The Blue Period: A Novel

The two artists’ passion for Germaine will lead to a devastating turn. Amid soul-searching and despair, however, Picasso discovers a color palette in which to render his demons and paint himself into lasting history. Bringing the exuberance of the era vividly to life, death, lust, this richly imagined portrait of Picasso’s coming of age intertwines the love, and friendships that inspired the immortal works of a defiant master.

A riveting novel about the tragic romance that nearly destroyed a young Pablo Picasso—while granting him his first flight of creative genius. From rowdy barcelona barrooms to the incandescent streets of turn-of-the-century Paris, Pablo Picasso experiences the sumptuous highs and seedy lows of bohemian life alongside his rebellious poet friend with a shadowy past, Carles Casagemas.

Fleeing family misfortune and their parents’ expectations, decadence, the two young artists seek their creative outlet while chasing inspiration in drugs, and the liberated women of Montmartre—creatures far different from the veiled ones back home. The new life feels like bliss, and nothing can come between them…until a dark-haired, enigmatic muse enters the picture.


The First Mrs. Rothschild: A Novel

As their family grows, and a dream of fortune comes true, so does their belief that money will ultimately bring the power needed to establish Jewish civil rights. Told through gutle’s intimate journals, revealed across decades—from the French Revolution through personal tragedies and triumphs—The First Mrs.

In this award-winning historical saga, passionate young lovers in a Jewish ghetto rise to become the foremost financial dynasty in the world. It is the turn of the eighteenth century in Frankfurt, Germany, and young Gutle and Meir Amschel Rothschild struggle to establish themselves in the cramped and restricted Judengasse.

. As proud as gutle is of her husband’s success, she is also cautious—very much aware of the fact that her husband’s rise is tied to his patrons’ willingness to “see past” his Jewishness. But when meir’s talents as a novice banker catch the attention of a German prince, Meir is suddenly afforded entrée into the European world of finance and nobility, and the Rothschilds’ lives are changed forever.

Rothschild paints a rich and intimate tapestry of family drama, world-changing history, and one woman’s steadfast strength.

The Collector's Apprentice: A Novel

From there,  she sets out to recover her father’s art collection, prove her innocence, and exact revenge on her ex-fiancé. B. Shapiro has made the historical art thriller her own, and once again she gives us an unforgettable tale about what we see—and what we refuse to see. A. Shapiro once again takes readers into the world of art, glamour, and mystery.

A clever and complex tale of art fraud, theft, murder, scandal, and revenge. Publishers weekly In this surprising, noirish page-turner, B. Paulien,  takes a position working for an american art collector modeled after real-life eccentric museum founder Albert Barnes and quickly becomes caught up in the 1920s Paris of artists and expats, aka Vivienne,  including post-Impressionist painter Henri Matisse and writer Gertrude Stein.

A. Accused of helping her fiancé steal her family’s fortune and her father’s art collection, Paulien Mertens has fled to France. To protect herself from the law and the wrath of those who lost everything, she has created a new identity.

The Lost Mother: A Novel

During the great depression, rural vermont suffers along with the rest of the country, with only occasional work as a butcher, and Henry Talcott, is reduced to moving into a tent on the edge of Black Pond with his two children. Told from twelve-year-old thomas’s perspective, and henry weighs an unexpected proposition, housebound son, The Lost Mother follows this shattered family as a wealthy neighbor begins to woo the children as companions for her strange, the consequences of which may cost him everything.

Abandoned by his wife, a man tries to protect his family during the Great Depression, in this “powerful” novel by the bestselling author of Songs in Ordinary Time Publishers Weekly. He hasn’t told thomas or Margaret why she left—or if she will return. Their beautiful but unreliable mother has left them, and Henry is devastated by her desertion.

   . A perfectly lovely story about perfectly awful things” by the new york times–bestselling and National Book Award–nominated author of A Dangerous Woman and Light from a Distant Star, subtlest novel that has ever kept its readers up into the small hours of the night, The Lost Mother is “the quietest, unable to look away” The Washington Post.


Caveat Emptor: The Secret Life of an American Art Forger

And that they did, routinely mesmerizing the experts in mere seconds. In the tradition of frank abagnale’s catch me if You Can, and certain to be a bombshell for the major international auction houses and galleries, here is the story of America’s greatest art forger. The case was closed and the FBI file was marked “exempt from public disclosure.

Now that the statute of limitations on these crimes has expired and the case appears hermetically sealed shut by the FBI, Caveat Emptor, this book, is Ken Perenyi’s confession. Attorney’s office in the southern district of New York was about to expose a scandal in the art world that would have been front-page news in New York and London.

And unlike other forgers, Perenyi produced no paper trail, no fake provenance whatsoever; he let the paintings speak for themselves. The astonishing true story of america’s most accomplished art forger: a kid from New Jersey who became a master, fooling experts and eluding the FBI for thirty years. Ten years ago, an FBI investigation in conjunction with the U.

S. Caveat emptor is unique in that it is the first and only book by and about America’s first and only great art forger. After a trail of fake paintings of astonishing quality led federal agents to art dealers, and the major auction houses, the investigation inexplicably ended, renowned experts, despite an abundance of evidence collected.

It is the story, in detail, of how he pulled it all off.

Stars in His Eyes

With his home country under the heel of the devastating Franco dictatorship and call-up papers on his doorstep, Cefe knows there’s only one thing he can do: run. A new life awaits in America, as does a new name—Jean Leon. From the concrete valleys of the bronx to the sun-soaked hills of California, political powerhouses, Jean crosses paths with legendary superstars, and dangerous mobsters as he flees his past and pursues his dreams.

Only in searching through his ever-receding past in Barcelona can he find the key to unlock the dream life he has risked so much to build. But he knows he’ll never find this life in war-torn Spain. From the fascist franco regime to hollywood’s glamour—an epic historical novel based on the meteoric rise of one of the world’s most celebrated restaurateurs.

Ceferino carrión is desperate for a new life—one of opportunity, fortune, and fame. With friends like frank sinatra, la scala, marilyn monroe, Jean soon gets his own taste of stardom, opening his glamourous Beverly Hills restaurant, and James Dean to see him through, to nightly swarms of celebrities.

But with every new adrenaline rush of celebrity, Jean is further distanced from everyone he loves.

Monticello: A Daughter and Her Father; A Novel

But monticello is burdened by debt, and it cannot survive without the labor of her family’s slaves. The young girl that sailed to Europe is now a woman with a heart made heavy by a first love gone wrong. While the large, beautiful estate is the same as she remembers, Martha has changed. The home she adores depends on slavery, a practice Martha abhors.

Now, jefferson’s bright, handsome eldest daughter is returning to the lush hills of the family’s beloved Virginia plantation, at seventeen, Monticello. Moving back into political life, he has become distracted by the tumultuous fight for power and troubling new attachments. From the critically acclaimed author of the widow's War comes a captivating work of literary historical fiction that explores the tenuous relationship between a brilliant and complex father and his devoted daughter—Thomas Jefferson and Martha Jefferson Randolph.

After the death of her beloved mother, Martha Jefferson spent five years abroad with her father, Thomas Jefferson, on his first diplomatic mission to France. The doting father she idolized since childhood has begun to pull away. The exotic distant cousin she is drawn to has a taste for dangerous passions, dark desires that will eventually compromise her own.

As her life becomes constrained by the demands of marriage, politics, and her family’s increasing impoverishment, motherhood, scandal, Martha yearns to find her way back to the gentle beauty and quiet happiness of the world she once knew at the top of her father’s “little mountain. ”. The world around her has also become far more complicated than it once seemed.

Antelope Woman: A Novel

Antelope woman ingeniously illuminates how that history affects the contemporary descendants of these families who are the products of two cultures, Ojibwe and white, which sit in uneasy relationship to one another. This updated edition of national book award-winning and new york times bestselling author Louise Erdrich’s 1998 novel now features fascinating new content, new cover art, a new title, and a new foreword by the author—a riveting story that explores tensions between Native American and white cultures.

Audacious and surprising… One of America’s most distinctive fictional voices. Boston globewhen klaus shawano abducts sweetheart calico, the seductive Indian woman who has stolen his heart, and takes her far from her native Montana plains to his own Minneapolis home, he cannot begin to imagine the eventual ramifications his brazen act will entail.

Shawano’s mysterious antelope woman has utterly mesmerized him—and soon proves to be a bewitching agent of chaos whose effect on others is disturbing and irresistible, as she alters the shape of things around her and the shape of things to come. The roy and shawano families have been inextricably intertwined for generations and, unbeknownst to them, the mysterious Antelope Woman is a part of their fierce and haunting history.

In this remarkable updated edition of her acclaimed novel, harrowing tragedy, Louise Erdrich weaves an unforgettable tapestry of ancestry, fate, and redemption that seems at once modern and eternal.  .

The Determined Heart: The Tale of Mary Shelley and Her Frankenstein

When she meets the romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, she falls deeply in love, and they elope with disastrous consequences. Ultimately, she achieves great acclaim for Frankenstein, but at what cost? Two hundred years after mary shelley’s Frankenstein came to life on the page, this beautifully written novel reveals her fascinating and frightening true story of love and obsession, betrayal and redemption.

The daughter of political philosopher William Godwin and feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley had an unconventional childhood populated with the most talented and eccentric personalities of the time. After losing her mother at an early age, she finds herself in constant conflict with a resentful stepmother and a jealous stepsister.

Soon she finds herself destitute and embroiled in a torturous love triangle as Percy takes Mary’s stepsister as a lover. Over the next several years, constant debt, Mary struggles to write while she and Percy face ostracism, and the heartbreaking deaths of three children.

The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte

I have written about the joys of love. Living a secluded life in the wilds of yorkshire with her sisters Emily and Anne, their drug-addicted brother, and an eccentric father who is going blind, Charlotte Bronte dreams of a real love story as fiery as the ones she creates. But it is in the pages of her diary where charlotte exposes her deepest feelings and desires—and the truth about her life, the inspiration behind her work, its triumphs and shattering disappointments, her family, her scandalous secret passion for the man she can never have .

. I have, long dreamt of an intimate connection with a man; every Jane, in my secret heart, I believe, deserves her Rochester. Though poor, and unconnected, plain, charlotte Bronte possesses a deeply passionate side which she reveals only in her writings—creating Jane Eyre and other novels that stand among literature's most beloved works.

It is charlotte's story, just as she might have written it herself. And her intense, dramatic relationship with the man she comes to love, the enigmatic Arthur Bell Nicholls. Who is this man who has dared to ask for my hand? why is my father so dead set against him? why are half the residents of Haworth determined to lynch him—or shoot him?"From Syrie James, comes a powerfully compelling, bestselling author of The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, the acclaimed, intensely researched literary feat that blends historical fact and fiction to explore the passionate heart and unquiet soul of Charlotte Bronte.


When We Believed in Mermaids: A Novel

Gone forever. Of a lost teenage boy who’d become part of their family. To regain their relationship, they may have to lose everything. It’s what her sister, kit, an ER doctor in Santa Cruz, has always believed. And unmistakable. Yet all it takes is a few heart-wrenching seconds to upend Kit’s world. Her resemblance to Josie is unbelievable.

And of a trauma that has haunted Kit and Josie their entire lives. Now, if two sisters are to reunite, it can only be by unearthing long-buried secrets and facing a devastating truth that has kept them apart far too long. An amazon charts and Washington Post bestseller. From the author of the art of inheriting Secrets comes an emotional new tale of two sisters, an ocean of lies, and a search for the truth.

Her sister has been dead for fifteen years when she sees her on the TV news…Josie Bianci was killed years ago on a train during a terrorist attack. Live coverage of a club fire in Auckland has captured the image of a woman stumbling through the smoke and debris. With it comes a flood of emotions—grief, loss, and anger—that Kit finally has a chance to put to rest: by finding the sister who’s been living a lie.

After arriving in new zealand, Kit begins her journey with the memories of the past: of days spent on the beach with Josie.