The Christmas Thief: Cottage Grove Mystery 1 Cottage Grove Mysteries

There's a thief in Cottage Grove, and Tasha's a suspect. Read all three!:1 - the christmas thief2 - the christmas Killer3 - The Christmas HeistJULIE CAROBINI writes novels from her home on the California coast. Perfect for a cozy night of reading by the fire. Not exactly the dream she'd had in mind when she moved into her rustic fixer-upper cottage.

Marc shepherd wasn't part of her plans either. The stetson-wearing contractor moved in next door, kicking up dust and threatening to cut down a beloved pine that shaded Tasha's cabin. With christmas around the bend, and a criminal threatening the community's peace, will Tasha solve the puzzle. Before it's too late? "A perfect holiday season escape.

Amanda flower, usa today bestselling authorEach of the 3 cozy mysteries in the Cottage Grove Mystery Series can be read in a couple of hours.

The Christmas Killer: Cottage Grove Mystery 2 Cottage Grove Mysteries

Perfect for a cozy night of reading by the fire. Read all three!:1 - the christmas thief2 - The Christmas Killer3 - The Christmas Heist"A perfect holiday season escape. Amanda flower, usa today Bestselling Author about The Christmas Thief. Tasha had only been teasing her pal, Lorena, when she'd called her brew "deadly.

Who knew someone would soon be found poisoned to death--and Lorena, Marc, Tasha had promised her boyfriend, the camp cook--would be a suspect?After her own brush with death the year before, she would stay far away from sleuthing. But with marc out of town, and all eyes on Lorena, and a criminal on the loose, what choice does she have?With Christmas coming, can Tasha solve the mystery .

. Before the killer strikes again?Lorena's "deadly" wassail recipe included. Each of the 3 cozy mysteries in the Cottage Grove Mystery Series can be read in a couple of hours.

The Christmas Heist: Cottage Grove Mystery 3 Cottage Grove Mysteries

A perfect holiday season escape. Amanda flower, usa today Bestselling Author about The Christmas Thief. A christmas wedding sounded like a good idea, and her fiancé swamped with work, but with her matron of honor busy planning the town's annual holiday party, Tasha may be in over her head. Has her missing accessory simply been misplaced? or is something more sinister going down, once again this Christmas, in the small town of Cottage Grove? Each of the 3 cozy mysteries in the Cottage Grove Mystery Series can be read in a couple of hours.

A christmas wedding. What could go wrong? soon-to-be married Tasha discovers that something special is, quite suddenly, missing. Read all three!: 1 - the christmas thief 2 - The Christmas Killer 3 - The Christmas Heist "A heartwarming Christmas mystery. Perfect for a cozy night of reading by the fire.

Line of Duty Fog Lake Suspense Book 4

When a wrong decision changes her entire life, she tries to hide from the world. Will jaxon’s sense of duty be enough to help keep Abby safe? Or will deadly secrets lead to the penalty of death? However, a madman known as the Executioner is determined to find her and enact his own brand of justice. Jaxon wilder didn’t plan on returning home to Fog Lake, Tennessee, following his tour of duty in Iraq.

But after a gut-wrenching failure during his stint in the Army, he now faces a new challenge: his family. When jaxon and abby are thrown together in the killer’s crosshairs, they’re forced to depend on one another to survive. Abby brennan always did her best to be the good girl and to live by the rules.


Clean Break Squeaky Clean Mysteries Book 15

Was it a blind date gone bad? is she injured somewhere all alone? Why hasn’t anyone heard from her since?With not a clue in sight, Gabby and the Cold Case Squad travel to Shady Valley to investigate. News of a dead body found in the local park intensifies the search for Evie’s missing mother. Gabby and the cold Case Squad tackle their most personal case yet.

Just what is the town hiding? is evie’s foster mom even still alive? Gabby and her team need to catch a break before time runs out. When no one will answer their questions and hostility abounds around every corner, the crew determines something is definitely shady in the valley. Evie manson’s foster mom vanished six weeks ago on a trip to Pennsylvania.

But will obstacles at every turn stop them? The mystery surrounding her disappearance haunts Evie.

Alien Allure: A Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series Book 23

After a group of spy and alien enthusiasts descend on the small town of Belhaven, a child is abducted, prompting Gloria & the Garden Girls to investigate. Can gloria and the garden girls figure out who is targeting the children, all the while keeping the spies and aliens from turning Belhaven upside down?

If you like clean cozy mysteries that keep you guessing until the end, you’ll love Hope Callaghan books!”“Alien Allure” is Book 23 in the Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Series. Bonus - recipe included! read this cozy mystery free with kindle unlimited! -----------------when Ruth is appointed regional director of NASCA North American Surveillance and Communications Association the Garden Girls volunteer to help her host her first ever convention.

Soon after, the small town of belhaven is overrun with enthusiasts not only looking to learn about the latest spy and surveillance technology, but to also make contact with aliens. As if an alien elvis and a lightsaber carrying band of attendees isn’t enough to keep Ruth and friends on their toes, “Alien Allure, Rose concocts a special potion, ” to make it easier to attract the otherworldly beings.

After a recent child abduction in the area, Gloria does a little investigating but vows to stay out of it until the abductor strikes a little too close to home.

Rains of Remorse Lantern Beach Romantic Suspense Book 5

Can the truth prevail. A stranger invades her home, leaving Rebecca Jarvis terrified. But who is levi stoneman really? Rebecca wants to believe he can help her, but she can’t ignore her instincts. As danger closes in, both Rebecca and Levi must figure out whom they can trust. Or will remorse overpower the best of intentions?

Above all, she must protect the baby growing inside her. With rebecca’s baby coming soon, there’s no time to waste. Since her estranged husband died suspiciously six months earlier, Rebecca has been determined to depend on no one but herself. Her chivalrous new neighbor appears to be an answer to prayer.


Beneath a Billion Stars Sea Glass Inn Book 4

Can sea glass inn help them find their way to each other?Priscilla won't let betrayal break her spirit. She's adrift. The only thing the successful businessman pursues these days is his latest deal—and the secret charity he helps run. When priscilla stumbles upon Wade's mysterious mission, she insists on becoming involved.

Platonic as that relationship may be. As they each search for purpose—and perhaps a second chance at love—will the stars uncover the truth that has been there all along? Beneath a Billion Stars is an inspirational, opposites attract romance. Read all four books in the popular sea glass inn series:Walking on Sea Glass - 1Runaway Tide - 2Windswept - 3Beneath a Billion Stars - 4.

But wade has a billion reasons for not wanting another woman in his life. After a chance friendship brings her to Sea Glass Inn for work in their new spa, she pursues the art of joie de vivre in the foggy coastal town. Still, something is missing. When wade meets Priscilla at his ex-girlfriend's wedding, he's unimpressed.

He's a workaholic. And distracted.

Cozy Mysteries Collection: Heart & Holiday Edition

5 - forget me knot andrea’s fiancé goes into a coma after being hit in the head during a robbery, friends and family rally by his side, not knowing if he will survive. 4 - divine blindside despite being blindsided by a stranger who threatens to expose her past and take everything from her, Jo Pepperdine must help clear the name of one of the Second Chance residents after she becomes a prime suspect in a co-worker’s murder.

3 - matrimony & mayhem after a guest keels over while eating at Tony and Shelby’s wedding reception, the Garlucci women scramble to save their new restaurant’s reputation and possibly their family’s lives. These books are not available in any other boxed set or collection and would cost around $24 if bought individually.

Each book has a heart/love or a holiday theme. For a limited time, you can get all 6 books in this special collection for just $099 cents…or read free with kindle unlimited! bonus: recipes from the stories included! -------------------------contents: six books from four best-selling mystery series! 1-reindeer & mayhem made in savannah cozy mystery series4-divine blindside divine Cozy Mystery Series5-Forget Me Knot Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series 6-Merry Masquerade Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery Series 1 - Reindeer & Robberies Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery Series 2-Dash for Cash Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series3-Matrimony & Robberies ’Tis the season to be jolly… until a string of robberies threatens to kill the Christmas spirit onboard the “Siren of the Seas.

2 - dash for cash when a game show turns deadly, the Garden Girls pull together to help clear Ruth’s name after she becomes a finalist and the prime suspect. 6 - merry masquerade when a murder takes place at savannah’s event of the season, the “Merry Masquerade” party, Carlita and Mercedes must help solve the mystery before the killer strikes again.

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Windswept Sea Glass Inn Book 3

The enigmatic friend of her brother has come to the inn to crush writer’s block after experiencing a setback of his own doing. When sophia is faced with a new crisis, the fissure in her confidence deepens. A beauty, a beast, and a prince in the making …Sophia is at a crossroads. Her fashion design label has faltered and her sister’s betrayal continues to haunt her.

Will the wind bring new love or sweep away all hope of a fairy tale ending?Windswept, book 3 of the Sea Glass Inn Novels, is a sweet, inspirational romance that shows the power in forgiveness. Read all 4 books in the sea glass inn series!:walking on sea Glass - Book 1Runaway Tide - Book 2Windswept - Book 3 Beneath a Billion Stars - Book 4.

Wade strolls into her life wearing designer suits and looking like a young Antonio Banderas. When he offers to help Sophia jump-start her business, he may just be the prince she needs. Unless writer-in-residence CJ Capra gets in the way, that is. When she moves into sea Glass Inn, she does so with questions—and plenty of baggage.

Enter handsome Wade, the inn’s longtime business consultant.

Joke and Dagger The Worst Detective Ever Book 8

At first, the changes seem like a joke. Each day, more danger comes Joey’s way, and it’s clear the killer is becoming more unraveled. Joey fears there’s a traitor on the set. Someone alters the script, adding a mysterious death to the movie. But can she figure out the killer before the final cut?other books in the Worst Detective Ever series:Ready to FumbleReigns of ErrorSafety in BlundersJoin the FlubBlooper FreakFlaw-Abiding CitizenGaffe Out LoudWreck the Halls coming soon .

The peaceful island of lantern Beach seemed like a perfect getaway, especially when her fiancé joins her on location. But from day one on the set, things go awry. Someone has flipped the script, and chaos abounds. Joey darling thought she’d take a quick acting gig between filming her hit TV show,  Relentless,  and prepping for an upcoming movie.

But when real life imitates the script, Joey realizes there’s more to the story. Joey has no choice but to search for answers—with the help of her fiancé, Detective Jackson Sullivan, of course.