The Ruffed Grouse

Book by gullion, Gordon Used book in Good Condition.

Grouse and Grouse Hunting

The history, habits, habitat, and methods of hunting one of America's great game birds, the Grouse! The book is illustrated with more that 60 black & white photographs. Photographs.

Among the Aspen: Northwoods Grouse and Woodcock Hunting

Photographs. Following his english setters into thickets in search of grouse and woodcock, Mark Parman feels the pull of older ways and lost wisdom. How rare it is, bewildered in the wild, in our high-tech world, to find oneself completely off the track, and then find the path home by sight and scent and memory.

Among the aspen interweaves tales of companionable dogs, lucky hunts, and favorite coverts where quarry lurks with ruminations on the demise of hunting traditions, the sale of public lands and the privatization of places to hunt, the growing indifference to science, and the loss of wilderness on a planet increasingly transformed by the sprawl of humanity.


The Traditional Side by Side: King of the Upland Bird Guns

After reading this book, you will have a better understanding of the of the side by side and why it is king of the upland bird guns. Doug shares his lifetime of knowledge with great passion. This book is a tribute to the classic side by side. The true understanding and appreciation of a quality game gun will enhance your experiences a field.

The balance, beauty, and elegance of the side by side will be discussed in great detail along with other merits of a classic game gun. Additionally, you will know how to obtain a proper gun fit, and how to properly shoot this design of shotgun. All these elements combine to explain why the side by side is still the best gun for bird shooting.


Columbia Sportswear Company's Grouse of North America: A Cross-Continental Hunting Guide

Photographs. Huggler's warm, reflective narrative weaves personalities of honest humorous people and the feel and texture of wild hunting lands into a literary tapestry not unlike Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie. While it is certainly instructional, it is also much, much more. Used book in Good Condition. The author has traveled throughout north America to, in Tom Huggler's words, study, "find, photograph, hunt and eat the seven species of native grouse inhabiting North America.

He has crafted a comprehensive "how to" book on hunting ruffed grouse, sharptail, the prairie grouse, sage and blue grouse as well as ptarmigan. This is a limited first edition signed and numbered by the author.

A Fall of Woodcock: A Season's Worth of Tales on Hunting a Most Elusive Little Game Bird

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Photographs. G. This book, maine, with a new introduction by charley waterman, then back to his beloved Michigan in search of a better understanding of the woodcock, casts a similar spell as it chronicles Tom’s travels to New England, and finally, the Maritimes, Louisiana, a better understanding of himself.

Like the annual migratory flights of the woodcock, but rather meanders along the main currents and causeways of Huggler’s life, A Fall of Woodcock follows no particular line, dropping down here and there in places that both sustain it and give it meaning. It covers his early hunting years, four-legged partners, woodcock researchers, old friends and new ones, and a visit with H.

While not every title we publish becomes a new York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home. A fall of woodcock into a covert you have either chosen or to which you have been directed is a magic all its own, ” Tom Huggler writes in this book devoted to the woodcock and to those who await the return to their favorite coverts each autumn.

Tap” Tapply. Huggler also traces his evolution from a run-and-gun birder to a slower but surer hunter who sets his own pace and his own bag limits.

Grouse of the North Shore

Color photographs throughout. Photographs. Used book in Good Condition. Lovely volume loaded with color photographs.

Fifty-Five Years a Grouse Hunter

This book is the distilled knowledge and experience of a man who has pursued this King of Game Birds for the better part of six decades and counting. His setters and pointers over the years have been the best anyone could ask for. Color photographs throughout. But he doesn t just hunt there. And they ve had to be in the up-and-down Appalachian grouse country where Frank lives and hunts.

He knows the bird, the dogs, the covers, and the guns. Photographs. You wouldn t know that as a friend and confidant of west Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, a hunting and fishing buddy, Frank serves as a liaison and conduit between the senator and the myriad hunting and conservation groups seeking to have their voices heard on Capitol Hill.

If you ran into frank jezioro in the grouse woods, you wouldn t guess that he served as the director of the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources under two governors which is practically unheard of until he stepped away into retirement. Used book in Good Condition. Frank s chased ruffed grouse in canada and after sampling New England and all the Lake States, and every October will find him there, he has settled on Michigan, and too rarely I ll be there with him.

What you would know is that you d be looking at a real grouse hunter. Spend time with this book, and you ll come away perhaps not knowing as much as Frank Jezioro does, but you ll know a whole lot more than you did.

Ruffed Grouse: Woodland Drummer

Used book in Good Condition. Ruffed grouse is a Stackpole Books publication. Photographs. Color photographs throughout. Used book in Good Condition.

Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail: Upland Birds and Small Game from Field to Feast

Pheasants, doves, quail, rabbits, grouse and more - these are singular species with grand culinary traditions that offer the cook an unmatched range of flavors. Hank shaw, hunter, and cook at the forefront of the wild-to-table revolution, and cooking birds ranging from quail to pheasant, an award-winning food writer, provides all you need to know about obtaining, cleaning, turkey to dove and beyond.

A comprehensive, both wild and domesticated, lushly illustrated cookbook devoted to preparing and cooking upland birds and small game, from the author of the award-winning website Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. The most comprehensive guide to preparing and cooking upland birds and small game, Pheasant, whether domesticated or wild, Quail Cottontail will be a valued companion for hunters as well as home cooks looking for new ways to cook store-bought turkey, rabbit or quail.

What's more, every purchase of this book helps our wild habitats. Many cooks fear the fowl, however. You'll find detailed information on how best to treat these various species in the kitchen, as well as how to pluck, how to select them in the market, clean and hang wild birds. Pheasant, stews, quail, melt-in-your-mouth braises and confit, Cottontail shows you how to cook small game like a pro: perfectly crisp skin over tender breast meat, sausages, and more.

. It also features an array of small game charcuterie, from fresh sausages to confit and terrines. Lean and athletic, game birds, rabbits and hares can dry out in a hurry.

Ruffed Grouse

It is, clothing, distribution, first of all, including full information on hunting methods, guns, cover, dogs, loads, seasonal fluctuations, a practical guidebook, and leads. The result is a complete book on grouse, the product of extensive research as well as of long practical experience and observations.

Used book in Good Condition. To his long list of authoritative books in field sports, Jack Knight has added another outstanding volume. Photographs. Edgar burke, reproduced in full color, and seventeen exceptional photographs. Reproductions of paintings in color. Color photographs throughout. Used book in Good Condition.

The illustrations include five remarkable paintings by Dr. The book also deals fully with grouse habits and life cycle; diet, breeding, and game management; conservation, predators, and history.