The Curious Case of the Cursed Crucible Curiosity Shop Cozy Mysteries Book 5

Cecilia, clarence and edgar discover a new enemy and a familiar face when they travel to collect an antique crucible that's too good to be true. A cursed artifact that delays death?When a healing artifact delays death, what is the downside? With any cursed antique, there is always a price to pay. Or have they encountered an artifact that shouldn't be locked away? Find out in the newest adventure in the Curiosity Shop Cozy Mysteries.


The Curious Case of the Cursed Looking Glass Curiosity Shop Cozy Mysteries Book 4

Lila twill is back and is she out for herself, working with the Cabal, or genuinely interested in helping our dynamic trio? including the ghost Edgar of course. Are they simply dreams or a distant past in another place in time? And will the looking glass give her the answers she seeks or turn her world upside down?Don't miss the fourth book in the Curiosity Shop Cozy Mysteries, and don't gaze too long in the looking glass.

. If you want to keep your sanity. Cecilia's dreams continue to haunt her. Don't gaze at the Looking Glass. You might go insanececilia and Clarence search for a cursed scrying mirror, but they need help. In the shape of an ally or foe. Which hasn't been determined yet.

The Curious Case of the Cursed Dagger Curiosity Shop Cozy Mysteries Book 3

Cursed antiquity: the ancient dagger brutus Used to Kill CaesarCecilia and Clarence are on the hunt for a cursed antique being used to kill the mayors of a small town. However, the illusive relic disappears after each murder. Flushing out the artifact may put one of our heroes in danger, while possibly turning the other one homicidal.

. And little do they know, this artifact has significant historical value attached to it. Find out what happens in the third book in this exciting mystical series.

The Curious Case of the Cursed Dice Curiosity Shop Cozy Mysteries Book 2

Not only that, an evil secret society, but an ancient lock is needed to keep the Cabal, from stealing the artifacts. When celilia and clarence are captured by the Cabal, they must rely on a new acquaintance to rescue them. But is she working with the cabal? And what secrets does she hide? Find out in the second installment of this fast moving and thrilling adventure mystery series.

An ancient lock, cursed dice, and a new VillainCecilia and Clarence have their work cut out for them when a pair of cursed dice result in bad luck. Of the fatal kind.

Hoodoo and Just Desserts The Witch Sisters of Stillwater Cozy Series Book 1

Narrowing the suspect pool can be difficult, especially when a sarcastic telepathic cat inserts herself into. Well, everything. Find out what happens in this humorous romp that includes ghost talking witch sisters, a cat holding a grudge over her shortened tail, and a sister with visions from the dead. Murder by statue?when a murder jolts the tourist town of Stillwater, known for its Civil War battlefield and witch coven history, it's up to two witch sisters and their stub tail cat to figure out who had it in for the victim.

Even the ghosts in the Civil War battlefield had no use for a business man hell bent on disturbing their peace.

The Curious Case of the Cursed Spectacles Curiosity Shop Cozy Mysteries Book 1

Cursed antiques, and a scatter brained ghostwhen cecilia parish is summoned to her hometown of Destiny Point to aid her sick uncle and his antique curiosity shop, Secret Societies, she has no idea that her life is about to change in magical and dangerous ways. But there are other more sinister curiosities held within certain antique shops throughout the world.

These antiquities are cursed and can cause ill effects to the owner and even death. The items held within have their own story, sometimes centuries old. An antique and curiosity shop is a mystical place. Cecilia's uncle is one such collector who searches for cursed antiques to hide them away from unsuspecting souls and those who want to use their power for nefarious reasons.

Join cecilia and her companions as they delve into the unknown and discover mysteries within mysteries in this first book in the Curiosity Shop Cozy Mysteries Series.

Mirror, Mirror Murder Them All The Sinister Case Series Book 1

Now as she sifts through the fine antiquities left by the deceased, she comes upon a pair of ancient mirrors with ornate snake frames. Her cameo goes spastic. Her mother's death, ruled a suicide, has always haunted her and she believes the death wasn't what it seemed as well. Grace longs for peace, but her heritage, job and the people in her life give her just the opposite.

When the family of the deceased wants Grace to declare the death suspicious, her intuition flares. Grace is an insurance appraiser/adjuster for fine antiquities and a part time archeologist. An ancient mirror threatens Death and MadnessThe mysterious death of a wealthy matriarch. A cameo that pulses when danger is present.

. An antique shop only open in the dead of night. A funky sidekick.

Cursed With a Twist Grumpy Chicken Irish Pub Series Book 4

A 150 year old curse, the ghost fowl has a conniption! what does our feathered friend know about the locket that our crew doesn't? what secrets does the woman in the locket's picture hold? And will it expose a century old curse?Find out in the fourth installment of the Grumpy Chicken Irish Pub series, and when he takes it into the Grumpy Chicken Pub, Digger, Ida, and Ruffled Ghost FeathersDigger discovers an antique locket on a headstone in the cemetery, a Mysterious Locket, but Dixie, and experience the points of view of not only Ginger, Edith and others in this special cozy mystery version.


A Wicked Enchantment The Sinister Case Series Book 2

Two half eaten dead bodies. A missing enchantment book. A clam festival with no clams. This is a paranormal cozy mystery***Grace Longstreet loves clams and the annual Clamfest means she'll get her fill. Besides that, an ancient ivory stick used by a now dead fisherman has gone missing as well as an enchantment book.

Does the ivory stick with the unique carvings have something to do with the unusual deaths washing ashore? Will Paisley wear something normal for once? Will Grace ever get her beloved fresh fried clams? Find out in the second book in the Sinister Case Series. This book was previously titled The Sinister Secrets of the Deadly Summoner.

***. However, there's no clams to be found and a dead body with unusual marks from the deep sea has washed ashore.

Haunted Girl Walking: A Ghost Hunter Cozy Mystery A Ghostly Haunted Tour Guide Cozy Mystery Book 10

A murderer? ripley van Raden is a librarian by day and a haunted tour guide bynight. Rip hasto find the killer and clear her name before she has the book thrown at her. Will the spirit activity in the haunted town of Devil’s Moon guide Ripley to thekiller? The police have to suspect her of therecent murder though when she’s caught on video at the scene of the crime.

Her resume doesn’t include murderer.

A Shade of Murder The Witch Sisters of Stillwater Cozy Series

Learn what happens when the witch sisters and Moody must match wits with a murderer***. Moody wants to poo in his shirt pocket, and that's the nicest anyone feels towards him. The only solution. Murder. Mazie and fern's mother also pays a visit and brings along her grumpy boyfriend George. And tempers are flaring within the re-enactment camp as to who will play which role.

Murder by cannonball?the annual re-enactment of the famous Civil War battle in Stillwater has the ghost Colonel Augustus Monroe in a tither. He and moody, the cat, commiserate on the battlefield as preparations begin.