Unchained: A Rex Dalton Thriller

It is the third book in the electrifying new Rex Dalton series. A decision which puts him and Digger right into the crosshairs of danger. The closer rex gets to the missing girl the more perilous it becomes. Life will become an extended holiday. It's time to start over. Turns out, the daughter is not the only one in need of help, and it's starting to look as if Rex's violent past won't be so easily left behind.

Following the deadly events of afghanistan, Digger, Rex Dalton and his companion, the military dog, escape and make their way into India. He and digger are going to travel the world, visit historical places, and learn about other cultures. Unchained is a full-length novel, a nail-biting thriller by best-selling author JC Ryan.

No more secret missions, no more killing, no more violence. Rex knows that to stay alive he has to remain 'dead'. But in a chance meeting during his travels, Rex discovers that the youngest daughter of a local couple has gone missing, and he decides to help find her.

The Power of Three: A Rex Dalton Thriller

On a mission to afghanistan to gather information about the opium trade, America, Rex Dalton stumbles across spine-chilling deceit and corruption reaching the highest hallways of power in Afghanistan, and Europe. His requests to his superiors to wipe out the drug stores, and drug lords, labs, fall on deaf ears.

With no time to waste, and us politicians failing to act, Rex takes matters into his own hands and stirs up a hornet's nest. It is the second book in the electrifying new Rex Dalton series. One so deadly even Rex, one of the world's most lethal assassins, might not survive. The power of three is a full-length novel, a nail-biting thriller by best-selling author JC Ryan.


Sideswiped: A Rex Dalton Thriller

When rex nearly bumps into someone from his former life, it's time for Rex and Digger to get out of India. Rex goes to thailand, where he plans to undergo cosmetic surgery to change his looks and hide from people in his past. But then Sunstra disappears. Her family receives a ransom ultimatum: Sunstra is alive, but if her father doesn't sell his land she won't stay that way for long.

It's a race against the clock for Rex and Digger to save Sunstra's life, and time is running out. Sideswiped is a full-length novel, a nail-biting thriller by best-selling author JC Ryan. It is the fourth book in the electrifying new Rex Dalton series. Her name means 'girl with beautiful eyes'. Right from the beginning, they become fast friends, and before long there is a romance in the making.

But then he meets Sunstra.

The Inca Con: A Rex Dalton Thriller

It is the fifth book in the electrifying new Rex Dalton series. This con is run by people who will do anything to make sure Rex and Digger don't interfere. The inca con is a full-length novel, a nail-biting thriller by best-selling author JC Ryan. The couple invites them to join their expedition to a remote village high up in the Andes Mountains to inspect an archaeological site in which they want to invest.

But on arrival in the village, it doesn't take long for Rex to discover that his new friends are victims of a cleverly designed con. Rex dalton, digger, and his best friend, the former black ops field agent, the former military dog, are exploring the remarkable history of Peru when they befriend a retired American couple.


The French Girl: A Rex Dalton Thriller

Nothing but the laid-back lifestyle for the two of them. Swimming, playing on the beach, fishing, and hikes. Thus, begins a series of dramatic and life-threatening events with international repercussions with Rex, Digger and the French girl in the center of it. It is the sixth book in the electrifying new Rex Dalton series.

The french girl is a full-length novel, a nail-biting thriller by best-selling author JC Ryan. Rex dalton and his best friend, digger, the former military dog, are looking forward to a trouble-free holiday on the idyllic islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean. Then digger introduces Rex to a beautiful French girl, not once, but twice.

Then she disappears, and Rex is accused of having something to do with it. Soon, rex and the girl become good friends.

Duty Of Care: A Rex Dalton Thriller

This time, someone from Rex's past. Stunning as ever, breathtaking, more beautiful than in his most romantic dreams. His eyes flick to her hands, no rings. Damn!"come on Digger. He stood, grabbed Digger's leash, and walked away. Damn!thus, begins another nerve-wracking quest for Rex and Digger to save someone. Rex's memory stirs.

He can see her auburn curls fall across her face, her blue eyes sparkling beneath her lashes, and he wonders if her smile still reaches them. But then her image fades from his mind's eye as his hand reaches for the vibrating phone, and within seconds he knows that his plan to see Catia will come to nothing, his IT expert in India, as he listens with growing alarm to Rehka, telling him that former CRC colleagues of his came to her apartment and wanted to know where they could find him.

My cover is blown, my extended vacation is over, and John Brandt could be in perilous danger. John brandt, whom they all referred to as the Old Man, has been abducted, the CEO of CRC, and CRC needs Rex's help. It's early morning. Rex is hoping that catia Romano, the woman he fell in love with four years ago, would make an appearance.

It's been two years. It's Rome. It's August.

No Doubt: A Rex Dalton Thriller

When it comes to murder, Rex Dalton has no doubt he'll bring the real killer to justice. Rex dalton and his dog, Digger, visited the island of Olib in Croatia. A girl was murdered. The police said it was her boyfriend who stabbed her to death, but Rex and Digger had no doubt they were making a big mistake. Dalton decided to conduct his own investigation and bring the real killer to justice.

No doubt is a nail-biting thriller by best-selling author JC Ryan. It is the seventh book in the electrifying new Rex Dalton series.

The Fulcrum: A Rex Dalton Thriller

His real name is Rex Dalton. He could kill with a long gun, short gun, or no gun. What the terrorists didn't know was on that fateful day they also succeeded in creating their worst nightmare. It is the first book in the electrifying new Rex Dalton series. He has no family. The madrid train bombings kill 193 innocent civilians.

No one knew who he was, where he came from, what he looked like, nor who he worked for. Targets could be executed from afar or die with his breath in their faces. He has no girl. The fulcrum is a full-length novel, a nail-biting thriller by best-selling author JC Ryan. He has no friends. Among his enemies he has many names: El Gato, Alshaytan, the Devil in Arabic, the Ghost, the cat, and many others.

. He was lethal with edged weapons, poisons, explosives, or no weapon at all. He has only one motto; don't hate the terrorists. Instead kill them, so they can't kill again. March 11, 2004. He was a sniper who could take a target out from eight-hundred yards to a mile.

Termination A Rossler Foundation Mystery Book 8

It is a stimulating dystopian techno-thriller, genetic bullets, the phoenix Agenda, the 8th book in JC Ryan's Rossler Foundation Mysteries which began with The Tenth Cycle followed by Ninth Cycle Antarctica, The Skywalkers, The Sword of Cyrus, and The Rowen. General thomas hayden's attempt to subject america to a dictatorship where he reigned supreme has been well and truly defeated by the Rossler Foundation, leaving Daniel Rossler as President of the United States.

Finally, there will be peace. But all this time, the Russians have been watching. When the young, inexperienced, daniel Rossler becomes the new American President, they know they've been presented with their best opportunity to make a move for world domination. Even worse, within the first few days of taking office, Daniel is confronted with another threat--this one much worse than the Russians.

Remnants of the eighth cycle calling themselves the Re'an have for decades been building up a race of superhumans with one goal in mind--to take control of the world. The maniac john brideaux is dead, and every member of his Supreme Council is in custody. If their leader, and his re'an get their way, Viktor, the Eighth Cycle would make John Brideaux and his Supreme Council's reign look like a Sunday School picnic.

Billions of people are about to die and there seems to be nothing America, the Rossler Foundation, or anyone else can do to stop the Re'an. Has the rossler foundation finally met its match?TERMINATION is a full-length novel, the sequel to The Rowen.

The Labyrinth of Minos A Carter Devereux Mystery Thriller Book 5

Mi5 thinks the killer might be connected to the secret Nabatean society. While carter is in london, working with MI5 and the police, his children are on holiday with their grandparents in Greece and they get abducted. They call in the world’s expert on the Nabateans, Carter Devereux. But carter and his friends are about to learn that the labyrinth is not just a maze, but also a deadly threat.

. A deranged, vicious psychopath has gone on a child-killing spree in London. The labyrinth of minos is a full-length novel, a nail-biting suspense-thriller the fifth book in the Carter Devereux series, the sequel to The Nabatean Secret. It soon becomes clear that the London psychopath has moved his base of operations.

Carter calls in help from his friends at Executive Advantage, a group of Special Forces experts, to help him find and rescue his children. Racing against time, there’s nothing that Carter Devereux and his Special Forces friends won’t do to save his children.

The Manila Deception James Acton Thrillers Book 26

Robert kennedy ***an entire village was massacred to keep their secret. If you love non-stop action and intrigue with a healthy dose of humor, try James Acton today!★★★★★ “A great blend of history and current headlines. ”. If you enjoy fast-paced adventures in the style of Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, and James Rollins, then you’ll love this thrilling tale of archaeological intrigue.

Get your copy of the manila deception today, and discover the horrifying price paid to hide the missing japanese gold, and the terrors yet to be unleashed as the innocent and the corrupt collide…About the James Acton Thrillers:★★★★★ "James Acton: A little bit of Jack Bauer and Indiana Jones!"Though this book is part of the James Acton Thrillers series, it is written as a standalone novel and can be enjoyed without having read any other installments.

Non-stop action that is impossible to put down. The james acton thrillers series and its spin-offs, the Special Agent Dylan Kane Thrillers and the Delta Force Unleashed Thrillers, have sold over one million copies. Too poor to save him, he gives him the only thing of value he has. The truth of what happened during the Japanese retreat in the face of General MacArthur’s onslaught.

But what the elderly man doesn’t know is there was one other person who knew the secret as well, the horrifying truth revealed on his deathbed to an archaeologist who has been seeking the lost treasure ever since. A friend of Archaeology Professor James Acton. And thanks to recently declassified satellite imagery, Acton might have found the final clue that leads them to the missing treasure.