, 1988: McReynolds’ Grand Slam Brian M.

Brown Jr. The selection process for these games involved various criteria including the time in the season, the dramatic level, and the impact in shaping franchise history. April 23, 1969: seaver’s near-perfect game alan raylesberg september 15, 1963: tim harkness game-winning slam alan raylesberg May 31, 1964: Longest Doubleheader Alan Cohen July 9, 1962: Mets First Victory Tony Valley June 26, 1969: Swoboda Is Carlton’s Achilles Heel Richard A.

Cincinnati's Crosley Field: A Gem in the Queen City The SABR Digital Library Volume 57

Wood, C. This book evokes memories of crosley field through detailed summaries of more than 85 historic and monumental games played there, and 10 insightful feature essays about the history of the ballpark. Hank aaron’s 3000th hit took place at crosley Field, Roberto Clemente, as did indelible performances by Pete Rose, and Frank Robinson.

Doutrich, phillip Bolda, Richard A. Paul rogers iii, chad dotson, gordon gattie, Doug Feldmann, Dan Fields, Greg Rhodes, Greg Erion, Gregory H. Sternman, michael lynch, mike Whiteman, Norm King, Mike Huber, Paul E. Cuicchi, rick schabowski, Russ Lake, and Tom Pardo. Among the exciting contests recounted here are an opening day no-hitter in 1918, johnny van Der Meer’s incredible summer of two no-hitters, action from the infamous 1919 World Series, Joe DiMaggio’s 1939 World Series heroics, Negro Leagues action, and no-hitters by Lon Warneke and Clyde Shoun.

The new steel and concrete ballpark was located at the site of its predecessor, the outdated wooden Palace of the Fans at the intersection of Findlay Street and Western Avenue. This volume is a collaborative effort of more than three dozen members of the Society for American Baseball Research SABR, including Alan Cohen, Bill Schneider, Bob Buege, Art Shamsky, Brian P.

Former reds players johnny Edwards and Art Shamsky share their memories of the park in introductions. On that day the team inaugurated the season by playing its first game at Redland Field, which was renamed Crosley Field in 1934 in honor of the team’s owner, Powel Crosley.

From Spring Training to Screen Test: Baseball Players Turned Actors The SABR Digital Library Volume 55

Included are biographies of selected individuals from the famous Gene Autry, Joe DiMaggio, Jim Thorpe, Bernie Williams. To the forgotten al gettel, Lou Stringer, Wally Hebert, Wally Hood. There are other select topics, from baseball on television shows and in coca-cola commercials to Jim Bouton’s casting as “Jim Barton” in his Ball Four TV series and Don Drysdale playing “Don Drysdale” on The Donna Reed Show, Leave It To Beaver, and The Brady Bunch.

ball four, rob edelman 
baseball and classic television: a brief overview, the television series: ahead of its time? ron briley 
baseball and coca-cola: a match made IN AMERICA, Rob Edelman . Those who will relish the privileged peeks at the off-the-field life and times of Mike Donlin and Edward G.

They have invested their time, money, and expertise to be part of the baseball world as team owners and fans. Not surprisingly, many showbiz luminaries have become baseball enthusiasts. Wolf 
johnny berardino, rob edelman and michael betzold 
don drysdale, lawrence baldassaro 
mike donlin, alan cohen 
bobby bonilla, charlie bevis 
ron darling, mark souder 
CHUCK CONNORS, Audrey Apfel 
JOE DIMAGGIO, Joseph Wancho 

wally hood, paul hofmann 
frank kelleher, jay hurd 
ron houck, ted leavengood 
derek jeter, alan cohen 
wally joyner, phil williams 
reggie jackSON, Adam Klinker 
JOHN KRUK, Seamus Kearney 
LEE LACY, Gregory H. Bergtold 
ernie orsatti, jay berman 
edgar “blue” washington, dan o’brien 
leon wagner, eric hanauer 
monty stratton, eric aron 
pete vuckovich, don jensen 
bob uecker, bill nowlin 
tony tarasco, allan wood 
bret saberhagen, rob edelman 
jerry priddy, will osgood 
jim thorpe, rory costello 
rube waddell, alan cohen 
ziggy sears umpire, lawrence baldassaro 
ART PASSARELLA, Warren Corbett 
BEANS REARDON, Gary Sarnoff 
BABE RUTH, Bruce Bumbalough 

From spring training to screen test: Baseball Players Turned Actors includes essays by 43 SABR members that connect baseball and show biz.

20-Game Losers The SABR Digital Library Volume 51

Skelton gus dorner by paul hofmann cecil ferguson by jeff findley dana FILLINGIM by Niall Adler SAM GRAY by Gregory H. You have to be a very good pitcher to lose 20 games in one season. Wolf clyde wright by Paul E. By our count 499 major-league pitchers have had seasons in which they lost 20 or more games. Doutrich hall of famers: 20-game losers populate the baseball hall of fame by bill nowlin steve carlton by cosme vivanco jack chesbro by wayne mcelreavy john clarkson by brian mckenna CANDY CUMMINGS by David Fleitz PUD GALVIN by Charles Hausberg JESSE HAINES by Gregory H.

And we feature one woebegone pitching staff which had four 20-game losers in the same season. This take on pitching records offers plenty of quirks to explore. Mike maroth and brian kingman, the two most recent pitchers to lose 20 games, are here. Faber mike maroth by barbara mantegani and dave raglin al mattern by bob lemoine jim mccormick by chris rainey stoneY MCGLYNN by Steve Schmitt HARRY MCINTIRE by John Struth JACK NABORS by Stephen V.

Why would a manager keep putting you out there to pitch, time after time, if you didn’t have a chance to win the game? More than 25 percent of the pitchers in the National Baseball Hall of Fame are pitchers who lost 20 or more games in a single season. Sternman harry byrd by armand peterson george caster by chris rainey john coleman by justin Mckinney CLIFF CURTIS by Alan Drude ART DITMAR by David E.

Wolf guy hecker by bob bailey randy jones by alan cohen vern kennedy by Joel Rippel HENRY KEUPPER by Emmet R. Wolf vic willis by Daniel R.

The SABR Book of Umpires and Umpiring The SABR Digital Library Volume 46

Higham, al piacente, bob lemoine, david vincent, stephen johnson iii, brian mills, bill pruden, Hank Levy, Gil Imber, Shaun McReady, Rodney Johnson, Chuck Johnson, Bill Nowlin, Bob Luke, Chris Williams, Bob Hurte, Bob Webster, Herb Wilson. Red” merchant larry young and international umpiring cuban umpiring umpire elber ibarra umpiring in korea professional woman umpires amanda clement: the lady in blue the stained grass window by perry barber yanet moreno, umpire medical services kevin gregg, replay headset coordinator jeremy almazan, replay headset coordinator john herrholz, director of media relations, director of umpire development umpire observer kevin o’connor ross larson, the first woman umpire in any country’s major league umpire schools: training grounds for the guardians of the game an umpire school diary a Visit to the Wendelstedt Umpire School in 2017 The Evolution of Umpires’ Equipment and Uniforms Ted Barrett’s Chest Protector and Plate Brush What Do Umpires Do Exactly? When the Rules Aren’t the Rules Baseball Q & A - Applying the Rules Umpire Mechanics Umpire Changes During A Game A History of Umpire Ejections Throwing Out 17 Players In One Game Dave Mellor, Batboy Replay As An Umpiring Tool Larry Vanover — the first umpire to make a call at the Replay Operations Center Rich Rieker, Director, Instant Replay Coordinator Replay Behind the Scenes — At the Ballpark Andy Andres, Umpires Room Attendant Chris Cundiff, Field Timing Coordinator Dan Fish, Director of Grounds, Fenway Park Dean Lewis, Michigan? One Umpire’s Schedule Umpires and Health Marc Letendre, Ballpark Camera Technician Umpire Analytics The Chest Protector What’s In the Water in Coldwater, Boston Red Sox “Batter Ump” — Basebrawls Involving Umpires Death on the Diamond — The Cal Drummond Story The Story of UMPS CARE Charities HISTORY Disqualification of Umpire Dick Higham Deadball Era Umpires Umpires and Unionization The Fates of the “22” U.

Crew chief ted barrett chris guccione historical data retired numbers and un-retired from the umpires media guide honor rolls of baseball umpires who played and/or managed in the Major Leagues Umpire Records Umpires and No-Hitters Historical Timeline of Major League Umpiring from the Umpires Media Guide Umpires in Postseason OTHER UMPIRES, OTHER PLACES Umpires in the Negro Leagues Three Arizona League Umpires Once Upon a Blue Moon: A Love Affair with Umpiring Around the World of Umpiring by Clark G.

During the work on this book, supervisors and umpire administrators, former umpires, we interviewed 56 major league umpires, and others whose jobs cause them to interact with umpires. Hall of fame umpires al barlick nestor chylak jocko conlan tommy connolly billy evans doug harvey cal hubbard bill klem bill McGowan Hank O’Day OTHER NOTABLE UMPIRES Emmett Ashford Charlie Berry Augie Donatelli Tom Gorman Steve Palermo Babe Pinelli Ernie Quigley Beans Reardon Rev.

The Whiz Kids Take the Pennant: The 1950 Philadelphia Phillies The SABR Digital Library Volume 54

The 1950 philadelphia phillies--the "whiz kids"--threatened to run away with the pennant, but slumped badly in late summer before finally beating the Brooklyn Dodgers in a thrilling 10 inning game on the last day of the season. With contributions by: andy Sturgill, Bob Hurte, Bobby Brown, Bob LeMoine, C.

Not only does this volume recap how their run to the flag was marked by clutch hitting and pitching in close games, it contains biographies of every player who appeared, Willie "Puddin' Head" Jones, Robin Roberts, including Richie Ashburn, and Eddie Waitkus. This book is also the product of the dedicated, uncompensated work of 36 members of the Society for American Baseball Research, all of whom share a love of baseball and its rich history.

. Bobby Brown. Game stories and many other features about this unique team round out the volume. Morris, jan finkel, james ray, lyle spatz, Joe Schuster, Jimmy Keenan, John Wickline, Jim Sweetman, Mark S. That day at ebbets field they won only the second pennant in Phillies history and their first in 35 years.

Between the two pennants, and dead last 16 times between 1919 and 1945, including five straight years from 1938 to 1942, finishing in the first division only once between 1917 and 1949, the Phillies were mostly dreadful, once finishing 28½ games out of seventh place. Sternman, seamus kearney, mike huber, ralph Berger, Steve Schmitt, Steve West, Ted Smith, Neal Poloncarz, Warren Corbett.

In addition to a foreword by whiz kid curt simmons, it even contains a "View From the Other Side" by Yankees third baseman and former American League President Dr.

Sportsman's Park in St. Louis: Home of The Browns and Cardinals at Grand and Dodier

Louis is one of the fabled locations in baseball history. This book rekindles memories of the venerable ballpark through detailed summaries of 100 games played there from 1909 through 1966. The home of the browns and--beginning in July 1920--the Cardinals, Sportsman's Park hosted more than 7, 000 major league games.

The new concrete and steel park served as the center of professional baseball in St. There are also insightful feature essays about the park's history. Louis for the next six decades. This volume is a collaborative effort of 40 members of the Society for American Baseball Research SABR. Amateurs began playing on a sandlot there as far back as the 1860s.

In the winter of 1908-09 sportsman's Park, a dilapidated wooden structure, was rebuilt and extensively renovated and modernized. The intersection of Grand Avenue and Dodier Street on the north side of St.

Koufax Throws a Curve: The Los Angeles Dodgers at the End of an Era, 1964-1966

In the last two seasons of his career, Koufax averaged an impressive 27 complete games, 27 wins and 350 strikeouts. Yet 16 days after winning his second straight unanimous Cy Young Award, he shocked Major League Baseball by announcing he was going to retire. Like a supernova that had lit up the sports world for six years, he flamed out and was gone by age 30

Overly dependent on the fragile left arm of their to-be hall of fame left-hander, to a world series championship in 1965 on the strength of his shutout performance on short rest in Game 7 with the Twins, they careened from their worst season since World War II in 1964 after losing Koufax to an injury in mid-August, to an ignominious World Series collapse to the Orioles in 1966 after he single-handedly saved the Dodgers' 1966 regular season in the final game.

The conclusion of the sandy Koufax Era was a wild roller coaster ride for the LA Dodgers.