The Memory Box: Small Town Romance Comfort Crossing Book 2

Clay has a son, Nathan. From the moment jenny and clay see each other again, the attraction still pulsates between them, a fact they both do their best to ignore. Jenny searches for the right moment to tell Clay the truth and a chance to explain—she had made her choice, kept her secret, to protect her son.

Clay miller returns to Comfort Crossing with his two daughters, Jenny Bouchard knows it is time. Sometimes, mistakes are made for the best of reasons…When Dr. When nathan is injured, she knows her time is running out. Jenny fears when the truth is revealed, she will lose not only Clay, but Nathan as well.

But clay has a secret of his own…The Memory Box is Book Two of the Comfort Crossing series. Jenny and her best friends, navigate the heartaches and triumphs of love and life in the small Southern town of Comfort Crossing, Bella and Becky Lee, Mississippi. Time to tell him the truth, no matter the consequences.

The series is the continuing saga of the three friends, their families, and the people of Comfort Crossing.

The Letter Comfort Crossing Book 3

While they try to unravel the mystery of how the letter ended up in the desk and work together to locate Paul, both Gil and Madeline try to deny the attraction developing between them. Can a big-city woman and a small-town businessman help reunite the star-crossed lovers? And can they find a way to put aside their differences to build a future together in this sweet, heartwarming tale of love and forgiveness?Maybe, just maybe, a second chance is all they really need.

The star-crossed lovers from the past, josephine and Paul, continue their romance in The Wedding in the Grove — a crossover short story between the Comfort Crossing series and the Lighthouse Point series. Read more of their story and visit with other characters from Comfort Crossing in the new Lighthouse Point series.

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What better way to keep busy?deserted by his big-city girlfriend because he’s a “country bumpkin, " Gil Amaud, a business owner in Comfort Crossing, Mississippi, has sworn off women…… then he meets Madeline who needs his help. Sometimes life offers second chances …Madeline Stuart has made one too many careless mistakes at her high-powered job and is asked to take a highly suggested vacation.

While trying to fill the endless hours of free time, Madeline’s curiosity is piqued when she finds an old letter hidden in her grandmother’s antique writing desk addressed to Josephine Amaud in Comfort Crossing. It seems like a perfect time for a road trip to deliver the long-lost letter. But who could blame her scattered thinking? She’s reeling from a breakup with her long-term boyfriend and her mother’s recent death.

The Magnolia Cafe Comfort Crossing Book 4

Sometimes, wants nothing more than to escape the small town she’s lived in her whole life, but her guilt and family responsibilities keep her firmly entrenched in Comfort Crossing, the past isn’t quite what it seems…Reluctant restauranteur, Keely Granger, Mississippi. Lonely photojournalist, hunt robichaux, takes a break from his life-is-short, chase-after-your-dreams lifestyle and returns home to help his recently widowed sister and his nephews.

But as secrets from their past begin to unravel, Keely reels from the knowledge that everything she’s believed to be true is all a lie. A disaster — and the truth — threaten to tear them apart forever. Comfort crossing series:the shop on main ~ book OneThe Memory Box ~ Book TwoThe Christmas Cottage - A Holiday Novella ~ Book 2.

5the letter ~ book threethe christmas Scarf - A Holiday Novella ~ Book 3. 5the magnolia Cafe ~ Book Four. But every responsibility he’s ever taken on ends in disaster, so he’s determined to leave before anyone starts to depend on him and gets hurt. As keely and hunt’s relationship cook up to a more-than-childhood-friends level, Hunt has to decide if he's been chasing his dreams in the wrong part of the world.


The Unexpected Wedding Comfort Crossing Book 5

Becky lee owes her sister that much. Cal would do anything to keep his nephew from a life of being raised by his grandfather, the same ruthless, do-anything-to-win man Cal has been running from for years. Sometimes, independent, you do unexpected things to protect the ones you love…Becky Lee is strong, and lives on her own.

Cal owes his brother that much. Neither is prepared for the danger that surrounds them or the attraction that builds between them after their Unexpected Wedding. He’s all in on becky lee’s absurd marriage proposal because it just might be the only way to protect the boy. She just didn’t expect to get one quite like this—by marrying a man she barely knows to keep her nephew safe.

. She’s happy with that, really she is, but she’s always secretly longed for a family of her own.

The Wedding in the Grove: A Short Story Comfort Crossing

Or do they?here's to finding love at any age. A crossover story between the Comfort Crossing series and the Lighthouse Point series. Sometimes, it takes many, josephine and paul, many years and a second chance to find true love…Star-crossed lovers, from The Letter - Book Three in the Comfort Crossing series finally get their wedding in this short story.


The Christmas Cottage: A Holiday Novella - Book 2.5 Comfort Crossing

At all. Steve bergeron is quite content being a single father. At all. When an accident on christmas eve forces them both to question their choices, can the magic of the season warm their hearts and bring love and joy back into their lives?Comfort Crossing is a series of sweet romances. Add to that their adorable pup, and she knows the holidays are not going to be what she planned.

But he finds himself willing to do anything to chase away the sadness that lurks in the depths of Holly’s eyes. What she finds is a small town that embraces all things Christmas and a handsome neighbor with a small son who both capture her heart. A story of love, moving on, and a dog named Louie. Veterinarian holly thompson accepts a temporary position in Comfort Crossing in an effort to escape all things Christmas.

This isn’t part of his carefully laid out plans. Jenny, and their friends and families navigate the heartaches and triumphs of love and life in the small southern town of Comfort Crossing, Bella, Becky Lee, Mississippi. Comfort crossing reading order:the shop on main - Book OneThe Memory Box - Book TwoThe Christmas Cottage - A Holiday Novella Book 2.

5the letter - book threethe Christmas Scarf - A Holiday Novella Book 3. 5the magnolia cafe - book fourthe unexpected wedding - book fiveThe Wedding in the Grove - a crossover short story between the Comfort Crossing and the Lighthouse Point series - with Josephine and Paul from The Letter.

The Christmas Scarf: A Holiday Novella Book 3.5 Comfort Crossing

Is there really magic in the stranger’s scarf, or is it in the power of knowing her heart’s true wish? But there’s no use in telling anyone the truth just yet—she’s here for longer than the holidays, she's home for good. Right?then a stranger comes to town and has Missy re-examining her dreams.

Right?dylan rivers is glad to see his old friend return to town, not only to help him with the children’s Christmas pageant, but because her homecoming sparks long-forgotten but never acted upon feelings. Sometimes, christmas wishes bring their own special magic…A woman chasing a life-long dream. But there is no use in acting on those feelings, she’s soon to head back to her fabulous career in Nashville.

If one wins, the other loses. After trying to make it for years in Nashville, she returns to her hometown of Comfort Crossing, Mississippi, feeling like a misfit and a failure. A man given a second chance at love. She gets one final chance, and her life-long wish is within her grasp. Does a stranger’s scarf hold enough magic to make both their Christmas wishes come true?Missy Sherwood has always wished for one thing, to be a country singer.


Love at the Lighthouse Lighthouse Point Book 3

Gaining her independence has been hard-won, but Susan Hall’s love of Belle Island and the small inn she runs with her son has seen her through. Adam lyons needs money… and not only for himself. He just doesn't plan to fall for the pretty, spunky owner of the inn he wants to buy. As secrets are revealed, the fragile relationship between adam and Susan is tested, until Adam has to choose between the woman he’s fallen in love with and his responsibility to the most important person in his life… a person he’s sworn he won’t let down yet again.

. With a raise and a promotion on the line, he comes to Belle Island to convince the owner of a quaint inn to sell it to his company.

Cottage near the Point Lighthouse Point Book 4

Very pleased. He has his own demons from past mistakes, but he’s pleased to rekindle his friendship with Sammy when she returns to the island. A mistake that tore her family apart. A mistake that caused her to flee Belle Island years ago. They both need the cottage to make up for their past mistakes… but only one of them can end up with it.

Can sammy and harry find a way to not only hold onto each other but find a way to forgive themselves for choices they made in the past? Harry moorehouse is astonished to see Sammy back on this island after she disappeared without a word years ago. Sometimes trying to atone for mistakes only makes things worse…Sammy Thompson would love to erase her one big regret in life.

Maybe now she will see what a success he’s made of his life. But as sammy and harry grow closer again, Bellemire Cottage stands in their way. Now she’s returned and certain if she buys back Bellemire Cottage it will lessen some of the pain she caused.

Return to the Island Lighthouse Point Book 5

She has all she’ll ever need or want. Sometimes the universe takes everything away… Sometimes it gives back in unexpected ways. Tally is perfectly content living her life on Belle Island and running Magic Cafe. At least all she’ll let herself need or want. Eddie williams returns to the island, searching for answers, determined to meet the son he never knew he had.

Neither will get what they want, just maybe, but maybe, they’ll get more than they planned.

Bungalow by the Bay Lighthouse Point Book 6

Maybe there’s time for one last wish at lighthouse Point…Courtney Davis is perfectly content with the new life she’s found for herself and her son on Belle Island. He finished trying to prove to his family, the media, or anyone else that he’s anything more than the black sheep of the wealthy Hamilton family.

When aj arrives to hide out at the island, the oh-so-responsible Courtney falls for the footloose playboy. And aj might just have found the one woman he wants to convince he’s not really the person everyone believes he is. But when aj’s choices accidentally put Courtney’s son in danger, there’s no escaping the past for either AJ or Courtney.

Maybe everyone is right about AJ. Maybe courtney will never truly be safe. Or maybe, just maybe, one last wish at Lighthouse Point will change everything…. They are finally safe from her past. Aj hamilton can’t shake his past.