The Billionaire Benefactor: A Clean Billionaire Romance The Billionaire Surprise Book 3

But from the moment jenny refuses his help, Roman's life takes a turn in a direction he didn't expect: falling for a woman with two children outside his normal social circles. Can roman and jenny overcome the challenges that each of them bring into a relationship? Or will they give up before they can even begin?Download your copy today to follow this heartfelt clean romance!This clean billionaire romance is a standalone novel, book three in the Billionaire Surprise series.

When pro-football player roman bennett, known for his generous giving, shows up at her door offering to help, Jenny struggles with her pride--and her growing attraction to him. Roman bennett is houston's most Eligible Bachelor and may stay that way, due to his demanding football schedule and the challenges of being a celebrity.

What no one knows is that her husband had been cheating on her and they were on the cusp of divorce. When recent widow jenny finds her celebrity crush, billionaire Roman Bennett, on her front porch holding out a giant check, she slams the door in his face. But roman won't take no for an answer—when it comes to helping Jenny or winning her heart.

Jenny abrams is a recent widow struggling to care for her two children while navigating her own complicated grief. The books can be read in any order!book 1 - the billionaire Love MatchBook 2 - The Billionaire Land BaronBook 3 - The Billionaire BenefactorBook 4 - The Billionaire's Masquerade Ball.

The Billionaire Land Baron: A Clean Billionaire Romance The Billionaire Surprise Book 2

But the feisty and beautiful Shelby has him questioning everything--especially when he realizes that her land is an integral to the success of his project. Shelby feels trapped in Lucky. Opposites attract, but there's one little problem: her home is the final land he needs for his new development. When jake travels to lucky, texas to finalize the details of his billion-dollar development, falling in love was not a part of the plan.

Jake gives her a glimpse of all that she's missing and makes her wonder if love might be possible for her after all. When she finds out that jake is the reason she's losing her land, and an alligator named T-Ball, a few shakes of humor, can she find it in her heart to forgive? Or is this the proof that a happy-ever-after is just out of reach? With plenty of sass, you'll laugh and cry along with these one-of-a-kind characters in this clean romance.

This is book two in the billionaire surprise series! check out all the books here: Book 1 - The Billionaire Love MatchBook 2 - The Billionaire Land Baron where you first meet Xander!Book 3 - The Billionaire BenefactorBook 4 - The Billionaire's Masquerade Ball. After her mother has run off, she's left caring for her disabled veteran father.

Jake is the big-city billionaire. Shelby is the small-town sweetheart.

The Billionaire Love Match: A Clean Billionaire Romance The Billionaire Surprise Book 1

Check out all the books here:book 1 - the billionaire love matchbook 2 - the billionaire land baron book 3 - The Billionaire BenefactorBook 4 - The Billionaire's Masquerade BallBook 5- The Billionaire's Secret HeirBook 6- The Sandover Beach BillionaireThe Billionaire Surprise Box Set- Books 1-4. But when casey makes the final casting call for a matchmaking show, she holds her breath and takes a chance.

Colt woods needs to find ratings, not romance. Especially when his movie-mogul mother tries to script the ending. In front of cameras and surrounded by fourteen other jealous women, Colt and Casey do their best to let a real relationship unfold. Can they trust something built on live television or will their relationship run out like fifteen minutes of fame? Scroll up and one-click to find out if love gets the final rose!This clean, inspirational billionaire romance is a perfect read if you enjoy witty dialogue and colorful characters or consider shows like The Bachelor a guilty pleasure.

Buy the billionaire love match for a fresh take on billionaire love stories!This is Book 1 in The Billionaire Surprise series! Can be read in any order. At least, that’s what she thought. Does real love stand a chance on reality TV?The odds are NEVER in your favor. When the show he expected to be all-fake turns all-too-real, Colt has to rethink everything.


The Billionaire's Masquerade Ball: A Clean Billionaire Romance The Billionaire Surprise Book 4

Stuck slaving under her ladder-climbing stepmother, Cynder struggles to preserve the legacy her father left behind. But if her stepmother finds out that she attended the gala, she will lose her job and her chance to keep the company afloat. But he has spent years closing himself off from real happiness because of a painful secret in his past.

When his past and her identity are revealed, is there any chance for a happy ending?this is book 4 in the billionaire Surprise series! Check out all the books here: Book 1 - The Billionaire Love Match Book 2 - The Billionaire Land Baron where you first meet Xander! Book 3 - The Billionaire Benefactor Book 4 - The Billionaire's Masquerade BallEach book is a standalone, happily ever after sweet romance!

When she sneaks into the masquerade gala she helped plan, Cynder doesn’t expect to be swept off her feet by none other than her billionaire client. Billionaire xander callahan certainly seems to have it all: more money than he could spend, a flourishing company, and women lined up to date him. His painful past and her uncertain future come to a head in this modern-day Cinderella story.

When a mystery woman captures his attention at his masquerade gala, Xander begins to think about opening himself to love again--until she disappears before he gets her name. After cynder glass loses her father, she also says goodbye to her dream of running the family event-planning company.

Sweet Beginnings : Series Starter Collection

And wants a second chance at love!the persistent groom texas titan romance serieswhen single mom silver Coulter gets a chance to plan the bachelor auction event of the season, superstar running back for the Texas Titans, she has no idea it’ll bring her face-to-face with the very man she’s spent years trying to forget—Ace Sanchez, whose devastating good looks and quick-silver personality make him one of the most eligible bachelors in Texas.

Long-held attractions sizzle to the surface as Ace tries to get back into Silver’s life. But silver has a sordid past that includes a nasty ex-husband and ruthless ex-mother-in-law who’ll stop at nothing to keep Silver in her clutches. The reckless warrior navy series romance SeriesCountry music singer Delaney Mitchell is on the run from a ruthless man who’s out for revenge.

Former navy seal corbin spencer is looking for a second chance to prove he’s more than just a washed-up hothead. Just when delaney thinks things can’t get worse, intense green eyes, she realizes that Corbin, the jerk she met at a party—the one with the chiseled body, and rebel-without-a-cause attitude is her new bodyguard.

. Enjoy this collection of five complete and standalone, swoon-worthy novels that lead into series by sweet romance and suspense author Jennifer Youngblood. Love on the rocks hawaii billionaire Romance SeriesArtist and playboy Liam Barclay has just realized he’s in love with his best friend Maurie. As events climax to a heart-pounding frenzy, Liam must fight for the woman he loves while trying to convince her that his heart is true.

The Billionaire's Secret Heir: A Clean Billionaire Romance The Billionaire Surprise Series Book 5

But is he willing to let a child into his orderly--and solitary--life? Especially when it comes to Becka’s primary caregiver, her aunt Madi. The moment billionaire beckett Van de Kamp meets his daughter, Becka, love blows him over with the force of a hurricane. This book is far from the trope you might expect.

You must read this book!" - five-star amazon review"I read a lot of Christian fiction and I think that this book is one of best that is available on Amazon. Five-star amazon review"i couldn’t put this book down! I loved how the characters really came to life in my eyes. Five-star amazon reviewThis is book five in the Billionaire Surprise Series.

Can they have a future despite the issues from his past? will the one secret he kept be too much for Madi to forgive? You’ll love this tender, faith-filled clean romance! Grab your copy today! "There are some surprises in store for the reader. You have a daughter. These four words change EVERYTHING. Look for the other books in the series!the billionaire surprise seriesthe billionaire love matchthe billionaire Land BaronThe Billionaire BenefactorThe Billionaire's Masquerade BallThe Billionaire's Surprise HeirThe Billionaire Surprise Box Set books 1-4Coming soon! The Sandover Beach Billionaire.

This is truly heartwarming story. Soon, both becka and madi are breaking down the firm barriers Beckett had in his life--and around his heart. Stubborn and fiercely loyal, she isn’t like any woman he’s ever met.

The Sandover Beach Billionaire: A Clean Billionaire Romance The Billionaire Surprise Book 6

But every kindness he tosses her way, she lobs back like a grenade. Look for the other books in the series!the billionaire surprise seriesthe billionaire love matchthe billionaire Land BaronThe Billionaire BenefactorThe Billionaire's Masquerade BallThe Billionaire's Surprise HeirThe Sandover Beach BillionaireThe Billionaire Surprise Box Set books 1-4*previously published as Sandover Beach Memories with significant updates!*.

No matter how long it takes. But on a small beach island like Sandover, you can’t ever escape your past. She doesn’t know why he’s pulling the nice-guy act, but she isn’t buying. He just wants a chance to show her that he has changed. If there were a level lower than rock bottom, that’s where she is.

Jackson can see how high she’s built her walls to keep out the pain. Then she might really be in trouble. Can jackson and jenna forge a new future together? You’ll love this enemies to lovers clean romance! Grab your copy today!This is book five in the Billionaire Surprise Series. To make things worse, jenna keeps running into Jackson, a man she’s known--and avoided--since high school.

So why can’t jenna escape jackson wells’ smirking--and frustratingly attractive--face? When she returns home to Sandover Island after her mother’s death, Jenna is at rock bottom. Good thing he’s prepared to scale them.

Better with You: A Small Town Romance Camden Cove Book 1

He starts to believe she’s the one who could rescue them all. As more animals arrive at the farm, the more he can’t resist the way he feels about Elizabeth. She's only there to help with the animals. Her heart had been trampled on enough times by guys like him to know he was not worth her time. Adam never wanted to be in another relationship again, Lucy, but the more he gives in to his daughter, and her adopted rescues, the more he can’t stop thinking of the beautiful vet who reluctantly agreed to help them.

He wants the farm to be his new start. But can he risk being abandoned again? Not only did the city boy swoop in and buy her dream farm, but is now one of her newest, messing up her plans for a new clinic, most irritating clients at the vet. That's it. Veterinarian elizabeth Williams never hated a man more than Adam Cahill.


The Patient Patriot: Georgia Patriots Romance Moore Family Romance Book 3

When he discovers that anya is a teacher at the academy, he has no choice but to court her at a snail’s pace. He’s her boss! he can’t date her—not yet. Three weeks before the school year ends, he can’t wait any longer and makes his move, only to discover Anya has plans to move home to Ireland. He has three short weeks to get her to fall in love with him—but moving out of the best friend zone and into the boyfriend zone isn’t as easy as it seems.

Anya mccarthy has finally found a keeper. Anya settles for friendship, and is comfortable there until, out of the blue, Mason wants more—a lot more. Just when it seems like things might work out between them, their lives are threatened. She’s introduced to mason moore at his brother’s wedding and they share a kiss in the gardens under the dogwood tree that makes her re-think fairytale love, but the romance ends abruptly when he finds out she’s a teacher at the academy and has been married before.

When he meets anya, he finally understands what it’s like to be hit by Cupid’s arrow, but he determines to take things slower with Anya than his impetuous brothers did with their current spouses. A beautiful, heart pounding conclusion to the Texas Titan Triplets’ and Georgia Patriot brothers’ love stories in this novella, The Patient Patriot.

Mason moore, the new principal for the georgia Patriot Academy, never imagined love would bite him so hard and fast—especially not like how his triplet brothers had been bitten, then rushed into marriage. Mason plans to send anya to ireland to protect her, but she refuses to leave him, vowing his patience will withstand the long-distance separation, inviting unavoidable danger.

Additional moore family romances by sarah gay:the gifted groom: max moorethe protective patriot: miles moorethe patient Patriot: Mason MooreAdditional Georgia Patriots Romances:By Cami Checketts:The Gentle PatriotThe Stranded PatriotThe Loyal PatriotBy Jennifer Youngblood:The Twelfth Hour PatriotThe Hot-Headed PatriotBy Anne-Marie Meyer:The Second Chance PatriotBy Evangeline Kelly:The Playboy Patriot.

The Unstoppable Patriot: Georgia Patriots Romance

Desperate to win daphne back, Landry tries to reconcile the larger-than-life persona he was prior to the accident with the man he is now. Then, in the blink of an eye, everything changes. Daphne seagate jackson never thought she’d get a second chance with Landry. Being with him again is like getting a taste of heaven, but what happens when Landry remembers the truth? As Daphne and Landry grow closer, Daphne begins to fear that not even amnesia can shield them from the wounds of the past.

He wakes up in a hospital bed, only to learn that he has amnesia and has lost the past six years of his life. Superstar running back Landry Chase is at the top of his game with a bright future ahead of him. A man desperate to reconstruct the pieces of his past, the small-town girl who wants him back, and the long-kept secret that could destroy everything.

He suspects that his loved ones are keeping secrets from him—secrets that have shaped his past and made him the man he is today. To make matters worse, the love of his life, he realizes that he’s no longer with Daphne, and no one will tell him why the two of them broke up.

Saved by the Prince Rich and Famous Romance Book 4

Her name was one of the biggest in the fashion industry, and her struggles had only proven she had the courage and strength to survive. But then alexios dared ask her to design a wedding dress for his future princess. Never. His life was not his own, but he would risk it to save hers. From the moment he stepped into her world, it changed forever.

Falling for prince alexios had doomed Serenity to heartbreak because his duty and his future belonged to his people. This wasn't the first time she'd been forced to gather her shattered pieces and rise again. Not in a million years!except, the nightmare from her past has returned—looking for revenge—and a royal palace in a little-known country on the other side of the ocean is the perfect place to hide.

But can she hide the fact that she still loves alexios? Especially when it's clear that his engagement is nothing more than a political arrangement, and that he still has feelings for her as well?Between her past and his future, fate is determined to keep them apart.