School of American Research, No. 29 – Santa Clara Pottery Today Monograph Series

Drawing on a variety of published and unpublished sources, the author also provides background on the evolution of Santa Clara pottery and identifies changes that have occurred in materials and techniques. Collecting and preparing the clay, making slips and paints, smoothing, decorating, polishing, modeling various kinds of vessels, slipping, sanding, firing—all are described and illustrated so thoroughly that the reader can experiment with the Santa Clara techniques himself if he wishes.

During the interviews, the author recorded and photographed each step—from clay pit to market—in the making of contemporary Santa Clara pottery. Santa clara pottery today combines extensive historical research with the interviews granted by three Santa Clara potters. The beautiful polished black and polychrome pottery of Santa Clara Pueblo is rivaled in design and execution only by that of its neighbor, San Ildefonso, among the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico.

Used book in Good Condition. In recent years it has been sought by growing numbers of collectors and investor.

Pottery of the Southwest: Ancient Art and Modern Traditions Shire Library USA

Potters like nampeyo, Maria Martinez and Juan Quezada achieved worldwide fame. Many of those local styles have persisted for hundreds of years. This book introduces the art from its beginnings to the present and displays examples that describe how America's first important art form grew into one of the world's most accessible treasures.

In prehistory, beautiful pieces had high trade value, and the finest contemporary pieces command prices appropriate to fine art of any type. Yet despite its history and the skill of its artists, Southwestern Indian pottery remains surprisingly easy to collect. Today, more than twenty Pueblos and tribes make pottery within the tradition, each with a distinctive style.

For almost two thousand years, the pottery made by the Indians of America's Southwest has remained a vital art.

A River Apart: The Pottery of Cochiti & Santa Domingo Pueblos

Cochiti modified its traditional forms of pottery for new markets, while Santo Domingo shunned the tourist trade and art market, continuing an artistic trajectory that was conservative and insular. A river apart brings together a distinguished a team of anthropologists, artists, and art historians from Native and non-Native perspectives to examine the pottery traditions of the two Pueblos and decipher what discoveries can be made and identities established through these representations of material culture.

. Separated by a river, cochiti and Santo Domingo Pueblos shared a ceramic tradition for centuries until increasing contact with outsiders brought great change and divergent paths. Used book in Good Condition.

Pueblo Pottery Designs Dover Pictorial Archive Series

Used book in Good Condition. Classic new mexican crafts, abstracts, mammals, plant forms, designs of birds, and more.

Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni

Used book in Good Condition. It served as an art book, beautiful to look at, and a reference book, but also fun to read, a history book, and filled with good humor and good sense. Now updated, and re-photographed, rewritten, it's a comprehensive study as well as a basic introduction to the art. After twenty years of faithful service, 600 pots from more than 1, it’s been expanded and brought up-to-date with photographs of more than 1, 600 years.

Taylor Trade Publishing. It shows every pottery-producing group in the Southwest, complete with maps that show where each group lives. When this book first appeared in 1996, it was “Pottery 101, ” a basic introduction to the subject.

Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni

Used book in Good Condition. An art book, and a reference book showcasing more than 1, a history book, 100 pots. Taylor Trade Publishing. Used book in Good Condition. There isn't a more complete southwestern pottery guide.

Historic Pottery of the Pueblo Indians, 1600-1880

Used book in Good Condition. Taylor Trade Publishing. Illustrating the text are dozens of superb photographs by Bernard Lopez. With nearly two hundred examples, the authors appraise the aesthetic value of Pueblo pottery as rivaling that of any ware made by Neolithic societies, Europe, whether in America, the East of Africa.

Used book in Good Condition. A classic in the field, and results from years of study by larry Frank, this book is the first comprehensive account of historic Pueblo pottery, and lengthy technical research by Francis Harlow, an authority on this and other North American Art Forms, an internationally known scientist.

Used book in Good Condition. Working without the use of the potter's wheel, the Pueblo Indians in the American Southwest created beautiful ceramic ware for both utilitarian and ceremonial use. This book captures that beauty and informs the reader.

American Indian Pottery: An Identification and Value Guide

Taylor Trade Publishing. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Illustrates, identifying, describes, and lists current prices for Indian pottery and gives advice on collecting, and caring for it Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.