Self-Publishing Attack! The 5 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws for Creating Steady Income Publishing Your Own Books

As an author with over eighty published books, I'm always interested in learning new strategies to give my older/out-of-print titles new life. Get in on the self-publishing boom and enjoy a steady stream of income for the rest of your lifeThe self-publishing revolution that exploded when the Kindle came to town continues to expand.

You’ll learn:• the single most important secret for ironclad profitability • step-by-step instructions for generating marketing copy • How to think like a publisher so your ebooks are discovered in a crowded marketplace• Insider tips for writing books that sell, both fiction and non-fiction• How to avoid the most common design mistakes• The keys to an effective marketing campaignAnd more.

From #1 bestselling writing coach james scott bell, author of plot & Structure, comes a practical, Writing Fiction for All You’re Worth and The Art of War for Writers, experience-tested method for cashing in on the amazing new opportunities in self-publishing. A number of writers are now making a living publishing their own ebooks.

Kudos to james scott bell for giving me the tools I need to see that happen successfully!” -- Janice Hanna Thompson, author of The Director's Cut. In this e-driven age, Nook, getting those books onto Kindle, and so on is critical. In self publishing attack! you’ll get a simple yet powerful plan for creating an increasing stream of revenue publishing ebooks––and keeping it flowing for as long as you write.

This is not a technical, how-to-upload manual. Usually this comes from the lack of a coherent publishing strategy.

How to Make a Living as a Writer

For centuries few have been able to support themselves from the quill or the keyboard alone. James scott bell has made a living as a writer for nearly two decades, and shares with you everything he knows about the best practices for turning your writing dream into a reality. It's the best time on earth to be a writerMore writers are making money today than at any other time in history.

Not anymore. Here are some of the subjects covered:- the 7 secrets of writing success- the 8 essentials of your writing business- how to reach your goals- keys to a winning system- how to stay relentless- Unlocking Your Creativity- How to Write More, Faster- Comparing Traditional and Self-Publishing - How to Go Traditional- How to Go Indie- How to Form Multiple Streams of Writing Income- How to Write a Novel in a Month- How to Choose Non-Fiction Subjects- How to Keep a Positive Mental Attitude- Resources for Further StudyAnd much more, all to help you write what you love and earn what you’re worth.

And there is still a traditional publishing industry that needs new talent to keep growing. In how to make a living as a writer, you'll learn the secrets of writing for profit and increasing your chances of making a living wage from your work. With the rise of ebooks and indie publishing there are now more opportunities than ever for writers to generate substantial income from their work.


27 Fiction Writing Blunders - And How Not To Make Them!

Don't let little mistakes keep you from big success. Now he's tackled the biggest offenders and shows you how to fix them. Visit his website at www. Jamesscottbell. Com"james scott bell is my go-to writing teacher!" - Terri Blackstock, New York Times Bestselling Author of Intervention and Vicious Cycle. Eliminate these 27 blunders forever.

. And sell more books!james scott Bell is an award-winning, bestselling author of numerous thrillers and popular books on the writing craft. In 27 fiction writing blunders you'll learn:* The biggest reason readers get stuck in your opening pages. And how to unstick them* how to avoid marshmallow dialogue * the simple solution for low stakes* the art of getting into and out of flashbacks* Getting rid of the kind of characters that readers never want to see in your novel* The biggest point-of-view gaffe and how to spot it* How to perform liposuction on flabby scenes* The best way to show what characters think and feelAnd much more! Plus, false competition, Bell attacks some of the blunders writers can pull on their own careers, market ignorance, including fear, and the neglected brain.

Sell more books and build your career by kicking these blunders to the curb!ever wonder why some books shoot to the top of the bestseller lists? And others that you think should, don't? It's usually a matter of mistakes that could have been avoided! #1 bestselling writing coach James Scott Bell has analyzed thousands of manuscripts over the years, by both new and experienced writers, and noticed certain errors that keep showing up to take readers out of the fictive dream.


Super Structure: The Key to Unleashing the Power of Story

Properly understood and utilized, structure is what translates story into a form readers are wired to receive it. Quite the opposite. Super structure can be considered a companion to that book, but it also stands alone in its treatment of the elements of a solid and pleasing plot. The material in this book greatly expands upon the chapter on structure in Write Your Novel From the Middle.

Contrary to what some may think, structure is not a nasty inhibitor of creativity. Every signpost is given its own chapter and explanation, along with a section called "Helpful Hints for Plotters and Pantsers, " showing you how to apply what you've learned and adapt it to your own style of writing. Never write a weak novel or screenplay again.

That's because Super Structure stresses the concept of "signpost scenes. There are fourteen signpost scenes, that can be used to create an entire plot, the skeleton of an idea, or beats, or a map to help you figure out what to write next. Story loves structure. And so do readers!super structure represents over two decades of research on what makes a novel or screenplay entertaining, original, commercial, and irresistible.

And it is only when readers truly connect with your story that they turn from casual readers into fans.

VOICE: The Secret Power of Great Writing

In voice: the secret power of great writing you'll learn:• an actual working definition of voice that is simple yet powerful• Bell's original method for turning that definition into book-length voice power• How to vary voice from genre to genre, book to book• How to enhance voice with emotion, flow, and attitude• How to create vivid word pictures • Exercises to expand your voice and style• Example after example of voice in actionDon't settle for good writing.

Voice has therefore been the most elusive aspect of the entire writing craft to teach. Until now. In this book, #1 bestselling writing teacher James Scott Bell reveals the true source of voice, and what any writer in any genre can do to capture it for their own work. What is the single greatest secret to a breakout writing career?It's VOICE.

Everyone talks about it, yet no one seems able to define it. Go for the unforgettable. The secret of voice will help you get there.

How to Write Dazzling Dialogue: The Fastest Way to Improve Any Manuscript

How to write dazzling Dialogue will give you the tools to do it. In how to write dazzling Dialogue you'll learn:What fictional dialogue is. You may be more than competent in plot, structure and characters. And if that reader is an agent or editor, sharp dialogue will give them instant assurance that you know what you're doing as a writer.

Writing a bestseller or hot screenplay is no easy task, but dazzling dialogue is an absolute essential if you want to get there. There is one sure-fire way of improving your novel fast. 1 bestselling writing coach James Scott Bell has put together and expanded upon the dialogue lectures from his popular writing seminars.

. You may know the fundamentals of how to write fiction. Don't sabotage your chances of selling your work to readers or publishers because the dialogue is unexceptional. Dazzle them with what the characters say. The best part is, the skills of the dialogue craft are easy to understand and put into practice. And isn'tthe 11 secrets of crafting memorable dialoguethe 5 essential tasks of dialogue5 ways to improve your dialogue ear4 can't-miss methods to increase conflict and tension in any dialogue exchangeThe top 10 dialogue issues, and how to resolve themYou'll also see dazzling dialogue in action with examples from hit novels and screenplays.

But if your dialogue is dull it will drag the whole story down.

The Mental Game of Writing: How to Overcome Obstacles, Stay Creative and Productive, and Free Your Mind for Success

He shows you not only how to stay on your game, but how to improve it. He gives you insights, strategies and techniques for blasting through walls and jumping over hurdles, setting you free to concentrate on what you love most – writing. You'll learn how to define true success, formulate goals and plans, find courage and commitment to write, unleash your creativity and write with joy.

You'll also be given steps to handle challenges like stress, burnout, envy, expectations and the trap of comparison. In short, a laptop, you'll learn to get all your mental jets going full blast so your writing can reach new heights!"I need three things before I tackle a new novel: Diet Coke, and my dog-eared copies of James Scott Bell's books on writing craft.

1 nyt times bestselling Author Kami Garcia. They are winning the mental game of writing. Successful writers have the ability to inspire themselves to produce consistently, improve systematically, overcome obstacles and keep up a positive mental attitude. But for authors who are productive and resilient, and see a good return on their efforts, there is another factor at work.

For writers, the mind fuels the imagination and creates stories. The keys to success as a writer are yours for the thinking!All success begins in the mind. In this book, #1 bestselling writing teacher James Scott Bell takes you through the mental landscape of the successful author.

Write Your Novel From The Middle: A New Approach for Plotters, Pantsers and Everyone in Between

I need three things before i tackle a new novel: diet coke, and my dog-eared copies of James Scott Bell's books on writing craft!” - Kami Garcia, a laptop, #1 NYT Times & International Bestselling author . These are the "plotters. The two sides never seem to agree with each other on the best approach.

They are called "pantsers, " because they write by the "seat of the pants. Other writers plan and outline and know the ending before they start. A powerful secret, and a fresh approach to writing bestselling fiction!What's the best way to write a "next level" novel? Some writers start at the beginning and let the story unfold without a plan.

But what if it's not the beginning or the end that is the key to a successful book? What if, the place to begin writing your novel is in the very middle of the story? According to #1 bestselling writing teacher James Scott Bell, amazing as it may seem, that's exactly where you'll find your story's heart and heat.

Bell's "mirror moment" is the secret, and its power is available to any writer, at any stage of the writing process. Bringing together years of craft study and personal discovery, Bell presents a truly unique approach to writing a novel, one that will stand the test of time and serve you all your writing life.


How to Write Pulp Fiction

Some of these writers were among the best America has ever produced. There has never been a better time to be a writer. MacDonald. Type Fast. Type Hard. What were the secrets of these successful pulp writers? and how can any writer, use them to produce fiction that sells?how to write pulp fiction will teach you:• how to be more prolific • the secrets of pulp plotting• how to elevate your pulp prose• the fiction “formulas” of some of the best pulp writers of all time• the bestselling genres• how to harness the power of the series character• the most effective publishing strategies • how to market your pulp fictionAdded bonus! The Start-A-Plot Machine, of any genre, a brainstorming partner that will help you instantly generate a story or novel idea.

Make Dough. That was the formula of old-school pulp fiction—plot-driven, popular and gobbled up by a reading public hungry for more. And it produced many writers who hammered out a living selling “cash-and-carry” stories and novels. Writers like raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and John D. James scott bell is my go-to writing guru!” - Terri Blackstock, New York Times bestselling writer.

Others are numbered among the bestselling authors of all time, and Frederick Faust better known by his pen name, Lester Dent, including Erle Stanley Gardner, Max Brand. You’ll never again wonder what to write next. By tapping into the vibe of the pulp writers of old, and making use of the tools of publication available now, any hard-working writer has a serious shot at realizing steady income from their fiction.

Marketing For Writers Who Hate Marketing: The No-Stress Way to Sell Books Without Losing Your Mind

One you already love!• How to maximize the all-important first impression your book makes on a browser. How to turn browsers into readers. How to turn readers into fans. Pricing as a strategic marketing tool. How to grow and nurture an email list. All the time-sucking practices you can avoid so you're free to write! • And more.

Whether your are self-publishing or working with a traditional publisher –– or both –– you need to know how to market smart. Marketing for writers who hate marketing will help you prioritize your marketing so you can concentrate on the handful of tools that are most effective, and eliminate the worry that you're never doing enough.

This book will show you how. You'll learn what works best, what doesn't, and how a few simple strategies are all you need to get the most out of your marketing efforts. It will teach you:• The #1 most effective marketing tool. Is marketing sucking the joy out of your writing life?do you wish you could spend more time writing and less time selling? Do you suffer from platform paranoia or social marketing madness? Are you stressed because you can't keep up with the latest marketing gimmicks and perpetual-motion author-entrepreneurs?Here's good news: Marketing For Writers Who Hate Marketing will show you how to have the kind of writing life you long for by dispelling the marketing myths that weigh you down.


How to Write Short Stories And Use Them to Further Your Writing Career

Not easy to do. In addition, five complete stories are included to show you the master key in action. Once you've been through this book, even once, you'll be well on your way to crafting short stories that readers love—which will build your fan base and boost your long-term writing career. With the coming of the digital revolution in publishing, short fiction presents possibilities beyond a one-time sale to a literary journal.

To be successful, a short story needs to have "emotional wallop, " and in under 7, 000 words. This book uses examples from the best stories by undisputed masters of the craft, Raymond Carver, John Cheever, including Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King and Irwin Shaw. In this book, #1 bestselling writing teacher James Scott Bell explains the essential ingredient for a successful short story, no matter the genre.

And turn readers into fans. Which is part of the strategy for short story writing today. He shows how any writer—whether planner or "pantser"—can use this key to unlock infinite story possibilities. Now, and the strategies for using them to advance your writing careerAs most writers will tell you, learn the master key for writing great short stories, the hardest fiction form to master is the short story.

Writers can use stories to increase discoverability, generate some side income, grow as a writer, and get back in touch with the sheer joy of writing.