The Italian Girl

For, as rosanna slowly discovers, their unison is haunted by irreversible events from the past…Rosanna’s journey takes her from humble beginnings in the back streets of Naples to the glittering stages of the world’s most prestigious opera houses. Rosanna menici is just a girl when she meets Roberto Rossini, the man who will change her life.

Set against a memorable backdrop of lucinda Riley’s trademark evocative locations, The Italian Girl unfolds into a poignant and unforgettable tale of love, betrayal and self-discovery. First published as Aria under the name Lucinda Edmonds, now extensively rewritten*. In the years to come, their destinies are bound together by their extraordinary talents as opera singers and by their enduring but obsessive love for each other – a love that will ultimately affect the lives of all those closest to them.

From the new york times bestselling author of ‘The Seven Sisters’ series: Nothing sings as sweetly as love, or burns quite like betrayal.

The Midnight Rose: A Novel

A multilayered, heartbreaking tale filled with unforgettable characters caught in the sweep of history, The Midnight Rose is Lucinda Riley at her most captivating and unforgettable. From the #1 international bestselling author of The Orchid House—an epic saga of two remarkable women and two love stories spanning the years from 1920s India to modern-day England.

Spanning four generations, the midnight rose sweeps from the glittering palaces of the great maharajas of India to the majestic stately homes of England, Anahita Chaval, following the extraordinary life of a remarkable girl, from 1911 to the present day . Shortly after filming begins at the now-crumbling Astbury Hall, arrives unexpectedly, Ari Malik, Anahita’s great-grandson, on a quest for his family’s past.

As the princess’s official companion, Anahita accompanies her friend to England just before the outbreak of WorldWar I. What he and rebecca discover begins to unravel the dark secrets that haunt the Astbury dynasty. But when her turbulent relationship with her equally famous boyfriend takes an unexpected turn, she’s relieved that her latest role, playing a 1920s debutante, will take her away from the glare of publicity to a distant cor­ner of the English countryside.

There, she meets young donald Astbury—reluctant heir to the magnifi­cent, remote Astbury Estate—and his scheming mother. In the heyday of the british raj, forms a lifelong friendship with the headstrong Princess Indira, from a noble but impov­erished family, eleven-year-old Anahita, the privileged daughter of Indian royalty.

The Olive Tree: The Bestselling Story of Secrets and Love Under the Cyprus Sun

The olive tree is the number one international bestseller from Lucinda Riley, author of the bestselling Seven Sisters series. This title is also published as Helena's Secret. A magical house. A momentous summer. It has been twenty-four years since a young Helena spent a magical holiday in Cyprus, where she fell in love for the first time.

. When, helena meets her childhood sweetheart, by chance, a chain of events is set in motion that threatens to make her past and present collide. When the now crumbling house, 'Pandora', is left to her by her godfather, she returns to spend the summer there with her family. Yet, as soon as helena arrives at pandora, her husband, she knows that its idyllic beauty masks a web of secrets that she has kept from William, and Alex, her son.

Both helena and alex know that life will never be the same, once Pandora's secrets have been revealed. And equally, desperate to learn the truth about his real father. At the difficult age of thirteen, Alex is torn between protecting his beloved mother, and growing up. Praise for lucinda riley: 'thoroughly addictive storytelling with a moving, emotional heart' Dinah Jefferies, author of The Tea Planter’s Wife.


The Lavender Garden: A Novel

Paris, young british office clerk, constance carruthers, 1944: A bright, is sent undercover to Paris to be part of Churchill’s Special Operations Executive during the climax of the Nazi occupation. As emilie discovers what really happened to her family during the war and finds a connection to Constance much closer than she suspects, present, the château itself may provide the clues that unlock the mysteries of her past, and future.

Separated from her contacts in the resistance, she soon stumbles into the heart of a prominent family who regularly entertain elite members of the German military even as they plot to liberate France. But in a city rife with collaborators and rebels, Constance’s most difficult decision may be determining whom to trust with her heart.

An aristocratic french family, a legendary château, and buried secrets with the power to destroy two generations torn between duty and desire. La côte d’azur, inherits her childhood home, 1998: in the sun-dappled south of France, the last of her gilded line, Emilie de la Martinières, a magnificent château and vineyard.

Note to readers: in the uk, this book is published under the title The Light Behind the Window. With the property comes a mountain of debt—and almost as many questions.

The Orchid House: A Novel

Their search takes them back to the 1940s when Harry, a former heir to Wharton Park, Olivia, married his young society bride, on the eve of World War II. When they discover an old diary, Julia seeks out her grandmother to learn the truth behind a love affair that almost destroyed the estate. When the two lovers are cruelly separated, the impact will be felt for generations to come.

Filled with twists and turns, and ultimately redemption, passions and lies, The Orchid House is a beautiful, romantic, and poignant novel. This atmospheric story alternates between the magical world of Wharton Park and Thailand during World War II. As a child, concert pianist julia forrester spent many idyllic hours in the hothouse of Wharton Park, the grand estate reminiscent of Downton Abbey where her grandfather tended exotic orchids.

. Note to readers: in the UK, this book is published under the title Hothouse Flower. There she reunites with Kit Crawford, heir to the estate and her possible salvation. From beloved new york times bestselling author lucinda Riley, Rebecca, a “sweeping, poignant saga that will enthrall fans of The House at Riverton, and Downton Abbey” Shelf Awareness.

Spanning from the 1930s to the present day, this sweeping novel tells the tale of a concert pianist and the aristocratic Crawford family, from the Wharton Park estate in England to Thailand, whose shocking secrets are revealed, leading to devastating consequences. Years later, while struggling with overwhelming grief over the death of her husband and young child, she returns to this tranquil place.