Murder Most Scottish: A Dead Cold Mystery

Maybe a bit too fascinating when it leads to a forty year old mystery about a man murdered, shot with a. 38 in a locked room in circumstances which are, quite simply, impossible. At first the place seems idyllic: the wild landscapes are breathtaking, the northern lights otherworldly and the fire-side talk, fuelled by good whisky and good Angus steak, is fascinating.

When detectives john stone and carmen dehan who run the cold cases department at the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx choose their honeymoon together, it must be remote, there are three things they are very clear on: there must be good steak and whisky, and for two blissful weeks they must forget about work, about cold cases and about murder.

And when the island is cut off by a storm, and an identical murder is committed, well, what are two cold case cops on honeymoon to do…? . So a small island off the north coast of Scotland in a 16th century castle seems to be just the job. After all, two out of three isn’t bad.

To Kill Upon A Kiss: A Dead Cold Mystery

And the only clue they have to his identity lies with Wayne Harris. Yet, doing a deal with him, may be the worst mistake of their careers…. Wayne wants something in return. When wayne harris contacts detectives stone and dehan, and tells them he has information relating to the Westchester Angel murder two years earlier, of the 43rd Precinct’s cold case unit, they agree to go and see him – at Rikers Island.

But it is also clear that Wayne is not giving anything away for free. He wants his liberty. Stone believes wayne harris belongs where he is, behind bars, but as he and Dehan begin to look into the case they soon realize the horrific truth: they are dealing with a psychopathic serial killer who will stop at nothing to sate his lust for blood.

It soon becomes clear that Wayne has genuine information about the murder, information he could only have if he had been there.

The Butcher of Whitechapel: A Dead Cold Mystery

And as the horror that he thought he’d laid to rest, the question that haunts him is, rises up again, will Dehan survive the ordeal? . Last time had been on an exchange program between the NYPD and Scotland Yard: an exchange of skills and experience that was supposed to last six months, but went one for a year and a half.

It was the first time John Stone had been back to London for fifteen years. This time he was on honeymoon with his partner and wife, Carmen Dehan. And it seemed, as they prepared to return home, that history was repeating itself. Because, as they were leaving the hotel for the airport, the call that said the killer was back, the one he’d been searching for fifteen years ago, the call came; the call that said they had to stay, the one who haunted all his secret nightmares - the one that got away.

So now he has to share his dark secrets, and his nightmares, with his new bride.

Fire From Heaven: A Dead Cold Mystery

His body was reduced to ash from his neck to his ankles, in the middle of Soundview Park. It wasn’t just the twenty years since danny Brown’s death that made it the hardest case of their careers: it was that the manner of his death was, quite simply, impossible. To make matters worse, though it had rained the night before, there were no footprints to be found - anywhere.

Detective stone keeps an open mind, is convinced there is a logical, Detective Dehan, but his partner, terrestrial explanation for the gruesome murder. His unburned feet were still in his flip-flops. The x-files, don’t they? then they start to hear about the lights in the sky that night, after all, and the threatening visits the FBI paid to the witnesses that saw them – and Detective Dehan starts to wonder: how was Danny Brown killed – and above all, exist only in fiction, by whom…?This is a cold case Dehan and Stone might never solve… .

His unburned head was just eighteen inches away, where it had apparently rolled; and his genitals too were unburned.

Unnatural Murder: A Dead Cold Mystery

Or was it…?sebastian acosta has been gunned down at three AM on a Saturday morning, sitting behind the wheel of a beaten up Toyota. The passenger door is open and a few paces away his pal, Luis Irizarry, lies with his life ebbing away through two gunshot wound in his chest. It was not a cold case. Rosario, who was like a sister to Marta Flores, Detective Dehan’s mother.

Things get more complicated when it emerges that rosario had started to get involved in a set whose morals Marta had considered a little too lax, a bit too broad-minded; when it emerges that the two boys who just got shot are the sons of two of the couples that made up that set. But then it turns out, this is just the tip of the iceberg, in this old, cold case… .

It should be a red hot case, the house that belonged to Angela Rojas, except that fifteen years earlier, Rosario Rojas was raped and strangled in that self same house, the house Luis was crawling toward, Rosario’s daughter.

Little Dead Riding Hood: A Dead Cold Mystery

They start asking the difficult questions, like how did she get into the river in the first place, and then the case starts heating up again…. Nothing. The case goes cold. Until her brother, Samuel, comes forward with new evidence he has found. An eighteen-year-old girl sets out one November night to walk five blocks down Gleason Avenue to her boyfriend’s house.

And then the cases is handed to Detectives Stone and Dehan of the 43rd Precinct. It’s a walk that should take ten minutes, but she never arrives. When she does turn up, washed up on the banks of the River Bronx, in Soundview Park, it’s five days later, strangled to death. The detective who investigates the murder, nothing of interest in her phone records, finds no forensic evidence, a friend of the family, no witnesses to the abduction or the murder.

He calls her and she tells him she’s on her way.

The Heart to Kill: A Dead Cold Mystery

So when he vanishes in the winter of 2008, investigating the story of his life, nobody worries – until he shows up shot in the head with his own 9mm - no laptop and no story. It wasn’t much to go on in 2008, but when stone and Dehan pick it up ten years later, the case is as cold as the icy winds blowing off the East River.

Dave thorndike, an investigative reporter on the New York Telegraph, is in the habit of disappearing for weeks at a time. A fact to which Stone seems totally blind…. She also sees shelly pierce, the sexy new editor of the NY Telegraph, coming on to Stone. Both his wife and his mistress had motive, but the killing has all the hallmarks of an execution.

But that’s not the only thing she notices. Things get deep when dehan realizes thorndike’s investigation was into non other than Senator Carol Hennessy, head of the Hennessy Foundation and presidential candidate - a woman whose opponents tended to die young.

Strange and Sinister Path: A Dead Cold Mystery

And when he finds no blood at the scene and no physical evidence, it becomes more than a problem. There is nothing unusual about a young catholic girl from the Bronx winding up raped, strangled and decapitated – unless she winds up that way in Lefthand Canyon, in the Colorado Rockies, beaten, where there hasn’t been a murder since 1922.

Let them deal with it. But lee county is one of the remotest parts of the USA, and Stone finds his pool of suspects limited, to say the least. Then it’s unusual enough to become a problem for the sheriff of Lee County. It becomes a headache – for five long years. That’s when he bats it back to the Bronx, to the 43rd precinct and right onto Detectives Stone and Dehan’s desk.

Was it greg, the bitter, puritanical in-laws? or somebody in the off-grid, the tough, plain-talking rancher? Was it Ingrid and Alfredo, dope farming community at the Shack?Or was it somebody else, somebody completely different…? .

The Sins of the Father: A Dead Cold Mystery

The only trouble is, and the suspects are as bizarre as they are unlikely: reverend paul truelove, the mysterious, and even Sylvie herself…But Stone and Dehan know, shambling freak who speaks a language only he understands, the Mexican housebreaker, Detectives Stone and Dehan have to piece together a crime where their prime witness remembers nothing, the shock has completely erased her memory…Now, Humberto, El Chato, where sex and religion mix, eighteen years later, bombastic and irresistible to women, nothing is ever simple.

When silvie martin moves to new york from texas with her husband, Mary, Simon, and their one year-old daughter, she is filled with the joy and hope she derives from their shared faith. But no sooner have they moved into their new home, which backs on to their church, than her husband is brutally murdered before her very eyes.

And the deeper they investigate, the more convinced they are, there is something they are not seeing….

Blood Into Wine: A Dead Cold Mystery

But assistant da costas varufakis didn’t like it and he was leaning on Deputy Inspector John Newman of the 43rd Precinct to have somebody look a bit deeper. That somebody was Detectives John Stone, and his partner Carmen Dehan. And when they started to look, the weapon was wrong, everything looked wrong: the motive was wrong, the location was wrong – even Assistant DA Varufakis was wrong.

The weather was freezing, but the case wasn’t cold, it was too hot. But when they discover the nature of robles’ relationship with Dr Alicia Cobos, and when the forensic team discover Robles’ deleted Telegram app, thing go from wrong to very, very dark. Yet the two question on stone’s mind are: Is it all smoke and mirrors? And where is Dr Agnes Shine?

It looked open and shut: dr agnes shine had shot dr jose Robles eight times with a Sig Sauer Tacops p226, while they were drinking Californian wine in her living room; then she’d disappeared.

Let Us Prey: A Dead Cold Mystery

Then stone will be on his own…. It seemed to be a cold case like any other. Then Stone got curious. So much so that stone and dehan hadn’t even considered reviewing it – until private investigator Karl Baxter requested a copy of the police file. Until the strain on Stone and Dehan’s partnership threatens to make it snap.

Why did a second rate pi in the bronx want to look into the case of a low life petty criminal found tied to a chair in his apartment, beaten and shot through the heart? And that question led to other questions, whose was second pool of blood on the floor? If there was a second victim, where was the body? Unfortunately, a chat with Baxter only raises more questions that threaten to drive Stone crazy: who is the mysterious Tamara Gunthersen? And what was the gig she did for the even more mysterious Geronimo dos Santos, back in 2015? At every turn the questions get deeper, like, and the women more tempting - and more dangerous.