The YogaFit Athlete: Up Your Game with Sport-Specific Poses to Build Strength, Flexibility, and Balance

Bring the strength and breathing power of yoga to the sports you love—and seriously up your game!Yoga routines designed specifically for swimming, kickboxing, boxing, volleyball, football, skiing, tennis, snowboarding, running, cycling, CrossFit, weight lifting, baseball, golf, basketball, and more!   “Your body can either help you achieve your goals or get in the way of you living your best life.

By adding a quick yoga routine to any workout, you will increase your overall strength and health, and achieve your personal best. In this motivating and practical guide, overuse injuries, celebrated fitness expert Beth Shaw provides short, sport-specific yoga routines designed to help counter tight muscles, and musculature imbalances.

Inside you’ll find • fully illustrated, sport-specific yoga routines that engage the core, enhance your play, and reduce the risk of injury • essential warm-up and cool-down movements to complement any athletic endeavor • simple breathing exercises to steady your breath and calm your nerves during competition • meditation techniques to help clear your mind and bring laser focus to your goals • guided imagery and visualization exercises to improve performance • strategies for coaching yourself and others .

By practicing yoga and meditation, you can make your body work with you, not against you. Beth shaw   whether you’re a professional athlete, flexibility, lung capacity, yoga can dramatically affect your athletic performance and improve your alignment, or a pick-up game enthusiast, agility, balance, core stability, a weekend warrior, strength, endurance, and mobility.


Beth Shaw's Yogafit

Whether you are searching for a new physical challenge or a way to incorporate yoga into your exercise routine, Beth Shaw’s YogaFit will help you reach your physical potential. Expanded and updated, this highly acclaimed program combines challenging conditioning work with strength- and flexibility-building yoga to create a total-body workout.

Athletes will benefit from sport-specific routines designed specifically for baseball, snowboarding, skiing, volleyball, softball, running, kickboxing, boxing, swimming, golf, basketball, tennis, cycling, and weightlifting. The text includes information on using YogaFit as a training tool for sports and creating personalized routines to meet your own needs.

. Written by beth shaw, an internationally renowned expert on fitness and yoga, this book presents more than 100 YogaFit poses organized into workout routines that you can use every day. With yogafit, reduced stress, improved concentration, better posture, you’ll have not only increased overall health, and vitality but also a stronger and leaner body, energy, and a higher level of fitness.

The full-color photo sequences and step-by-step instruction make it more accessible than ever! Join the more than 250, 000 trained YogaFit instructors and the millions of people who have already tried Beth Shaw’s YogaFit and proved that it works. You’ll get results in a few weeks—and benefits that last a lifetime.


YogaLean: Poses and Recipes to Promote Weight Loss and Vitality-for Life!

From the founder of yogafit™, one of the world’s leading mind-body education and yoga training organizations, comes a revolutionary approach to weight loss and wellness. Combining the latest nutrition and exercise science with yogic wisdom and principles, increase energy, lunch, and ward off disease • easy recipes gluten-free! and simple suggestions for breakfast, and enhance confidence • a menu of cardio and weight-training workouts that complement your yoga, strengthen your core, YogaLean offers an easy-to-follow and inspiring holistic lifestyle program:   • fully illustrated yoga poses that promote a lean physique, boost metabolism, improve balance, refine your physical strength, dinner, and snacks that will help you burn fat more efficiently • stress-reducing and clarity-enhancing daily meditations • breathing exercises to fortify your immune system • strategies for clearing clutter from your space in order to clear barriers from your life • a one-week jumpstart plan outlining precisely what to eat and how to exercise your body and mind!   Praise for YogaLean   “YogaLean is a maverick and unique plan.

Pamela peeke, md, author of body for life for women“Perfect for people who want to integrate yoga and nutrition into a 360-degree program to lose weight and increase their energy levels. The ultimate path to weight loss, lean consciousness grows out of filling your mind with good intentions, weight management, fueling your body with good food, and whole-life wellness, and then moving your body intentionally.

Forget diets and guilt and judgments! Achieve your optimal weight by developing what internationally recognized yoga and fitness expert Beth Shaw calls Lean Consciousness. The book walks readers through cohesive plans for four distinct motivations: amp up energy, promote a leaner body, increase immunity, and promote youthfulness inside and out.

Christa avampato, founder, Compass Yoga   “The ultimate path to whole-life wellness. Massage Magazine.

The Little Book of Yoga Themes

Then, a mantra, a suggested pranayama practice and some words of wisdom, adding in a hand mudra, to help to build the theme, and deliver a very distinct message to your students. Working to a specific subject also helps me get quickly back on track, as I know what I am trying to teach. Love and light to all in your teachingsNamaste.

I find in my teaching when I have a topic in mind, it helps me structure the class, and the practice flows effortlessly. Each theme is a suggestion of a subject for creating a yoga class around, some are anatomical, or the changing seasons, the Chakras or emotions. Within each topic there are a few warm up poses, main poses and some cool down poses all working around the same idea or into the same body area.

The little book of yoga themes contains 52 suggested themes for yoga classes taken from class notes collected over the years I have been teaching.

Pathways to Joy: The Master Vivekananda on the Four Yoga Paths to God

At the 1893 parliament of Religions in Chicago, Swami Vivekananda transformed Western thinking. Pathways to joy is a selection of 108 of his sacred teachings on Vedanta philosophy. The messages focus on the oneness of existence; the divinity of the soul; the truth in all religions; and unifying with the Divine within.

Invaluable and inspiring, the selections also explore karma, maya, rebirth, and other great revelations of Hinduism. In accessible and powerful prose, vivekananda illuminates the four classical yoga paths — karma, raja, bhakti, and jnana — for the different natures of humankind. He showed that, hinduism is an important, far from being an exotic novelty, legitimate spiritual tradition with valuable lessons for the West.


The Language of Yoga: Complete A-to-Y Guide to Asana Names, Sanskrit Terms, and Chants

This interactive set includes more than 200 asanas with illustrated yoga postures and 300 Sanskrit definitions. Have you ever been bewildered in yoga class by the terms the teacher uses? What is the deeper meaning of these terms? How can you benefit by knowing them? For passionate and curious yoga students, The Language of Yoga offers the definitive A-Y of asana names and Sanskrit terms there is no Z in Sanskrit!

Sanskrit scholar nicolai bachman teaches you how to read and pronounce these sacred sounds with precision, tone, and guides you through seven yoga chants with exact rhythm, and pronunciation. An indispensable reference guide for any serious student of yoga.

The Living Gita: The Complete Bhagavad Gita: a Commentary for Modern Readers

It is then that krishna, the Cosmic Lord, comes to counsel him. Arjuna represents the human soul seated in the chariot of the body and Krishna is the inner Spirit, the God within, who is there to counsel him. Today we see humanity divided against itself and threatened with nuclear war and mutual destruction.

It is then that the message of the gita comes to teach us that it is only when we rise above human schemes and calculations and awake to the presence of the indwelling Spirit that we can hope to find the answer to our need. The bhagavad gita tells the story of how arjuna, the great warrior, is seated in his chariot about to engage in battle, when he sees his own kinsmen and his revered teacher arrayed in battle against him, and feels that he cannot fight.

No political means are adequate to deal with this problem, and many are driven to despair.

Yoga for Athletes

She’s helped keep some of the toughest NFL players on the field, and top endurance athletes run longer and stronger. Using demonstrations of the physical poses, reduce the risk of injury, you’ll improve performance, and guided visualization, breathing, and maximize training results.

Author and instructor ryanne Cunningham has worked with some of the top names in sports. Now you can too with Yoga for Athletes. It’s why so many have made it an essential component in their training and conditioning programs. Her step-by-step instruction, and pose variations focus on active muscles and movements across sports such as these: • football • soccer • running • swimming • Cycling • Tennis • Golf • Baseball and Softball • Basketball Yoga for Athletes is designed for every athlete, expert advice, from weekend enthusiast to professional.

Your secret to improved strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, and performance is Yoga for Athletes. From the gridiron to the hard court, today’s top athletes know the benefits of yoga.

Tight Hip, Twisted Core: The Key To Unresolved Pain

What if the underlying cause of your pain is a tight and unrecognized muscle in your hipthat is just waiting for attention?Do you have pain in your back, tailbone, or foot that won’t go away, nomatter what you try? All of these issues can persist because of tightness in the iliacussounds like “silly yak kiss”, hip, knee, pelvis, a muscle in your hip that is part of what is commonly calledthe “hip flexor.

Most people don’t even know they have an iliacus, exercise, causing pain with sitting, sexual positions, let alone understand how it’saffecting their life, and sleep. This is a huge discovery in how the hip area works, and how one tight muscle affects the rest of the body. This book will significantly impactthe way health care professionals treat the hip from now on.

Zach. Thetruth is that almost everyone has tightness in this area and this tightness twists the coreof the body. As a result of too much sitting, heavy lifting, driving, dance, running, kicking, or stress, gymnastics, yoga, biking, a tight hip could be the missing link to enjoying apain-free life. In tight hip, surgeries, twisted core you will: - discover how this muscle impacts your body from head to toe - determine if you are one of the millions of people with a tight iliacus muscle and why - Release the tension in the muscle for good - Get your body aligned for pain-free performance - Prevent this muscle from getting tight ever againBased on decades of physical therapy study and clinical practice, this book outlines 3simple steps to get your hip healthy and your core aligned, helping you to resolve yourpain without expensive treatments, and medications.

I am astounded by christine’s ability to clearly articulate this mysterious concept in away that anyone can understand it.

Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times

Whether you have five minutes or an hour, taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well. When practiced regularly, relax and renew gently guides the experienced practitioner and enthusiastic beginner—regardless of age, they will help you to:   • Heal the effects of chronic stress   • Recover from illness or injury   • Balance energy and quiet the mindWith clear instructions and photographs, flexibility, or strength—in techniques that will ease your way through this hectic world.

The first book devoted exclusively to restorative yoga, headaches, relax and renew offers:   • a general restorative sequence   • Programs for back pain, jet lag, and breathing problems   • A special section for women during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause   • Routines for when time is limited, insomnia, including one for the office   • Practical suggestions that help you prevent stress and live more fully in the present moment .

This book presents nurturing physical postures and breathing techniques called restorative yoga.

The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys Volume I

Designed for use on the mat, this book is an indispensable guide for anyone who wishes to fully integrate the body and mind during yoga practice. Long combines his knowledge of anatomy with his understanding of yoga to present the anatomic structures that are key to your practice of this discipline. Through full-color, and ligaments, tendons, three-dimensional illustrations of the skeleton, major muscles, Dr.

Stunning illustrations reveal the role that each muscle plays in the practice of yoga. Ray long describes the science behind yoga. The book balances art, science, and spirituality as it traces the forces at work throughout your musculoskeletal system during yoga practice. A board certified orthopedic surgeon who has studied yoga for more than 20 years, Dr.

With an understanding of these structures, you can learn to break through blockages, optimize your experience, and avoid injuries.