Night Train to Lisbon: A Novel

Grove Press. Inspired by the words of amadeu de prado, a doctor whose intelligence and magnetism left a mark on everyone who met him and whose principles led him into a confrontation with Salazar’s dictatorship, Gergorius boards a train to Lisbon. As gregorius becomes fascinated with unlocking the mystery of who Prado was, an extraordinary tale unfolds.

One day, a chance encounter with a Portuguese woman inspires him to question his life—and leads him to an extraordinary book that will open the possibility of changing it. Raimund gregorius teaches classical languages at a Swiss lycée, and lives a life governed by routine.

A Small Death in Lisbon

A sex slaying in modern-day Lisbon. Berkley Books. The shocking connection makes this the most talked-about thriller in years. A secret in 1941 Berlin.

The Portuguese: A Modern History

The 1755 lisbon earthquake was one of Europe's greatest natural disasters, strongly influencing continental thought and heralding Portugal's extended decline. Combining history and anecdote, barry hatton paints an intimate portrait of a fascinating country and its people Portugal is an established member of the European Union, one of the founders of the euro currency and a founding member of NATO.

Analyzing present-day society and culture, The Portuguese also considers the nation's often tumultuous past. Portugal, which claims Europe's oldest fixed borders, measures just 561 by 218 kilometers. Portugal's quirky relationship with Spain, and with its oldest ally England, is also scrutinized. He describes the idiosyncrasies that make the Portuguese unique and surveys the eventful path that brought them to where they are today.

Berkley Books. The portuguese also weathered Europe's longest dictatorship under twentieth-century ruler António Salazar. Barry hatton shines a light on this enigmatic corner of Europe by blending historical analysis with entertaining personal anecdotes. With an easygoing and seductive lifestyle expressed most fully in their love of food, the Portuguese also have an anarchical streak evident in many facets of contemporary life.

In the fifteenth-and sixteenth-century Age of Discovery the Portuguese led Europe out of the Mediterranean into the Atlantic and they brought Asia and Europe together. Within that space, however, it offers a patchwork of widely differing and beautiful landscapes.

The High Mountains of Portugal: A Novel

As whimsical as martel’s magic realism can be, grief informs every step of the book’s three journeys. Martel’s writing has never been more charming. Ron charles, the washington postnamed one of the best books of the year by nprIn Lisbon in 1904, a young man named Tomás discovers an old journal. Le guin, the guardian“Martel packs his inventive novel with beguiling ideas.

. Fifty years on, a canadian senator takes refuge in his ancestral village in northern Portugal, grieving the loss of his beloved wife. But he arrives with an unusual companion: a chimpanzee. Filled with tenderness, and endless surprise, humor, it takes the reader on a road trip through Portugal in the last century—and through the human soul.

Praise for the high mountains of portugal “Just as ambitious, just as clever, just as existential and spiritual as Life of Pi. Traveling in one of europe’s earliest automobiles, he sets out in search of this strange treasure.

Journey to Portugal: In Pursuit of Portugal's History and Culture

Spiegel Grau. Whether it be an inaccessible medieval fortress set on a cliff, or a grand mansion in the city, a wayside chapel thick with cobwebs, the extraordinary places of this land come alive. When josé saramago decided to write a book about Portugal, his only desire was that it be unlike all other books on the subject, and in this he has certainly succeeded.

Berkley Books. Journey to portugal is an ode to a country and its rich traditions. Always meticulously attentive to those elements of ancient Portugal that persist today, he examines the country in its current period of rapid transition and growth. Forfeiting the usual sources such as tourist guides and road maps, he scours the country with the eyes and ears of an observer fascinated by the ancient myths and history of his people.

Recording the events and observations of a journey across the length and breadth of the country he loves dearly, Saramago brings Portugal to life as only a writer of his brilliance can.

300 Days of Sun: A Novel

Only rylands insists the book isn’t fiction, and as joanna reads deeper into The Alliance, she begins to suspect that Esta Hartford’s story and Nathan Emberlin’s may indeed converge in Faro—where the past not only casts a long shadow but still exerts a very present danger. The book recounts an american couple’s experience in Portugal during World War II, and their entanglements both personal and professional with their German enemies.

Spiegel Grau. But behind the crumbling facades of Moorish buildings, Faro has a seedy underbelly, Joanna soon realizes, its economy compromised by corruption and wartime spoils. Faro is an enchanting town, and the seaside views are enhanced by the company of Nathan Emberlin, a charismatic younger man. Combining the atmosphere of jess walter's beautiful ruins with the intriguing historical backstory of Christina Baker Kline’s Orphan Train, Deborah Lawrenson’s mesmerizing novel transports readers to a sunny Portuguese town with a shadowy past—where two women, decades apart, are drawn into a dark game of truth and lies that still haunts the shifting sea marshes.

Traveling to faro, portugal, journalist Joanna Millard hopes to escape an unsatisfying relationship and a stalled career. And nathan has an ulterior motive for seeking her company: he is determined to discover the truth involving a child’s kidnapping that may have taken place on this dramatic coastline over two decades ago.

Joanna’s subsequent search leads her to Ian Rylands, an English expat who cryptically insists she will find answers in The Alliance, a novel written by American Esta Hartford. Berkley Books.

Night Train To Lisbon DVD + Digital

In his exploration of Amadeu de Prado's life, Gregorius finds that life can change in an instant. Determined to learn more about the author, loyalty and betrayal, love and jealousy, Gregorius boards the night train to Lisbon and begins to piece together an epic story of oppression and revolution, played out against the backdrop of a brutal fascist dictatorship.

Spiegel Grau. Berkley Books. Latin teacher raimund gregorius Irons finds a book by Portuguese poet and doctor Amadeu de Prado Huston and his life is irrevocably changed. Factory sealed DVD.

Baltasar and Blimunda

Berkley Books. Factory sealed DVD. From the recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature, a “brilliant. Enchanting novel” new york times book Review of romance, religion, deceit, and magic set in eighteenth-century Portugal at the height of the Inquisition. Translated by Giovanni Pontiero. Spiegel Grau.

National bestseller.

Pereira Maintains New Directions Paperbook

Factory sealed DVD. Spiegel Grau. Tabucchi’s masterpiece “conjures a state between waking and dreaming” The New York Times Dr. Berkley Books. Pereira is an aging, lonely, overweight journalist who has failed to notice the menacing cloud of fascism over Salazarist Lisbon. New directions Publishing Corporation.

Eventually, breaking out of the shell of his own inhibitions, Pereira reluctantly rises to heroism―and this arc is “one of the most intriguing and appealing character studies in recent European fiction” Kirkus. One day he meets montiero rossi, an aspiring young writer whose anti-fascist fervor is as strong as Pereira’s apolitical languor.


A Concise History of Portugal Cambridge Concise Histories

Berkley Books. Factory sealed DVD. In 1975, portugal withdrew from its African colonies and looked north to become a democratic member of the European Community in 1986. Spiegel Grau. New directions Publishing Corporation. It remains the standard single-volume work on Portugal, studying the effects of the vast wealth mined from Portuguese Brazil, the growth of the wine trade, and the evolution of international ties.

The portuguese revolution of 1820 to 1851 created a liberal monarchy, by 1926, but in 1910 the king was overthrown and, had been replaced by a dictatorship. This concise, its empire, illustrated history of Portugal offers an introduction to the people and culture of the country, and its search for economic modernisation, political stability and international partnership.

This third edition brings the story up to date, with a new afterword to reflect recent changes in Portugal, Europe, and the wider world.

Portugal: A Companion History Aspects of Portugal S.

Rare book Berkley Books. New directions Publishing Corporation. Spiegel Grau. Factory sealed DVD.