Paper in My Shoe: Name Papers, Petition Papers, and Prayer Papers in Hoodoo, Rootwork, and Conjure

Learn how to craft spiritual name-paper links to distant people, employ written commands to get your way in life, use printed prayers and paper currency in candle spells, and carry prepared papers on your person for mastery and control. Paper in my shoe is a practical manual that will teach you the art of written magic in the African American traditions of Hoodoo and Rootwork.


The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic in Rootwork, Conjure, and Spiritual Church Services

Within these pages you will find a treasure-trove of accurate, traditional, and easy-to-follow instructions that teach you how to work with candles and lamps in hoodoo folk magic and Spiritual Church services. Learn about down-home candle magic for the private practitioner; how to select and prepare candles for personal use; auspicious timing for Effective Spell-Casting; Candle Conjure for Love, Altar Work, and Cast Your Own Candle Spells; How to Read Divination Signs from Candles; Spiritual Ministries, and Protection; How to Create, Craft, Money, and Prayers; How to Establish a Private Vigil Candle Ministry; and How to Conduct a Public Candle Light Service.


Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic: A Materia Magica of African-American Conjure

224 pages 500 herbs, and magical recipes, roots, minerals, and rare zoological curios, tricks, 750 traditional spells, 50 black and white illustrations Used book in Good Condition. This is the first book of its kind, presenting accurate botanical information about roots and herbs employed in conjure, with sample spells that will show you how to make and use your own mojo bags, spiritual baths, and incenses.


Cash Box Conjure: Hoodoo Spells for Luck and Money

Learn old-school hoodoo methods for drawing luck and increasing cash flow in your home or business, as well as how to get that winning edge in gambling, lottery play, or at the casinos. With more than 100 rituals and recipes for financial abundance, herbs, floor washes, this book tells you how to use authentic African-American candle lights, money mojos, roots, and magical talismans to bring in and retain the wealth you want.

Cash box conjure is a veritable treasure-trove of down-home money-magic and prosperity spells. Used book in Good Condition.

Hoodoo Bible Magic: Sacred Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery

The bible is a magic book! THIS book tells you just how to use it. This is your birthright! practical, and straightforward, honest, this book teaches the history and unlocks the mystery of Christian Conjuration with the Holy Scriptures. Learn ancient traditional spells of psalmic magic from forgotten books of Jewish wisdom preserved by African American elders, open the Bible's treasure-house of Secret Charms and Sacred Amulets, and prepare yourself for revelations and wonders.

. There are those who know and understand this to mean that in each of us is a spark of THE DIVINE -- a spark which can aid us to attain wisdom, love, riches, joy, health, and success through the power of God's Holy Word. It has been said that we are created in God's own image. Questions the whole world has asked are now answered! used book in Good Condition.


Cursing and Crossing: Hoodoo Spells to Torment, Jinx, and Take Revenge On Your Enemies

Not for the lady-hearted or faint of spirit, this book includes full instructions for making and torturing doll-babies, imprisoning your enemies in coffin boxes, and freezing unwanted people out of your life. This unique collection of spells features serious, hard-hitting, hot, fast-paced, and STRONG works of revenge and justice.

Used book in Good Condition. Now you too can benefit from the malevolent secrets of cursing and crossing, passed down through the generations, and brought to your fingertips in one handy spell-packed book. Using pins, jinx, nails, miss aida teaches you exactly how to torment, and graveyard dirt, feces, candles, powders, oils, needles, and mess up your adversaries and foes.


Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells: Sweet Love Magic in the Conjure Tradition

The information you have always wanted is now available in one easy-to-read compendium. Deacon millett of four altars gospel sanctuary presents full, honey, complete, molasses, onion, apple, and authentic instructions on every kind of sugar, and syrup spell you can imagine. Used book in Good Condition. Deacon millett is a reconciliation and love spell specialist, and honey baths! plus, and the incredible opening section is filled with the Deacon's recipes for making your own sugar scrubs, he has included an extensive "Frequently Asked Questions" section, sweet bowl spells, gleaned from the pages of the Lucky Mojo Forum -- with incredible answers by our intrepid moderators and members of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers.


Success and Power Through Psalms

The revised and expanded edition of donna Rose's classic offers over 300 simple to perform magical rituals to help you manifest all of your desires using the magical powers of the psalms. For thousands of years, men and women have found in the psalms the perfect prayer book, possessing wisdom applicable to every human situation.

Used book in Good Condition. These formulas help the seeker solve everyday problems, gain material and spiritual wealth, achieve higher states of consciousness, as well as help defend himself or herself against psychic attacks and all manner of dangers. Wise men and women of deep mystical insight have also learned to decipher the magical formulas David and other Psalmists hid behind the written words.


Power of the Psalms

A powerful spiritual work to help you with daily meditation; for work, health, love and success. Used book in Good Condition.

The Black Folder: Personal Communications on the Mastery of Hoodoo

Used book in Good Condition. E. Lara rivera, Prof. The name of the book is "the black folder" -- but don't let the name or the cover fool you -- it's a regular 8 1/2" x 11" trade paperback book, like nothing else available anywhere. Contributors include an all-star line-up of well-known conjure doctors from around the world: ConjureMan Ali, Deacon Millett, Dr.

As the years went on, the content of the Black Folder grew and grew and grew, until there were so many pages that they could no longer easily fit into a single report cover. Conjure spells for love, tea leaves, and luck;cursing and reversing tricks with dolls and mirror spells;the Secrets of Kitchen Witchery and Grocery Store Magic;Candle and Oil Lamp Magic in the Hoodoo Tradition;How to Make Your Own Mojo Hands, and Packet Amulets;Divination and Seership with Bones, Doll-Babies, Money, Protection, and Candle Wax.

From 2002 through 2013, the lucky mojo curio company offered an assortment of informational "shop flyers" to all in-store and mail-order customers, featuring basic information about African American hoodoo drawn from catherine yronwode's book "Hoodoo in Theory and Practice. Meanwhile, recipes, from 2008 through 2013, the missionary independent Spiritual Church annual Hoodoo Workshops, attendees who came to receive hands-on training in the practice of conjure and other forms of world folk-magic received hand-out flyers describing the spells, and methods of practice being taught.

James dotson, marin graves, susan diamond, Khi Armand, Sindy Todo, Sister Robin Petersen, Miss Elvyra Curcuruto-Love, Ms. All of these three-hole-punched information sheets -- the Lucky Mojo Shop Flyers and the Hoodoo Workshop Hand-Outs -- were then collected together into a black school-report cover -- which we called The Black Folder.

The Art of Making Mojos: How to Craft Conjure Hands, Trick Bags, Tobies, Gree-Grees, Jomos, Jacks, and Nation Sacks

Down-home methods for making conjure bags how to select your herbs, and curios dressing and feeding a mojo for any purpose lucky mojo hands for Winning Games of Chance Jomos for Money Drawing and Business Success Uncrossing, Sexuality, Healing, Roots, and Jinx-Breaking Hands Tobies for Attraction, and Love Mojos to Rule or Control Your Associates Bed and Mattress Packets to Bless the Home How to Make Nation Sacks and Jack Balls Used book in Good Condition.

Within these pages you will find a treasure-trove of accurate, jacks, and easy-to-follow instructions that teach you how to craft and work with Conjure Hands, Jomos, Trick Bags, Gree-Grees, authentic, Tobies, and Nation Sacks in the hoodoo folk magic tradition.