Obama’s Legacy – Revealed

Ran roughshod over the U. S. Federal debt will almost double to $20 trillion; Federal Reserve debt increased over $4 trillion; personal debt at record levels And much more. Today, very few people fully understand the extensive consequences of President Obama's two terms in office. In revealed: obama's Legacy, the details are presented.

. Constitution undermined america's judicial system world's number one promoter of lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender LGBT Celebrated Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage with a rainbow imaged on the White House Directed a destructive transformation of the U. S. Military lectured god-fearing christians on how to behave a Muslim apologist and defender of Islam in America Passionate about Middle East refugees coming to America Expressed no emotion over Christians being persecuted for their faith Endangered Israel and U.

S. Middle east allies by destabilizing the region U. S. Life as we know it in America will never be the same.

Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel

Calling the israeli-Palestinian talks "Middle East peace talks" is a false narrative. Jews have a three-thousand-year history with Jerusalem, and Christians have a two-thousand-year history. Bush, bill Clinton, George W. Over one hundred billion-dollar, record-setting catastrophes and/or events occurred while US presidents George H.

The us, the un, and the eu do not have the authority to divide God s covenant land. The costliest insurance events, the " perfect storm, the largest tornado outbreaks, " the 9/11 terror events, the costliest hurricanes, and Hurricane Katrina corresponded to White House pressure on Israel to divide their land.

W. 2017 expanded Edition. The biblical heartland of israel - Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem - is not to be part of an Arab State. The god of israel will continue to rebuke those leaders and their nations attempting to divide His land! The bible declares that jerusalem will become a burdensome stone, and efforts to divide the city and land will lead to Armageddon, the final battle for Jerusalem.

Bush, barack obama and Donald Trump were pressuring or calling on Israel to divide their covenant land.

God's Prophetic Voices To America

It will impel you into the Scriptures and to your knees in prayer. The bible teaches that before god pours out His wrath on a nation He has blessed, He always warns by first calling the nation to repentance through prophetic voices and remedial judgments. This of course, raises the crucial question: Is there any hope for America? The answer to that question which this book supplies is sobering.

Past prophetic voices include: Peter Marshall, Francis Schaeffer, David Wilkerson, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It also demonstrates how the nation has turned a deaf ear to these messages and to the remedial judgments God has sent. This book clearly shows how god has been speaking to America for decades through a variety of prophetic voices who have been alerting the nation to its sins and calling it to repentance.

Current prophetic voices include: donald wildmon, erwin Lutzer, David Jeremiah, Albert Mohler, Jan Markell, Franklin Graham, William Koenig, Robert Jeffress and Jonathan Cahn.

Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon Babylon Code

Using documentation gleaned from years of journalistic investigation and extensive interviews with over fifty of the world's most respected geopolitical, faith leaders, education, international banking, McGuire and Anderson unmask these elites as members of secret societies with deep occult connections who have gained control of America's dominant institutions-government, entertainment, economic and military affairs experts, and biblical scholars, and even the media.

Trumpocalypse explores the enigmatic prophecies and "biblical codes" involving trump, and asks whether God raised up President Trump as a fearless leader to guide America and the free world through a series of major crises as the biblical end-time narrative unfolds, as many people with prophetic gifts are predicting, and shows why everyday Americans and evangelicals have rallied around Trump as their last hope of saving America and averting the horrors of the Apocalypse.

America's most insidious enemies are not hostile nations; they are elite globalists-the "Establishment" that is making the "1 percent" even richer while working- and middle-class people watch their incomes and net worth's flatline or plummet. The authors fearlessly expose the globalist elite's secret plan for humanity and campaign of mass deception.

From the authors of the international bestseller the babylon code comes an explosive exposé of the chilling truth about the fierce opposition to the Trump presidency, staged economic collapse, and why the globalist elite and Deep State will stop at nothing-assassination, military coup, or worse-to overthrow him.

Trumpocalypse!" it's the media-coined meme inciting panic and fear that America has elected an unstable man who will barge into delicate international affairs like a bull in a china shop and incite nations bent on America's destruction to trigger World War III-an unprecedented nuclear apocalypse ending the world as we know it.

It further reveals why trump and millions of "deplorables" are fighting to stop the hidden agenda of the Establishment, and how the perplexing chaos enveloping the planet could paradoxically signal the beginning of the great end-times awakening that millions are praying for. Here is an invitation to join the anti-establishment surge-what evangelist Franklin Graham calls "the Christian revolution"-and discover how to fulfill your own destiny in the run-up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled

Could an ancient prophecy and a mysterious ordinance given in a middle eastern desert over three thousand years ago be determining the events of our day?Could some of the most famous people of modern history and current events be secretly linked to this mystery-even a modern president of the United States?Could this ancient revelation pinpoint the events of our times down to the year, month, and day of their occurring?Could a mysterious phenomenon be manifesting on the world stage on an exact timetable determined from ancient times?Could these manifestations have altered-and now be altering-the course of world events? Jonathan Cahn takes the reader on a journey to find the man called the Oracle.

As with the harbinger and The Book of Mysteries, Cahn reveals the mysteries through a narrative. The reader will discover the ancient scrolls that contain the appointed words that have determined the course of world history from the onset of modern times up to our day. Ultimately the oracle will reveal the secret that lies behind end-time prophecy and the mystery of the end of the age.

Behind each door lies a stream of mysteries. One by one each of the Jubilean mysteries will be revealed through the giving of a vision. The reader will be taken on a journey of angels and prophetic revelations waiting to be discovered behind each of the seven doors-the ancient secrets that lie behind the world-changing events of modern times-and revelations of what is yet to come.

Hailed as a mind-blowing masterpiece, amazing, mind-blowing, stunning,  The Oracle will reveal mysteries that are absolutely real, and life-changing. Prepare to be blown away.

The Rapture: Fact or Fiction?

The book also provides responses to all the major objections that have been made to the concept of the Rapture. This book answers the most frequently asked questions about the rapture: where can the rapture be found in the Bible? What is the meaning of the Rapture? When is the Rapture most likely to take place? Who will be included in the Rapture? Are there signs that will signal the Rapture? Does the Rapture have relevance to our lives now? The answers to these and other questions are provided in langue that is down-to-earth and easy-to-understand.


Judgment Of The Nephilim

It also details the connection between Genesis 6, Plato's account of Atlantis and ancient mythology. A comprehensive biblical study of the nephilim giants - Prepare For Startling Revelations From The Pages of The Holy Bible 6, 000 years ago a war began. New discoveries from scripture regarding The Nephilim And Their Fallen Angelic Ancestors This is a comprehensive Biblical study of the Nephilim.

A group of angels broke off their allegiance to the Lord and entered the earthly realm to corrupt the human gene pool and prevent the Savior’s birth. How did the nephilim return after the Flood and are there still Nephilim among us? All these questions will be answered and many, many more. This book is a must-read for those who want to learn more on the topic of the Nephilim giants.

How were angels able to reproduce with human women? who was the first human woman to marry the fallen Sons of God and conceive a child? Who was the fallen angel who ruled the preflood world? The specific timing and description of God’s punishment of the rebel Sons of God and the Nephilim. In order to prevent this child’s birth, Satan instigated a fallen angelic rebellion.

These fallen angels “sons of God” took human wives “daughters of men” and had children with them. This is the Judgment of the Nephilim. Using a literal reading of scripture, we are given a complete picture of the war between two bloodlines – the lineage of the Messiah and the seed of Satan. Exploring passages rarely connected to the giants, you will discover new revelations regarding the Nephilim including: Why did Pharaoh order all male children to be thrown in the river and Herod execute all male children in Bethlehem? The Biblical location of the heavenly portal used by angels to enter the earthly realm.

Israel Rising: Ancient Prophecy/Modern Lens

It will explore the historical accounts from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim eyewitnesses of what the land and region has experience and endured. It will look at what exactly Ezekiel prophesied. A unique visual story of Israel's miraculous journey from unforgiving desert land to thriving nation. Thousands of years ago, the prophet Ezekiel foretold a future time in which the arid land of Israel would come alive for its people.

Here, celebration, worship, rarely seen photographs taken between the 1880s and the 1940s juxtaposed with contemporary images of the same locations illustrate the region's biblical history as a place of monumental battle, and awesome resilience. Whether by helicopter or on foot, to jaffa port's breakwater, author doug hershey and photographer Elise Monique Theriault negotiate the terrain to access the vantage points required to match the original photos, from the rooftop of Israel's National Museum of Science, Technology and Space in Haifa, on their own or with the aid of locals, and much more.

With more than 175 photos, israel Rising will depict the transformation of Israel as it celebrates its 70th anniversary. Their quest creates a collection that will inspire and captivate as it illuminates Israel's foretold awakening in a new and unforgettable way. To help facilitate this dramatic view of history, Israel Rising will start at the beginning.

And photos from the 1880s-1940s will be compared to new photos of the same locations. Now this breathtaking book documents the fulfillment of this vision, to the stellar beaches of Caesarea, from the hills of Shiloh where shepherds once roamed, founded on sand dunes, the Eternal City of Peace, transformed from a small village into one of Israel's most stunning coastal cities and finally Jerusalem, to the booming city of Tel Aviv, where in ancient times the power of worship resounded from the Temple.

Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel by Koenig, William R.July 1, 2008 Paperback


The Last Hour: An Israeli Insider Looks at the End Times

Avoiding sensationalism and date-speculating, respected Bible teacher Amir Tsarfati uses his unique perspective as an Israeli Christian to lead you through a fascinating modern-day description of God's plan for the end of the world. Grounded from start to finish in scripture, the book reveals how the Rapture, the imminent rise of the Antichrist, and the tragic horrors of the Great Tribulation will play out in our world today.

He also helps you understand the roles--and fates--of russia, Iran, the European Union, Syria, the United States of America, Turkey, and Israel in the end times, showing just how biblical prophecies are being fulfilled in our time. But above all, god is ultimately in control, he offers hope that in the midst of chaos and horror, and those who belong to him will be safe with him.


Discerners: Analyzing Converging Prophetic Signs for the End of Days

Each contributor examines, a specific topic, under the microscope of Scripture, from anti-God movements within religion and culture to satanic geopolitical rearrangements. Their hearts and minds simply can’t be returned to Him. This, we believe, will help make understandable the madness taking place in this generation.

Discerners helps shine heaven’s light on these strange but exciting times so near when Jesus will step out on the clouds of glory and call all who are born again to Himself 1 Thessalonians 4:16–17. What i say unto you, I say unto all, Watch. David Reagan. When people keep turning their backs on God, they eventually become so wicked that He stops pleading for them to repent.

So, it’s up to believers to step up and shoulder the responsibility of being "watchmen on the wall" during these confusing and troubling times. Discerners: analyzing Converging Prophetic Signs for the End of Days does just that. In this book, teachers, eighteen authors - including noted broadcasters, and Bible scholars - tackle issues that are critical for this generation of believers to understand.

Authors include Terry James, Todd Strandberg, Dr. Mark 13:37. Larry spargimino, daymond duck, jim fletcher, tom hughes, phillip goodman, tim Cameron, Grant Phillips, Pete Garcia, Nathan Jones, Bill Salus, Jeff Kinley, Ryan Pitterson, Don McGee, Gary Stearman, Jan Markell, and Dr.