Police the law enforcement Magazine is a publication for the law enforcement professional focusing on the trends, roles and experiences of law enforcement.

Guns & Ammo

This magazine is edited for sportsmen with an interest in the practical application of sporting firearms and emphasizes their safe and proper use. The magazine delivers an editorial mix that includes hunting, reloading, antique and modern arms, shooting, ballistics and arms legislation. As well, it contains information about natural resource and environmental protection, new products and trends.


Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur magazine is for businesses owners, offering inspiration and information on marketing, management, technology, the latest trends and strategies.

Arts and Activities

Used by classroom teachers, arts supervisors and administrators concerned with teaching the arts, Grade K-12; guide to teaching creative arts activities and skills, used as reference in libraries and teacher colleges.

Cook's Illustrated

Best brands -- from canned tomatoes to baking chocolate. Best and worst cooking equipment -- from chef's knives to cookie sheets. Cook's illustrated provides readers with recipes, cooking techniques, and product and food recommendations exhaustively developed in our extensive Test Kitchen facility - the same kitchen featured on our cooking show, America's Test Kitchen.

And all of this is provided without a single page of advertising - just 100% cooking information. Best cooking techniques - from brining shrimp to baking ham. Included are best ways to prepare favorite American dishes -- from pot roast and chocolate chip cookies to grilled salmon and fruit cobbler.


Discover magazine provides a comprehensive look into the latest news in the world of science and the effect it has on our everyday lives. Sure to satisfy the curiosity of your most inquisitive customers, Discover is a must-have magazine for your waiting room.

Farm Journal

A business journal published for families who own or operate farms and ranches.

Highlights For Children

The magazine's philosophy focuses on encouraging kids to become more creative, more sensitive to others, and more able to think for themselves. Regular features every month in Highlights for Children magazine give kids a sense of familiarity that makes them comfortable even when faced with material that challenges their growing brains.

Kids love to figure out the answers to puzzles and quizzes themselves, publications, making this magazine a departure from the instant-gratification culture often found in modern kid-oriented activities, and apps. The combination of familiarity and new ideas helps kids develop the confidence to try new things and excel at things they've never done before.

Every issue is chock full of wholesome, puzzles, challenging content that gets little minds going, so you can rest assured that the hours your child spends engrossed in the articles, and activities is well worth the time. From science projects to jokes and puzzles, the content in Highlights for Children magazine will get your child's attention and keep it for longer than you imagined was possible.

The classic timbertoes characters appear in every issue, and kids look forward to seeing these favorite friendly faces when they open the magazine cover. Your children deserve engaging content that will excite and inspire them, activities, and Highlights for Children magazine delivers fun articles, and experiences that get your kids excited about learning new things.

Kids can also submit their own art and writing for consideration in a reader-submitted section of the magazine. Reading and learning become fun for kids when they've got Highlights for Children magazine to entertain and teach them.

Sam Advanced Management Journal

General management quarterly journal in its 65th year of publication. This journal is of interest to managers in different fields. Distributed internationally and easy to read.

MIT Technology Review

Each issue provides unparalleled insights on the cutting edge technologies that are changing the world and the way that you do business. Subscribe now! Every article is a clear account of what's happening in the world of technology and business using fresh analysis and bold opinion that are critical to today's decision makers.

Published by mit since 1899, Technology Review is the authority on the future of technology.

Food & Wine

Every issue helps readers find the best restaurants, create a better kitchen, get inspired by great chefs, indulge in the best wine, enjoy the best food, eat more healthy, and much more! . Food & wine is packed with the world's greatest recipes for soups, pasta, meats, salads, bread, and mouthwatering desserts.