Spring Comes To The Widow: A Western Short Story

The señora happens to know of a young widow. This story was originally published in New Trails, an anthology published by Doubleday in 1994 and edited by John Jakes and Martin H. He takes the baby to la señora ramos, who suggests that if he would like to keep the baby, he should find himself a woman to help him raise it.

. Greenberg. Nesbit, we recognize our kinship with these characters. Nesbitt's "spring comes to the widow' " -Washington Post"Each story shares one common trait: a universality of human experience. Several stories beg for the description 'instant classics, ' including John D. Roundup magazine "Many of the stories, such as John D.

Sam fontaine rescues a baby when the rest of the family has died from drinking poisoned water. Here are some excerpts from reviews of the book:"What is surprising is just how good this collection is. In 'spring comes to the Widow' by John D. Nesbitt's 'spring comes to the Widow, ' are classical genre pieces that will appeal to already committed western fans.

Treasure Hunt In Tie Town

Ponder refuses to go, accusing Dud of using it as an excuse to visit every whorehouse along the way. Their luck changes, when they near Tie Town, however, the roughest hellhole in Texas. When two cowboys, discover a treasure map, dud and his Uncle Ponder, Dud decides to take his nephews on an adventure, hoping the boys will finds wives so they won’t end up lonely old bachelors too.

They soon realize ponder is their only hope of getting to the treasure, and it will take every friend they have in Tie Town to help them stay alive in the meantime. Dud behaves himself, mostly, and as he and his nephews search for treasure, they find one unsuitable woman after another.

Shadows of Nemesis

He's on the hunt. When the hunter becomes the hunted, there’s pure hell to pay. What he finds is an equal shock, but not so much as to those who hunt him. When the task is done and blood soaks the Nemesis, NV desert, he receives a shock—his sister is still alive. Now, with posters on every trail in Idaho and Montana territories, and a killer’s price on his head, he’s on the prowl.

. When word finally reaches him that his sister and her family have died a horrid death at the hands of a cattle baron and his craven cowhands, two LeMats, a double barrel coach gun, Taggart McBain comes down off the mountain with bear traps, and a Winchester.

Sam's County

Yavapai county in arizona territory was bigger than Pennsylvania, and Sheriff Sam Hicks and his three deputies were the only law that most of its residents knew. When china joe’s gang knocked off the huge cash shipment heading for Prescott, Sheriff Hicks left his office unsure if this would be his last job one way or the other.

He knew he had to retire soon, he didn’t expect to be alive in six months, whether it was from a. 44 or his failing heart.

Missing Cowboy Millionaire Man Hunter Book 8

Marshall chance thorne is sent to track down a New York millionaire city slicker hell bent on finding action in the deadly wild west. With only a name and description to work with, Deputy U. S.

Jake's Justice: The Exploits Of Jake Slade

But unlike millwood, the town of Grisom was nothing but pure trouble. Hayes had been ruthlessly. Grisom is located in the badlands of west Texas about a four-day ride from his former home in Millwood. Jake was the replacement for the former Sheriff named Wilbur Hayes. Jake entered the café seeking some much needed nourishment and rest.

What he finds is the café’s owner and waitress Sarah McCullough. She becomes what Jake had never dreamed possible. She's an attractive, single 27-old year woman, who’d never been married. A once quiet sleepy town now overrun with outlaws and gunfighters. Seeking a new start in life, he accepted a position as sheriff in Grisom Texas.

The second love of his life. Slade will hunt down the ones responsible for killing the sheriff and bring his killer or killers to justice and in doing so also return the town of Grisom to a decent law abiding community. Upon his arrival in the community, he would find a café that was still open for business.

Jake, now a lonely widower after losing his wife to an unfortunate illness. He finds in her the inspiration, caring and motivation he needs to clean up this town. The townsfolk were scared for their own safety and well-being.

Leaving Kansas Harrison Wilke Book 1

Of course harrison "borrowed" the money from Uncle Stewart's safe. Harrison doesn't even have enough money to get to the big city, where he belongs. Harrison wilke is thoroughly sick of Redbluff, Kansas. The town is a boring dead end, filled with unlettered roughnecks. Then harrison invests $4, 000 in a very lucrative and secret deal.

His uncle stewart - from whom he stands to inherit the Running W Ranch - can't stand him. And harrison also seems to be winning at love. Things begin to look up when Uncle Stewart turns up missing and feared dead while chasing rustlers. But things do come crashing down. There are few bright spots.

No Man's Land

He is a good man with a fast gun, and in West Texas in the late 1800’s, trouble lies around every bend. Only he and his filed-down. 44-40 colt can stop it. Sometimes he's able to stop it from hurting innocent people—and sometimes he causes it. It can’t be helped, though. Scarred by the civil war, now a loner by choice, Missouri-born Jack Ballard rides the West in search of trouble.


The Promise: A Cordell Anderson Western Adventure

With the lives of his family and friends in the crossfire, Cord will have to face the darkest time of his life. The promise. How far should a man go to keep his word? Cordell Anderson is a man of his word. For over fifteen years he’s carried a secret about where Confederate gold is buried. But his life as a farmer, husband, father and respected citizen will be shattered when three men are bent on stripping his secret from him.

But it will become more than a struggle against three murdering outlaws. Cord anderson will fight a private war as he struggles to keep.

Wilderness Shootout: If You Cross The Line... You Must Do The Time, Or Swing At The End Of The Line: A Western From From The Author of "Guns of the Texan Avenger"

As he fights to free the town from crime… he has to face foes on every corner, and even in the highest offices. For one cowboy, it comes in the form of his gun—a gun he knows how to use better than almost anyone else. One cowboy is paying his debt to society by working as a bounty hunter for a territory on the verge of statehood.

His emotions got the better of him in his past, so he chooses to live his life without attachments. It takes guts to be a cowboy…. From robert hanlon, the bestselling author of “texas bounty hunter, ” “Bounty For The Preacher” and “Pecos Bounty Hunter” comes biggest adventure yet… “Wilderness Shootout.

Mercy, repentance and justice come in many forms. As often happens, the best-laid plans fail, and he finds himself becoming involved with residents in one community as he helps to rid that community of corruption and crime. Will he survive… or will he be killed like all who have tried to free the town before?Saddle up and ride with Western bestseller Robert Hanlon through that wild and dangerous place called the Old West.


Trail's End

Seeing the local cattlemen faced with the threat of a tide of sheep and sheepherders, he devises a plan to keep himself in whiskey. Complications follow. A good-natured drifter stops in the town of Five Pigs to wet his whistle.